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For over 30 years Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd (HCAL) has been manufacturing and distributing cable assemblies, harnesses, looms, box builds, sub assemblies and waterproof connectors and we are now considered a leader in our field. We are also able to offer our customers a full, specialist design service that can provide your business with sound solutions to enhance your productivity. 

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is part of the ARCUM Group, which are a group of companies that provide specialist products and services to customers across a wide variety of industries and markets. There are a large number of manufacture led referrals as Group companies are often seen as the best resource for customers in the UK who are searching for manufacturing solutions.

Our staff are all highly trained and have an extensive knowledge and can provide superb manufacturing capabilities, we work with our customers to fulfil their needs and can offer a vast selection of connector styles for all types of application.

Although based in Berkshire, we have developed excellent relations with manufacturers in the Far East which enables us to fulfil production orders of all sizes in a timely and cost effective manner.

We can be contacted online through our enquiry form, or phoned or emailed and we are always happy to discuss your production manufacturing requirements with you.

Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly has been part of our expertise for over 30 years; this level of experience allows us to assemble all types of cable to meet your requirements including high complexity, low complexity, high mix and high volume. We offer an outstanding level of workmanship with all of our staff trained and certified to the IPC620 Quality and Acceptance level. We are able to provide a full service from the initial early design and drawing stage right throughout to prototyping and full production. We can accept work of any size and are able to respond to short term fluctuations in demand.

Wiring Harness and Loom

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd can produce Wiring Harnesses and Processed Looms to meet your exact requirements, no matter how complicated or unusual the request. Our production is cost effective, we use fully automated test equipment alongside our automatic wire cutting/stripping and measuring equipment for maximum efficiency. We manufacture custom made jigs, fixtures and panel boards on our site and we test them throughout the build to guarantee their quality.


We can supply wire harnesses and processed looms in any quantity in purpose built packaging to guarantee its safe arrival, we will also ensure that it is easy to access for the line operators.

Military Cables

We are able offer a full range of services in the manufacture and supply of military cables and assemblies, including Military Cable Assemblies, Ruggedised Military Assemblies and Military Wiring Harnesses in various configurations. All of our work meets current military standards and the assemblies can all be racked by batch as well as offering full tracking of on each component. We are also able to provide a certificate of performance (COC) on request if needed.  Our skilled Cable Personnel and Inspectors carry out quality checks at all key stages as well as a thorough 100% inspection on the finished assembly.


To provide added protection and to relieve strain on the cables, low pressure over moulding around other components will ensure that there is no damage between the cable and backshell of the connector. Cable over-moulding is an advancement that falls between potting and injection moulding technologies. We can work with you from the early design stage of your project right through to completion, using a variety of made to order and off the shelf items to produce cable loom that is tailored made to your needs.

Box/Panel Assembly

We are able to assemble and test all of your electrical products as well as offer a full package that includes Machining, Fabrication and Sheet Metal. Our excellent contacts with our suppliers in electrical and mechanical distribution, means that we are able to undertake products of all complexities whilst your own your manufacturing personnel can focus on other areas of your business. Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd will source or produce all the required components then assemble and test them to make sure they are in correct working order before shipping them to your premises when needed. We are also able to assist with testing solutions and suggest more cost effective alternatives in some cases.

RF Coxaial and Triaxial

We are able to offer both coaxial and triaxial cables depending on your needs. Coaxial, although innately unbalanced are incredibly effective at connecting to high frequency antennas and the design of the antenna often effects the choice of cable. There are many designs available in coaxial cables, including highly-effective multiple shields. Triaxial cables contain two cylindrical axis as well as a third conductor. Triaxial cables can be used in similar applications to coaxial cables but they offer a separate shield rather than just another layer of shielding.

M8 Series Circular Connectors

The waterproof series of M8 circular connectors protect against dust and water spray as well as being highly resistant to oils and other chemicals. The M8 features a screw or snap locking system and Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd are able to supply a choice of 3, 4 or 5 poles. The connectors come with gold plated contacts and operate on a voltage of AC 60V, with a current of 4A. The M8 series of circular connectors work in ambient temperatures of 25°C-90°C.

M12 Series Circular Connectors

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd supplies the M12 Series Circular Connectors of waterproof connector and as with all our connectors, the M12 meets current industry standards. The M12 is designed with M8x1.0 screw locking and we are able to offer four different pole options in 3, 4, 5 or 8. The contacts on the M12 series are gold plated and the connectors operate on a voltage of AC 250V, with a current of 4A. The connectors operate at ambient temperatures of 25°C-90°C.

M16/Mini-Change (7/8”) Waterproof Circular Connectors

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd manufactures M16/Mini Change (7/8”) Waterproof Circular Connectors, which are excellent for use with both signal and heavy duty transmissions. Equipped with a sturdy metal shell, these waterproof connectors offer good EMC protection and have been especially designed for use in harsher, inhospitable environments. Their simple construction makes them quick and easy to assemble. The M16/Mini-Change (7/8”) Waterproof Circular Connectors are intended to use in ambient temperatures of 25°C-90°C.

Water And Dust Resistant D-SUB Connectors

Our Water and Dust Resistant D-SUB Connectors are available as both a standard and high density option. Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd provides the D-sub connectors in both male and female fittings and as either a D-sub with soldered pigtail ends, with through hole for PCB mounting or with a solder cup. The D-sub connectors come in a choice of plastic, metal or custom-made shell options and work on both standard and bespoke assemblies. Our D-sub connectors are extremely reliable and work in even the toughest environments.

DIN Rectangular Connector

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd can supply a variety of hardwearing and long lasting DIN Rectangular Connectors. The DIN connector will protect against wear and tear caused by dust and water spray as well being resistant to oils and chemicals, which long term will reduce the need for repairs. We offer a selection of poles available in a choice of 3, 4 or 5 including PE. The DIN connector operate and a voltage of AC 250V, and a current of 16A. They work at the optimum level in ambient temperatures of 40°C - 90°C.

Ribbon / Flat Cables And Assemblies

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd uses a variety of tooling to assemble our ribbon and flat cables which can feature a selection of connector types. We are able to provide our ribbon and flat cables at a competitive price and meet short turnaround times due to the automated stripping and press crimp machines that we use for production. Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd are able to supply connectors with IDC termination in all popular styles including IDC connectors', D-sub miniature connectors, DIN41612 connector, PCB transition headers and DIL headers.

Patch Cables

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd offers a vast selection of patch cables in a variety of lengths and options. Most usually found in computer network rooms, patch cables connect patch panels to network devices. Patch cables offer the choice of single or multiple modes and a multiple mode is ideal for speed, bandwidth and the transfer direction of data. We also stock fibre patch cords that are able to carry multiple signals over the length at the same time whilst ensuring that signals do not at any time interfere with each other, which vastly improves the cables’ bandwidth and data transfer rate.

Wire Harness Design

We are able to design and create complete wire harnesses for our clients at Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd. Our designers talk to our clients to ascertain their needs and then create full schematic drawings as well as connectivity diagrams. Part of our service also includes the simulation of electrical functions and the creation of bundles with connector positions. We will also generate all the data required to manufacture the wire harness design.

Cable Over Moulding Design

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd have many years of experience in providing a range of industries with custom made cable assemblies and we have worked with aerospace, military, automotive and medical companies in the past. Often we are asked to incorporate logos into the over mould, use specific colours for the cable or over mould, strain relief grommets, use different levels of screening or include electronics in the cable form. We have an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing complicated and exclusive designs of cables and we pride ourselves on being able to produce even the complex cable assembly designs.

Total Design Solutions

At Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd, we understand that each industry’s cable design needs are different and we take this into account when designing our cables. We appreciate that the aeroplane cable harnesses will need to offer different properties than the cable harness used on a seafront. All of our harnesses are rigorously tested and our quality procedures are controlled and are ISO 9001:2008 Approved and IPC-620 Certified. Our design team works closely with our customers at every stage of the process and we use our knowledge and expertise to manufacture cables that add value to the overall product.

Cable Assembly Information

The custom cable assembly service that we provide at Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is totally bespoke and unique to each customer, we appreciate that space is at a premium so we design cable assemblies that include many kilometres of wires but that only take up the minimum amount of room. They are easy to install as there is normally only one connector and we make sure that they are protected against moisture. Our cable assemblies are designed for especially for each machine so they are a perfect fit. Due to the complex nature of bespoke cable assembly, all of our products are manufactured by hand.

Quality and Accreditations

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Accredited and our personnel have all received an IPC Standards Training and Certification for Wire Harness, Cable Assembly and Soldering. By undertaking the course our staff have proved to meet the requirements set out by the first industry consensus standard for cable and wire harness fabrication and installation. We have achieved this level by consistently manufacturing products of a high quality that have been both thoroughly visually and electrically tested, using fully calibrated test equipments and built to exact customer specifications.



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