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HUBTEX is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of materials handling equipment and has been at the very forefront of the logistics industry for over three decades. We specialise in building customised industrial trucks, side loaders and special equipment for handling difficult and bulky goods. We’re known for developing machines that far exceed the industry standard. 

HUBTEX trucks and side loaders can be found in manufacturing and distribution centres throughout the world, facilitating the efficient flow of materials and turnover of goods in all kinds of environments. All of our trucks are tailor-made to meet the end-user’s specific needs and are characterised by exceptional functionality and durability. 

As well as holding full ISO 9001:2008 certification (which serves to guarantee the quality of both our products and services), HUBTEX has the following manufacturing credentials: 

  • Welders Comprehensive Qualification Certificate
  • Training certificate of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Awards for Ergonomics of the Forklift Association 2007 & 2009

Our vehicles are constructed to the very highest standards of engineering and are unrivalled in terms of quality, reliability and performance. 

Below you’ll find information on some of our most popular vehicle types. For more details, please head over to our website or contact the HUBTEX UK office on 01908 211161. 

Electric Multidirectional Sideloader

Multidirectional sideloaders with electric drives are available in classes ranging from 1.5 t to 50.0 t. These multi-purpose trucks can be used to handle a variety of long goods, sheet metal, chipboards, cable drums, rollers, tools, oversized pallets and round bars in narrow aisle rack systems or free range in both indoor and outdoor areas. Features include multidirectional steering for greater manoeuvrability, AC motor technology for reduced energy and maintenance costs, and a reduced wheel arm height for optimal utilisation of the lower storage rack areas. Trucks can be tailor made to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Find out more by visiting HUBTEX online.

Diesel / Gas Fourway Sideloader

Our highly robust and compact DQ Series fourway sideloaders have been developed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be driven over semi-solid ground without problems. Exceptionally versatile, they can be used for the transport of long loads in narrow aisles or as conventional frontloaders for pallet and block stacking. Trucks in the DQ Series are available with diesel or petrol engines and may have a load capacity of up to 10 tonnes. Fourway steering improves handling and allows for the more efficient use of yard space. For more information on our fourway sideloaders, please head over to the HUBTEX website.

Electric Fourway Pedestrian Stacker

Our Genkinger-HUBTEX Electric Fourway Pedestrian Stackers are characterised by a strong, robust construction and state-of-the-art technology. A compact and modular design means that these stackers can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including the handling of pallets and long loads in the furniture sector, the building materials and sanitary accessories trade, the window and door industry, and many other market sectors. Genkinger-HUBTEX Electric Fourway Pedestrian Stackers can have a load capacity of up to 4 tonnes. To find out more, please head over to the HUBTEX website or get in touch on 01908 211161.


HUBTEX sideloaders can be used for the transportation of long loads weighing between 2.0 and 50.0 t. High driving speeds of up to 24 km/h improve productivity and a compact design means they are ideal for narrow aisles. Our sideloaders are built for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be made with loadbeds ranging from 1,000 to 1,800mm in width. HUBTEX sideloaders are particularly suitable for long distance handling. For further information, please visit HUBTEX online.

Order Picking Systems

Order picking operations require trucks that are built to perfection. Timber products, sheet stock and profiles made of aluminium, steel and synthetic materials are highly susceptible to damage, so it’s essential that they are picked and transported with the utmost care. Of course, it’s also essential that your operations remain efficient and the process of picking is not unduly slow. Our trucks are designed to do both: that is, transport your materials safely without compromising on productivity. With a HUBTEX order picking system you can expect an increase in productivity of up to 50% and a reduction in damaged goods by up to 40%.

Glass Transport Systems

HUBTEX have more than 30 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of fourway sideloaders and special-purpose trucks. Drawing upon this experience, we’re able to provide customers in the float glass industry with a range of innovative, fully-customised solutions for the storage, transport and shipment of glass packs. To discuss your requirements with an industry expert, just give us a call on 01908 211161.

Heavy-Duty Compact Frontlift

When it comes to moving heavy loads in a highly confined space, the HUBTEX compact frontlift truck has no equal. Ultra-compact external dimensions allow this versatile machine to be used in places where most other conventional frontloaders simply cannot operate, either because of their considerably larger dimensions or their inferior strength. Find out more about our heavy-duty compact frontlift trucks by visiting HUBTEX online.

Fork-Lift Reach Truck

SQ Series Fork-Lift Reach Trucks from HUBTEX are characterised by a compact design and state-of-the-art technologies. These vehicles benefit from the combination of a high load capacity and a long battery operating time, giving them exceptional handling ability. SQ trucks feature a maintenance-free electronic brake system, powerful drive technology and high capacity hydraulics for rapid cargo handling, in-house manufactured clear-view lift masts for lift heights up to 8,500mm, and a choice of cabin versions for optimal all-round operator vision. Accessories such as telescopic forks, side shift devices and carrying booms are available upon request.

Special-Purpose Vehicles

Key to HUBTEX’s success is innovation and quality. Since the company’s foundation more than three decades ago, HUBTEX has been setting standards with constant technological advances and product improvements. The development of our vehicles stems from the feedback we receive from our worldwide customers: they tell us what they want, and we set out to deliver it. The consequence of three decades of customer co-operation is a fleet of special-purpose vehicles that meet various industry-specific requirements. You can find some examples of these on the HUBTEX website.

Heavy-Duty Transport Vehicles

HUBTEX offer several heavy-duty transport vehicles:

  • GWB Rail-Mounted Trucks (10 – 150 t) – exclusively designed for in-plant transport. Each vehicle is tailored to the customer’s requirements. 
  • SFB Platform Trucks (up to 63 t) – a highly manoeuvrable, self-propelled electric vehicle for the in-plant transport of all kinds of heavy loads, including metal sheets, steel girders, coils, machine parts, cast iron and tools. 
  • EFCSH Electric Tractor Heads (10 & 16 t) – an electric tow tractor with hydraulic gooseneck for fast and reliable handling of cargo trailers up to 50 tonnes.

Second Hand and Rental Equipment

HUBTEX lists a selection of used vehicles for sale on its website. As well as own brand vehicles we have trucks from Battioni Pagani and Baumann. Each vehicle is listed with its serial number, load capacity, load dimensions, year of construction and its assessed state of condition. Just follow the link above to the HUBTEX website to see what we currently have available. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 01908 211161.


HUBTEX can provide various accessories to go with the vehicle-specific equipment that’s already included with the vehicle. These are either manufactured in-house or are sourced from well-known and respected suppliers. Vehicle accessories available from HUBTEX include:

  • Rack guidance systems
  • Aisle recognition systems
  • Camera systems
  • Mobile protection systems
  • Load management devices/systems

More information on these and other accessories can be found on the HUBTEX website. 



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