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As the UK design and manufacturing division for the Hosiden Corporation, we design, develop and manufacture acoustic, electronic, mechanical and OEM products for the fire, mobile accessory and telecommunications markets throughout the world. With our technical expertise and manufacturing support, we are able to offer complete turnkey solutions, providing full services from concept through to production.

We have more than 50 years in the industry, starting out manufacturing earpieces for the NHS in 1957. Through the years we have expanded our expertise and product portfolio. We were acquired by Hosiden Corporation in 1990, becoming Hosiden Besson Ltd (HBL).

Today we offer full concept through distribution service as well as research and development for acoustics and electronics, including injection moulding and component assembly as well as manufacturing and distribution.

With automated assembly and a highly skilled workforce in both the UK and central Europe, we are committed to continual improvement and quality as key elements of our competitive success. We have held ISO accreditation since 1986, and we are fully ISO:2000 accredited. Our manufacturing processes are in compliance with the requirements of ANQP for the automotive industry and we are currently working to further expand our accreditation to ISO TS1649.

Wafer Sounder

The Wafer Sounder™, which incorporates the Hosiden Besson transducer, is a BS 5839 standard compliant unit that has been designed to be compatible with a comprehensive range of leading heat and smoke detectors.  It has the option of being ceiling or wall mounted and can conveniently be connected to the same fixing points as your old sounders, keeping re-wiring costs down. Having undergone rigorous environmental and acoustic testing, you can rest assured this low profile sounder will deliver when you need it most. 

EMC Compliance

Hosiden Besson Ltd conducts thorough electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to ensure our products fully comply with national standards.  This is conducted at our independent compliance facility, situated at our UK site, using a measuring receiver that is CISPR 16-1 compliant, providing EMC emission readings that are accurate and traceable that we can use for our own EMC best practice self certification. If you would like further information on our EMC Compliance then please contact us.

Sales & Support

We know that maintaining lasting client relationships involves providing the right solution, priced right and accompanied by the right service and that’s what we continually strive to deliver.  Our dedicated Business Managers are on hand to help discuss our products and to help you plan out a road map for the future.  As well as choosing to purchase products direct, Hosiden Besson products are also available through select distributors, wholesalers and agents.  Please contact us for further information or view our e-brochure online.

Banshee Multi-Tone Sounder

The Banshee Multi-Tone Sounder combines robust security and safety features with acoustic excellence and aesthetically pleasing design.

Available with two choices of weatherproof rating, IP45 or the deep base IP66 option, the Banshee Multi-Tone Sounder is CPD, VdS, LPC and EN54-3 compliant. It features easy installation with lockable bayonet push and twist mounting, robust 2.5 mm "two-in two-out" terminals, extremely low consumption of current and continuous override and dual signalling.

The Banshee Multi-Tone Sounder is available in white, grey and red, and has three controllable volume levels with 32 user-selectable tones. Available accessories include a mains pack and brackets for flush mounting or flashing lights.

The unique eye-catching design, reliability and acoustic quality of the Banshee Multi-Tone Sounder combine to meet the needs of the architect, the installer and the end user.

LED Flashtone Multi-Tone Sounder/Beacon

The extremely efficient LED Flashtone Multi-Tone Sounder / Beacon adds state-of-the-art LED technology to the modern design and features of the Banshee Multi-Tone Sounder. With a flash rate of 1 per second, the result is a combined Sounder / LED Beacon solution suitable for the majority of fire and security situations that require a visual alarm backup to conventional audio alarms.

The Flashtone, constructed of flame-retardant polymer, is available in a range of lens and body colours. There are 32 user-selectable tones and three volume levels.

With its simple bayonet push and twist fitting, the Flashtone can use either of the IP45 or IP66 mounting bases of the Banshee. A wide operating temperature range of -25 to +70C enables the Flashtone used in a wide variety of environments.

FlashDome LED Beacon

Our ultra efficient yet stylish FlashDome LED Beacon, meeting the requirements of EN54-23, is ideal for use in high-noise environments or locations using emergency alerts for hearing-impaired persons.

Its sleek, aesthetic conical shape complements our Banshee range, and the FlashDome can use either the Banshee’s IP45 shallow base or IP66 deep base bayonet mounting.

The FlashDome features an optically efficient polycarbonate-housed lens with a very low current consumption of approximately 4 mA, with an operating voltage range of 9 - 30V. It has a flash rate of 1 Hz and typical flash duration of 35 milliseconds.

An Intrinsically Safe ATEX and IEC Ex certified version of the FlashDome LED Beacon is also available for use in hazardous areas.


Our versatile Bleeptone rocking armature capsule range is used in a wide variety of applications including medical and military. We have been manufacturing Bleeptones for more than 40 years. During that time they have proven themselves to be a rugged, dependable component for any application requiring a panel mounted small sounder.

Our Bleeptones equipped with a horn that increases audio output. Easy to mount, they use solid state circuitry that is both economical and reliable, and are fitted with terminations to suit the specific application’s requirements for connection.

The range includes the multi-voltage MiniBleeptone 525, which features low current consumption, full polarity reversal protection and self-contained panel mounting.

Intrinsically Safe: IS28 MK4

The IS28 MK4 Banshee Audible Warning Device is the industry standard for hazardous environment sounders.

Available in both low and high frequency versions, each traditional high-profile Banshee is fitted with an adjustable volume control of approximately 15dBA and offers a choice of four selectable sounds: Continuous, Slow Sweep, Fast Sweep and Buzz.

The IS28 MK4 is IP66 rated and ATEX and IECEx Approved with a T5 temperature rating (+70C). Typical current consumption when run from 24VDC via a 300 ohm 28 volt barrier is 10 mA for the low frequency unit and 18 mA for the high frequency unit.

Bedroom Sounders

Our range of Bedroom Sounders are designed to meet the requirements of BS5839 Part 1 with attractive, unobtrusive units suitable for hotels, residential units and other locations where aesthetics are important.

Two types of Bedroom Sounders are available: Flush Mount, in choice of red or white flame retardant ABS, and Surface Mount, in high impact white ABS. The Flush Mount Bedroom Sounder is CPD and EN54-3:2001 approved.

The units offer low current consumption and jumper-selected dual sound options as well as terminal connectors robust enough to accommodate up to 2.5 mm conductors.

Designed with reliability and quality uppermost in mind, the Hosiden Besson Bedroom Sounders complement our wide selection of electronic fire and security warning devices.

Hands Free Speakers

We have comprehensive expertise in providing mobile phone accessory ranges.

We have designed and manufactured Hand-free Speakers used by many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and now commercial equivalents of many speakers used in OEM Carkits are available with terminals and cables suitable for most applications.

The speaker shapes used by OEMs are bow-front, traditional and ball types. Some of the available types include Siemens, Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson.

We apply our acoustic expertise and in-house facilities to continue to design and develop products such as these for volume production. Our talented teams would be pleased to meet your design specifications.


Achieving the best sound performance in vehicles requires noise measurement and analysis to determine optimum locations for speakers and built-in microphones. We perform tests including frequency response measurement, noise cancellation and sensitivity as we work with our customers to get the best in-car sound from speakers as well as microphones.

Our automotive experience includes:

  • Bespoke handsfree microphones that can be especially designed for optimum performance while fitting inconspicuously within the interior trim
  • Bluetooth and conventional headsets
  • Speakers
  • LED lighting
  • Mobile phone car kits for OEM customers such as Alcatel, Kyocera, Sony and Siemens

Rocking Armature Inserts

We are the world's foremost specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier of rocking armature transducers, the two major types of which are microphones and receivers.

Rocking armatures provide sensitive, efficient and lightweight capsules that are rugged and highly reliable. Their applications include aviation headsets, telephone handsets and diving helmets among many others. We offer exclusive specialist design services covering all types of applications for rocking armature technology, including military and commercial equipment used throughout the world.

There are numerous design options available, including weather-proof, anodised or sealed. A range of terminations include locknuts for ring or spade terminals and tags for soldering or slide terminals.

Tone and Probe Range

We offer a range of Tone & Probe cable tracing solutions that includes the first in the field using digital technology. Working even in noisy electrical environments, this new technology will dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on identifying cable pairs.

Our Digital and Digital Weatherproof models feature line polarity and low battery indicator, and has the ability to track cables inside walls.

Our Analogue and Digital models feature 5 sensitivity settings, audio and visual test signal indications, conductive plastic tip, RJ11 plug and crocodile clip, headset socket, wrist lanyard and carry case. They can last up to 100 hours on a PP3 9-volt alkaline battery.

Test Telephone 290

Our test telephones offer engineers a convenient and durable tool for the easy installation and maintenance of telephone lines at customers' premises or exchanges. The commercially available Test Telephone 290, designed to meet stringent British Telecom requirements, utilises state-of-the-art technology in analogue telephone test equipment.

The features of the Test Telephone 290 include:

  • Two operation modes: Monitor and TX
  • Memory storage for 10 numbers of up to 24 digits each
  • Last number redial up to 24 digits
  • Push-button keypad with DTMF dialling and loop disconnect
  • Time break and earth recall
  • Line polarity indicator
  • Microphone mute
  • High impedance monitoring to prevent data corruption
  • High line current operation (up to 150 mA)
  • Resistance to "raw" 50 V supply
  • Durable high impact polypropylene construction for water resistant all-environment operation

The Test Telephone 290 meets these standards: BS6301, BS6305 and BS6317

BT Specifications S1626 and LN520

Transmission Products

We offer design, development and manufacture of Video, Broadband and Audio Transmission equipment, backed by years of expertise in producing OEM Exchange-based Transmission products.

We manufacture a range of cabinet mounted and exchange based TAMS Broadband Switches for major networks such as Jersey Telecom, France Telecom and BT.

We also manufacture bespoke customer-designed audio, video and data monitoring equipment which is mainly used for checking television transmission integrity.

Hearing Products

An example of our expertise in producing hearing products was the development of a rechargeable R/F Receiver and Transmitter as part of a range of products for one of our OEM customers, Conversor Ltd.

As experts in the design, developing and manufacture of electronic equipment, we can provide one-off items as well as large runs of components that form part of a wide product range.

Car Kits

We have been designing and manufacturing OEM mobile phone car kits for more than 15 years. Our customers include major manufacturers such as Sony, Alcatel, Siemens and Trium.

The available technology includes amplified, directional and omni-directional as well as RFI decoupling, GSM noise rejection filters, anti-vibration mountings and noise and wind shielding. A wide choice of terminations and cables are available.

Our in-house development team can design and develop a hands-free kit to meet the specifications of any OEM requirement.

Specialist Speakers

We can design and build specialist speakers for a wide range of market sectors including mobile phone, buildings and land mobile. For example, we manufactured the powerful Sound "Pebble" Mobile Phone Speaker, which plugs into a mobile phone headset socket to enable the user to share music with others.

Our team can design, develop and manufacture specialist speakers to suit any application and requirement.

Remote Controls

We have developed and produced Remote Controls for a number of customers for products such as televisions and audio equipment. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to meet your product specifications and requirements while exceeding your expectations.

TriTone Mulit Tone Sounder

The Tritone Multi-Tone Sounder is one of our new additions and features a high output sounder with three tones. This low current model operates between 18 – 30 VDC and is manufactured in an acoustically efficient shape for the ultimate quality sound. This shape allows multi-directional emission of sound as is associated with our products and can also be fitted with Hosiden Besson bayonet fixed bases for easy installation with all systems.

Please follow the link to our website where you can view images of the Tritone Multi Tone Sounder and download our full datasheet.

Bedlam Loud Tone Caller

We also supply the Bedlam Loud Tonecaller. This tough and robust unit is rated to IP66 standards and is suitable for use in demanding conditions. This unit has been expertly designed and created as a replacement for the traditional mains powered bell. It features a variable output (85-105dBA) which can be reached using a potentiometer located inside the unit. The Bedlam Loud Tonecaller is powered by the PABX and PSTN line voltage (60-100 volts AC).

Full datasheets are available to download on our website. Please contact us at Hosiden Besson Ltd with all enquiries.

Banshee Excel

Our new Banshee Excel™ Sounders have been designed and manufactured to meet the toughest of industry demands. These units are manufactured from flame retardant ABS and are available in a selection of attractive colours to suit individual requirements and styles. The Banshee Excel is incredibly easy to install with our simple push and twist bayonet fixing.

Banshee Excel Lite

The Banshee Excel Lite is a fantastic unit offering the very latest strobe technology to create a first class Xenon Sounder/ Beacon combination. The Banshee Excel Lite is also available in a range of colours and is manufactured in a flame retardant polymer with a choice of base colours and five lens colour options. This unit can be operated independently or as a combined operation. It uses the push and twist bayonet fixing for easy installation. The Banshee Excel Lite features ultra low energy consumption, installation via side and rear cable entry, simple in and out wiring blocks and is available with a full range of accessories.

Banshee Excel Piezo Horn

We also offer the Banshee Excel Piezo Horn which is designed to be tough and robust for use in demanding environments. This unit is also manufactured in flame retardant ABS and is available in a range of colours suitable for all types of signalling applications and environments. It is easy to install with our push and twist bayonet fixing and features a choice of three volume levels, 32 user selectable tones, ultra low energy consumption, simple in and out wiring blocks offering continuous override and dual signalling and a full range of accessories.


The Cybertone is a panel mounted option featuring three sound or four sound. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for mounting in areas where space is limited. This unit features high output combined with low current consumption creating a small, high performing product. Please visit our website to view images and download our full datasheet for technical information.

Hands Free Microphones

We are also pleased to offer a range of hands free microphones including directional, omni-directional and amplified models with anti-vibration mountings, wind and noise shields and GSM noise rejection filters. Models from our range are used in many OEM applications and are also now sold in smaller quantities to suit a changing market. Our hands free microphones features RFI de-coupling and are available with various cables and termination options.

Digital Tone and Probe Range

Hosiden Bessen’s Pair Identification Tracer is one of the first instruments of its kind to use a digital signal for cable pair detection. The use of digital technology will significantly reduce the amount of time electrical engineers take to detect pairs, and it will also ensure reliable detection in electrically noisy environments (unlike conventional tracers which are easily disrupted). Unwanted electrical background noise is removed by the digital filter probe, allowing clear audio and visual indication upon location of the cable pair. For more information and product datasheets, please head over to the Hosiden Bessen website.

Handset Type 46

Our Handset Type 46 is a replacement for the Handset 28. It is manufactured from flame retardant ABS/PC blend and can be fitted with double clinched stainless steel armour or curly cable. It can also be fitted with various cable terminations to suit individual requirements. The Type 46 Handset is ESD protected to 2.2kV and all PTFE conductor wires are made to meet URL regulations. Acoustic parameters can be customised according to individual specifications. 


The handset can be supplied with a compatible cradle also made from a flame retardant ABS/PC blend. It features a hook mechanism made from durable nylon and is spring fitted in accordance with vibration requirements set out in RAI 20 Section 6. Find out more by visiting Hosiden Bessen online. 


IS28 MK5

The IS28 mk 5 Banshee™ is an audio warning device for use in hazardous gas and dust environments. It is intrinsically safe, ATEX approved (No: ITS10 ATEX 27151X) and holds IECEx certification (No:IECEx ITS10.005OX). The device is also temperature rated to +1000°C and offers ingress protection to IP66 standards. The IS28 mk 5 Banshee™ has 3 volume levels and 32 different tones for ultimately sounder flexibility, and measuring just 120 mm x 900mm it’s one of the most compact audio warning devices of its kind. Product datasheets are available for download from the Hosiden Bessen website.

LED Banshee Excel Lite

Utilising leading-edge LED technology, the LED Banshee Excel Lite™ effectively combines both beacon and sound to provide an optimal warning solution that, with its push and twist bayonet design makes it an extremely simple system to mount.  The Rocking Armature Transducer within the unit offers low current consumption, but customers can opt for Piezo Horn Technology, which is even more efficient. It is fabricated from flame retardant polymer enabling it to operate in temperatures up to 700°C and offers a choice of 32 different tones allowing the user to select the most appropriate for their environment.

Turnkey Solutions

At Hosiden Bessen we provide turnkey solutions. That means we can take responsibility for every stage of product design, approval, material management, manufacturing and testing. This fully comprehensive service is made possible by a multi-skilled workforce and an automated production capability that allows us to develop your ideas from concept to reality both quickly and cost-effectively. Our turnkey design and manufacturing services include:

  • Global support
  • Project management
  • Acoustic, electronic and 3D mechanical design
  • Prototyping
  • Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
  • Global Procurement and logistics
  • Value-added world-wide volume manufacturing


Product Design

Investment in a CAD network that includes a suite of Unigraphic software modules has enabled Hosiden Bessen to provide a comprehensive product design service. With this and other advanced modelling software we can create concept designs for marketing approval before moving on to detailed design down to component level. It also allows us to integrate assemblies to check for fit and interferences, as well to check the operation of moving assemblies. 


Hosiden Bessen design capabilities include:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Fast toolmarking from 3D data
  • Moldflow tool analysis


Product Development

Customer projects are managed internally by experienced project leaders who run cross-functional, multi-discipline teams. These teams work in accordance with the company’s product development procedures which detail the product stages, reviews and checklists. Each product is assigned its own dedicated team which deals with all aspects of the project and reports regularly to senior management on its progress. To find out more about product development at Hosiden Bessen, please head over to our website or get in touch on 01273 860000.

Product Verification

Product testing at Hosiden Besson can be tailored to customer requirements. However, all products must also pass our own programme of tests and controls which are determined by our Advanced Quality Planning teams. A detailed failure modes and effects analysis from goods inwards right through to final packing defines the type of controls that are put in place. 


Testing is divided into product approval tests, batch testing, SPC process checks and hardware, software and acoustic product verification. Types of test include:

  • Electrical
  • In-house anechoic chamber
  • Functional
  • Accelerated life
  • Environmental


Product Assembly

We offer a full subcontract manufacturing service to BS EN 9000. Our production facilities enable us to manufacture in both conventional and surface mount format, and flexible production lines mean we can produce in both low and high volumes. All manufactured products will be fully functionally tested to customer’s specifications. 


Assembly procedures can include:

  • Injection moulding
  • Conventional PCB assembly
  • High speed SMT
  • Silk screen and pad printing
  • Ultra-sonic and heat welding
  • Skilled manual assembly




Registration Number: 02444091
VAT Number: GB550 3562 62
Registered at Companies House:17 November, 1989 (32 years and 8 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: Hosiden Corporation

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Banshee ™Multi-Tone Sounder Designed to replicate the performance of the existing Banshee and Bedlam sounders by building on the acoustic features and combining the two products into a single, 32 tone, fully compatible conventional sounder.
  • Banshee™Electronic Sounder Electronic Sounder and Test Telephone
  • Bedlam Telecom Tone Caller. Loud Tonecaller. The line powered high output unit has been designed for installation in large offices or factory areas with high ambient noise levels, and replaces the traditional mains voltage bell.
  • Bedroom Sounders The Hosiden Besson Bedroom Sounders complement the range of electronic warning devices that currently serve the fire market.
  • Bleeptone The Bleeptone range of products is rugged and reliable rocking armature products designed with easy mounting accessories.
  • Broadband Switches We produce a range of exchange based and cabinet mounted TAMS for various customers such as BT, France Telecom, Jersey Telecom and other major network operators.
  • Customised 28A Handset and Cradle Kit. Handset moulding produced from a flame retardant, Polycarbonate / ABS blend. Cradle designed specifically for use only with 28A Handset.
  • Cybertone The well-established Cybertone Range provides a choice of three or four sounds easily selectable to give audibility in varying ambient noise conditions.
  • Digital Tone and Probe Range Hosiden Besson Ltd have a range of pair identification tracers, utilising digital or analogue signaling. This dramatically reduces the time taken to identify twisted wire pairs in cabling networks.
  • FlashDome LED Beacon FlashDome is an ultra efficient LED Beacon ideal for use in all environments where style and performance are of paramount importance.The I. S. FlashDome is an Intrinsically Safe signalling beacon for use as a fire, security or other incident alert within a hazardous area.
  • FlashtoneMT The Flashtone Multi-Tone Sounder combines the modern traits of the BansheeMT multi-tone sounder with the very latest strobe technology to create an extremely efficient Xenon Beacon/sounder combination.
  • IS28 MK4 The IS28 MK4 is the industry standard for sounders used in hazardous environments.This traditional high profile Banshee™ is available in both high and low frequency versions, each with four sounds: Buzz, fast sweep, slow sweep and continuous. Each model is fitted with a volume control.
  • LED Flashtone Available in a range of colours, the LED Flashtone will suit the majority of fire and security needs where conventional sound requires the backup of a visual alarm.
  • Teletone Telecom Tone Caller
  • Test Telephone 290 Representing the latest advances in analogue telephone test equipment, including a 10-number memory store, the 290 offers two modes of operation and TX with built-in ringer for call indication.
  • TriTone Multi-Tone Sounder TriTone is a new efficient low current, high output piezo sounder with a distinctive conical shape offered by Hosiden Besson to address the low cost marker sector.
  • Video & Audio Transmission Hosiden Besson produce a range of customer designed video, audio and data monitoring equipment which are used primarily for checking the integrity of TV transmissions.

Financial Information

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