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Hi-Tek Products are suppliers of masking products for the metal finishing and painting industries, as well as products that can be used for thread and stem protection of delicate components or other purposes. We can also supply Tolber's range of proven masking lacquers, as Tolber's sole UK distributor.

As well as aiming to despatch all items on the day they are ordered, we recycle packaging wherever possible, to both help the environment and keep costs down.

Solid Film PTFE Lubricant

Made to form physico-chemical bonds with a variety of metallic surfaces, RO-59 is a superlative bonded solid film lubricant with a unique composition. Its bonding additive allows it to remain durable for long periods of service, and its low friction surface makes it perfect for 'sealed for life' applications. Its excellent surface film also facilitates the forming of difficult materials such as titanium sheet.

Supplied as a concentrate, RO-59 must be mixed by agitation before making up, and requires dilution with de-ionised water and for the pH to be adjusted as recommended. Application can be done by spraying or dipping, depending on size and geometry or preference.

Lacquers and Thinners

We are the sole UK distributors for Tolber's Miccro range of masking lacquers, including Miccro Super XP-2000, Miccroshield, Miccromask, Miccrostop, Miccropeel, Miccrowax, Miccrotex and Miccropatch.

Miccro Super XP-2000 has an extremely high resistance to difficult solutions such as electroless nickel, rhodium plating and hard anodising, and even remains intact during nickel stripping operations. It can be applied by brushing or dipping, but not spraying.

Made to have outstanding performance in difficult acidic solutions, Miccroshield can also perform well with electroless nickel, neutral and acid gold, indium, palladium, rhodium and more. The viscosity can be adjusted using Miccroshield thinners and MEK, allowing it to be applied by brush, dip or spray.

Tapered Plugs

1200 series of tapered plugs are made of high grade neoprene rubber, for use with most electroplating and anodising electrolytes. They have maximum operating temperatures of 170ºC and are suitable for stove painting to this temperature. They can also be reused without leaving carbon deposits.

The 1300 series of plugs are made from high grade silicone, making them suitable for the higher temperatures in powder coating and most electroplating and anodising electrolytes. They provide outstanding chemical resistance in anodising, E-coating systems, etching, conversion coating, chrome plating, electroless nickel plating and more. They are suitable for stove painting up to a maximum temperature of 260ºC and can be reused without leaving carbon deposits.

Pull Through Plugs

Our neoprene rubber pull through plugs are pressure moulded to provide the right degree of flexibility and hardness for through and blind holes in cold and hot conditions. They are made for use with electroplating and anodising electrolytes, but can also be used for chemical milling, painting applications, powder coating and abrasive blasting. They are suitable for stove painting up to their maximum operating temperature of 170ºC and are reusable without leaving carbon deposits.

We can also provide silicone rubber pull through plugs, which provide excellent chemical resistance for anodising, chrome plating, etching, conversion coating, E-coating systems, electroless nickel plating and more.

Self Threading Plugs

For situations in which self threading plugs are preferable, we can provide these self threading polythene plugs. Their small shoulders limit how far they can be pushed into the hole while being long enough to assure that a complete seal is formed. They are easy to remove due to their flat heads and are reusable up to their maximum operating temperature of 80°C.

The dimensions of our self threading plugs are available in PDF format on our website.

Masking Tapes

While the use of masking tapes is well established, it is important to pay attention to the different types of tape and their properties, as different tapes are suitable for different process solutions and operating temperatures. As well as needing to withstand process solutions and conditions, the right tape should be sufficiently flexible and should not use an adhesive that could contaminate or affect the process solutions.

At Hi-Tek Products, we can supply non-adhesive masking tapes (yellow vinyl DK-1 tape), adhesive-backed masking tapes (Hi-Tek 1210, Hi-Tek 1220, Hi-Tek lead foil tape and Hi-Tek aluminium foil tape) and tapes for powder coating and stove enamelling (PC-44 polyester tape and 2595 crepe tape).

Masking Dots

For applications with electroplaters, powder coaters and stove enamellers, we can supply masking dots. These are used for masking off circles in sizes that increase in 1mm increments. We can provide masking dots in rubber adhesive-backed high temperature paper (for painting and stove enamelling), adhesive backed vinyl (for electroplating) and silicone adhesive backed polyester (for powder coating).

We can also supply masking dots with i.d. holes.


We can provide a range of caps for masking pins, studs and tags during finishing processes or protection during transit. Vinyl caps have a maximum operating temperature of 170°C and are suitable for paint spraying, anodising and electro-plating, while silicone caps have a maximum operating temperature of 260°C and are suitable for anodising, electro-plating, E-coating, powder coating and paint spraying.

Dimensions for our caps and cone caps can be found in PDF form on our website.


For situations involving slots, grooves or long studs, tubing may be the most appropriate masking option. We can provide silicone rubber tubing in 10 metre coils, which can then be cut to the required length.

For details on the available sizes and wall thicknesses of our silicone rubber tubing, consult the PDF file on our website.



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