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Heatrod Elements Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of domestic and industrial heating elements. Formed in the early 1960s, we’ve been designing and producing innovative heating solutions for the last five decades, making us one of the most experienced manufacturers in the market. 

In the early days we specialised in the production of water heaters, but gradually we expanded our product range to cover many other element heating applications. Today we’re able to offer a full range of immersion heaters, air heaters, thick film elements, heat exchangers and bespoke industrial heating solutions. 

Our products/solutions are divided into the following three categories:

  • Immersion Heater & Elements – including domestic and industrial immersion heaters, catering and vending application heaters, thermostats and controls, air heating devices, spares and accessories.
  • Industrial Products – including control panels, thick film elements, contact and tool heating equipment, industrial resistors and heat exchangers.
  • Industrial Solutions – for solar and other renewable energy applications, marine industries, transport and traction and oil & gas. 

You can find out more about these in the sections below. 

Following the takeover by the Nibe Element Group (the world’s largest heating element manufacturer), Heatrod Elements was fully restructured and relocated from its historical home in Norfolk to its current base in Manchester. Investment into new manufacturing equipment and production processes has seen Heatrod become the leading element company in the UK. We’re the only supplier who can offer a complete design and manufacturing service that covers everything from raw material components to finished solution. 

Get in touch with our design team today to discuss your requirements with an expert. 

Domestic Immersion Heaters

Heatrod Elements are able to offer the largest range of domestic immersion heaters in the whole of the UK. Years of activity and experience within this market has enabled us to build up a vast library of replacement heaters and parts, and if none of these are suitable for your particular application, we’ll engineer a completely new solution that is. 

The recent acquisition of Thermtec Ltd added to our range a collection of products which can be fitted into many common household water cylinders, including those manufactured by Albion, Range and Copperform. Discover the range at Heatrod Elements online. 

Industrial Immersion Heaters

Our industrial immersion heaters are recognised right across the industrial community for their reliability, durability and application flexibility. These robust, market-leading products are used in all sorts of industrial heating applications, but mostly they will be found heating medium to large scale water supplies and process tanks. Customers can choose from a standard range of heaters with various optional extras, or alternatively can have us design and build a bespoke heater that’s tailored to their individual requirements. All of our immersion heaters, whether standard or bespoke, are designed to handle heavy duty applications and to be extremely easy to install.

Air Heating

Aluminium has excellent heat conduction properties, which makes it an ideal material for making air heating elements. Our aluminium elements have been designed to provide fast and uniform heat along the entire profile, thus overcoming all the drawbacks of traditional heating systems. They are made in such a way as to guarantee noiseless operation, perfect running and outstanding thermal efficiency. You can find out how on the Heatrod Elements website. 

Maximum working temperature is 350°C, corresponding to approximately 15W/cm specific power at natural convection (depending on the profile design). Connections can fitted at one or both ends of the element.

Catering & Vending

At Heatrod Elements, we are regularly tasked by OEMs and spares suppliers with the design and production of elements for catering and vending applications. Considerable experience within these sectors means we’re able to manufacture product-specific elements to meet virtually all OEM and after-market requirements. In most cases we will use a tubular style air heating element – these are ideal for a range of appliances, including electrical water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, coffee machines, fryers, industrial baths and oil-filled radiators. These can be made to reach temperatures as high as 900°C. To discuss your catering or vending requirements with our team of element engineers, just give us a call on 0161 727 3713.

Thermostats & Controls

As a high volume heater manufacturer we use a diverse range of thermostats and associated control products, from simple ‘button’ or ‘disc’ style cut-outs to rod-style devices with multi-function sensing and failsafe features. Domestic immersion heaters come with thermostats fitted as standard (the type depending on the design of the heater and the requirements of the application), but when it comes to industrial immersion heaters you can choose virtually any style of temperature control you like - or opt not to have a thermostat at all, if the application doesn’t demand one. Of course, we’ll always advise you on the most suitable device for your application, but otherwise the choice of control is down to you.

Accessories & Spares

All of our products come with the necessary fittings for installation, but you may wish to purchase accessories and spares for future use. We can supply a complete range of thermostats, contactors and control equipment, washers, seals and other sundry items, as well as fitting kits and tools to help with installation. You can purchase these over the phone or through our secure online shop.

Control Panels

Our control and steering panels, manufactured by Backer of Sweden, have been designed to improve communication between the consumer and the final system. They can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of industrial heating systems, including heat pumps, cabinet heaters, electric water boilers, and heating and air-conditioning devices. Using these products is easy, as is maintaining them; they do not require any specialist knowledge or skills. All of the functions are accessible from a simple interface which makes operation incredibly straightforward. Control panel dimensions depend on the customer specification and required functions.

Thick Film Elements

Thick film elements are fast and effective: good heat transmission properties make them ideal for various domestic and industrial appliances requiring fast heating of flowing liquids, including irons, water boilers, washing machines and flow-through heaters. Being so flexible, thick film heating elements can easily be adapted to different shapes and patterns, and can also be bespoke manufactured for higher volume applications. Maximum operating temperature of a thick film element is 500°C. For details and specification, please visit Heatrod Elements online.

Contact & Tool Heating

We offer three main types of contact and tool heating products:

  • Cartridge Heaters – offering high power within a limited space thanks to rapid and uniform heat distribution across the element’s entire surface area. 
  • Nozzle Elements – produced with high precision and high surface loading for fast and safe heating. 
  • Ring and Band Elements – produced according to customer specification. Typically used in injection moulding machines, extruders, tanks, containers and various tools. Ring and band elements are usually designed with either Micanite or Ceramic. 

More information on our contact and tool heating products can be found on our website. 

Industrial Resistors

As a subsidiary of the Nibe Element Group, we’re able to offer a wide range of resistor technologies. Nibe resistors are known for their ability to withstand high loads, chiefly because they incorporate large diameter wires that give low resistance. The possibility of using water/liquid as a cooling media enables high power resistance, and we also offer large element diameters to withstand high voltage. Each resistor is custom made according to individual requirements, though all of them use the same standard concept which can be applied to any situation – this significantly speeds up the development process.

Heat Exchangers

Heatrod heat exchangers are made with welded and seamless tubes from our standard range of products. A tubular design means the exchanger can handle a much higher pressure (on the secondary side) than a Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE), but the biggest advantage is the possibility to include supplementary heat in the same unit without compromising its compact design. Heat exchangers can be used in solar heating, food and beverage production, heat pumps, plastics manufacturing, SPA baths and many other applications.


At Heatrod, we define project sales as heating solutions requiring projects and services that are offered and produced for specific applications. These types of solutions are often needed in process manufacturing, raw material refining, chemical and petrochemical processing, ship building and power generation. If you need a complete heating solution designed and built for your particular application, for a specific environment or special conditions, then get in touch with our design team. We work with you to define your requirements and develop a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Solar & Renewable

In our experience we’ve found that the solar and renewables market demands a high level of ancillary electrical components. The applications for which our products are used in this market are wide and varied, from heating lithium batteries in electric transport to resistive braking for large wind turbines. Typical products supplied by Heatrod for the solar energy and renewables market include:

  • Energy Dump Resistors
  • Charging Resistors
  • Balancing Resistors
  • Harmonic Filter Resistors
  • Lubricating Oil Heaters
  • Glycol Heaters
  • Lithium Battery Pre-Heaters
  • Compartment Heaters


Heatrod and its partner companies can offer a wide range of products and solutions for the marine market. Such applications often demand flexibility in order that the systems can actually fit into and be concealed within a specific design. We consult with you throughout the design stages to ensure these factors are considered. Fields of application include:

  • Ship/Boat Comfort Heating
  • Anchor Braking
  • Water Heating
  • Sea Water Cooled Braking
  • Undersea Drilling Water

Transport & Traction

From resistive braking to passenger comfort, Heatrod has designed and manufactured heating elements for many different kinds of transport and traction applications. This is a particularly demanding sector, requiring high levels of reliability, performance and safety. Our elements are used on both railway lines and rolling stock. Typical rolling stock applications include:

  • Doors
  • Steps
  • Couplers
  • Floor Heating
  • Body Side Heating
  • Heating in Driver’s Cabins
  • Vestibule heating
  • Heating of waste water tanks
  • Heating of water pipes
  • Water heating
  • Lens heaters
  • Heating for windscreen wipers / washers
  • Driver cabin service

Oil & Gas

Through cooperation with the wider Nibe Group,  Heatrod are able to offer both standard and hazardous area solutions for the Oil & Gas industry and other relevant markets. Products range from heating elements designed for explosion proof applications to ATEX-approved air heating applications. Oil & Gas industry solutions are designed and built according to relevant legislative regulations and are supplied with all necessary documentation.



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