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Harwin plc has a vast array of capabilities concerning the manufacture of highly reliable and industry standard interconnects and associated PCB hardware. Reinforcing more than 50 years of successful manufacture in this industry is an active portfolio of over 20,000 interconnects and PCB hardware products. With a comprehensive understanding of the very latest technology and spanning the USA, Europe and Asia with offices and manufacturing facilities, Harwin commands a global capability in order to satisfy their customers’ requirements on a local level.

A unique equipment investment policy ensures that Harwin’s future is every bit as successful as its distinguished past. With the belief that components should be engineered to the highest possible standard, Patrick de Laszlo’s goal in 1952, at the birth of the company, is every bit as relevant to Harwin today as it was back then, resulting in Harwin operating high technology processes in a very modern environment.


Harwin possesses a vast portfolio of connectors, ranging from cable to board connectors, board to board, datamate, 2.54mm pitch, 2.00mm pitch, archer, fine pitch, PC/104, PC/104 Plus, RoHS circular, spring contact, PCB socket and IC sockets and headers. Harwin are well placed to support industry standard connector requirements with an active portfolio of over 35,000 highly reliable interconnect and associated hardware products and have 50 years’ experience manufacturing interconnect solutions. Harwin connectors are available from our global distribution network. For a full list of the connectors in our portfolio please browse our website where you can find out more about all the specifications and applications.

Terminals & Spacers

Offering a variety of both terminals and spacers, Harwin can accommodate virtually any requirement. Metric spacers, also known as stand-offs or pillars, are available in brass, plastic and aluminium with either hexagonal or circular body profiles. Terminals, useful in a variety of connection styles and locations are available in turned or blade designs, have solder and wire-wrap location points and test points. PCB thicknesses are from 1mm to 3.2mm and most turned terminals are designed to be swaged to the PCB for mechanical retention. If you need to know more about any of these specifications please contact us; we’ll be happy to assist.


Approved to conform to the exacting requirements of British Standards 9525-F0033, the Datamate high performance and reliability connector range is made possible through Harwin’s high reliability 4-finger Beryllium copper contact technology; ensuring the integrity of a connection under even the most severe of conditions. This particular range is ideal for applications where safety is key, where the application operates in harsh environments or is subject to high amounts of vibration or shock. Datamate has a proven history in high-end industrial and Mil/Aero applications, possesses superior connector performances (see specifications on our website) and is part of a significant future development program.

HotShoe Connectors

Designed to be mounted behind panels, these connectors are fabricated using highly durable plastics. Ensuring continued reliability through a product’s lifecycle, HotShoe connectors are incredibly robust and are also suitable for use in portable equipment where separate battery modules are used. The system enables rapid and simple connection, yet will tolerate mating misalignment, resisting dust, water and chemical ingress to IP68 at 1.5m depth for 2 hours (mated and unmated). A positive contact force against the mating half of the connector is maintained by employing spring loaded contacts, ensuring a connection that’s reliable under even the most heavily demanding conditions.

Spring Contacts

Also known as grounding/RFI contacts, spring or shield fingers, surface mount spring contacts are available in 15 different sizes and can be assembled to PCBs. Supplied on tape and reel packaging, they can also be used as grounding or shielding contacts or for general electrical connection between PCBs. Ideal for automated placement, the contacts are mounted in a row and can provide an exceptional RFI shielding connection for metal doors and cabinet enclosures. Typical applications include motion control units, mobile power units, environmental monitoring equipment, broadcast and communications equipment and industrial process control equipment. Visit our website for more information.

EZ-Cable Clips

Saving time and money, Harwin’s surface mount wire management cable clips are specifically designed to be automatically placed and soldered directly to the PCB. The clips are available in five different sizes, covering a range of cables from Ø0.8mm to Ø3mm, are suitable as a grounding clip for coax cables negates the need for any manual assembly of plastic accessories. These ultra low profile clips are much smaller than their plastic counterparts and therefore offer further space saving. Design flexibility is also increased because they don’t protrude through the PCB. They are ideally suited for high volume commercial/industrial markets as well as applications in consumer electronics.

Datamate Plus

Designed for safety-critical applications, Datamate Plus brings certified reliability in military, aerospace and medical uses. Used by a number of prestigious customers such as Airbus and Lockheed Martin and Boeing, its applications include those in gas detection equipment, communications, missile guidance systems, aircraft control, dialysis equipment and patient monitoring systems. Offering professional connector performance at commercial price levels, it’s highly suitable for COTS initiatives. The four-finger Beryllium copper contacts ensure integrity of connection without loss of data. Providing the added security of 100% in-process inspection and testing, Datamate Plus is released to BS9525-F0033. For more information please visit our website.

Datamate S-Tek

The 2mm Datamate connector that’s now available with a single-piece, machined metal backshell, providing electrical screening against RFI and EMI interference. These backshells are manufactured in aluminium alloy and nickel plated for electrical performance and corrosion resistance. When used in conjunction with metal braids they ensure full 360 degree electrical shielding. They are available in a range of sizes including 6, 10, 14, 20 and 26 positions in a female cable-to-PCB-mount and female cable-to-panel-mount. The new backshells are easily assembled using industry standard tooling and are mechanically strong, delivering high performance levels. For more specifications and test data, please visit our website.



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  • Datamate Datamate is a range of High Reliability connectors suitable for use in safety critical electronics aplications such as: Industrial controls Aerospace Medical devices Hand-held communications Military applications where COTS components are used

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