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HARTING Ltd is a subsidiary of the German company, HARTING KGaA, and is based in Northamptonshire. HARTING Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of electrical and electronic components to various industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, factory automation, power generation and distribution, industrial electronics, telecommunication, and more. We supply a wide selection of connectors, device terminations, network components, and cable harnesses for networks and machinery or for power and data application in factories. With more than 25 years of experience within the industry we know the market inside out and provide customers with first class solutions. We are dedicated to providing customers with an excellent service and provide support at all stages before and after sales.

Industrial Connectors

Our industrial connectors are designed to provide safe, removable electrical connections for use in protected electrical areas such as control cabinets or various outdoor applications. They are designed and manufactured for use in all kinds of environments from the mildest to the harshest of conditions. Please visit our website to view technical information regarding our range. We supply small connectors of just a few amps up to large multi-way high power connections. Connectors can also be combined to form sensitive signals of a few milli-volts up to 600 Amps or 5000 volts for high power applications.

Metric Connectors

We supply three main ranges of metric connectors. These include: Hard metric connectors in 2.0mm pitch har-bus® HM (5-row and 8-row hard metric connectors developed to meet IEC 61076-4-101 requirements), the compact Metric I/O connectors in 2.0mm pitch har-link® (modular and compact metric interface connector system), and Micro Card Edge connector (for high speed applications in surface mount technology – allows data transfer rates up to 14Gbps). Please visit our website for technical information and to download our online catalogue.

Interface Connectors

We have created a comprehensive range of interface connectors to provide customers with a wide choice of input and output connectivity options for electronic data transmission via copper or fibre optic. Our complete range includes the following families: Connectors for outdoor solutions (this family features combinations of HARTING Pushpull technology with the Han® 3 A housings), D-Sub (Subminiature D) connectors (a range of D-sub connectors for various applications), IDC connector system for flat cables in the pitch 2.54mm x 2.54mm (HARTING IDC flat cable connectors acc. to DIN EN 60 603-13), Miniature D Connectors har-mik® (space saving interface connectors in 1.27mm contact pitch), and Metric I/O connectors in 2.0 pitch har-link (modular and compact interface connector system).

DIN 41612 Connectors

Our ranges of standard connectors comply with DIN 41612 and IEC 60 603-2 standards. Ranges include DIN 41612 Signal Connectors designed for PCB-to-backplane or cable-to-PCB applications at a working current of up to 2A maximum per contact, DIN 41612 Power Connectors including type D, E, F, and H as well as FM, 2F, H3, F9, MH and the interface connector I/U, and the VME64x connectors har-bus® 64 range. Please visit out website for further information, or contact our friendly team at HARTING Ltd with your enquiries.

I/O and Board Level Connectivity

We provide a wide range of device connectivity solutions to suit a wide range of devices and applications. This may be from sensors to industrial computers and their respective data, signal and power interfaces. Our range features board-to-board and cable-to-cable connectors for industrial electronic devices with a degree of protection IP 20 to IP 65 / IP 67. Our product families include HARTING RJ Industrial® 10G, HARTING RJ Industrial® RJ45, PushPull Connectors, Circular Connectors, Industrial Connectors Han® for Device Connectivity and more.

Ethernet Components and Cables

Here at HARTING we provide a comprehensive range of components and cabling to provide the communication platform for a convergent automation IT network. These network components open universal applications for harsh environments in IP20 – IP67 installations in industry buildings, mechanical engineering, and plant engineering. Examples of our range include Unmanaged Switches Ha-VIS eCon, Configurable Switches Ha-VIS sCON, Managed Switches Ha-VIS mCon, Ha-VIS Fast Track Switches, Ethernet Cabling, and Power Supplies for Ethernet Network Components. Please visit our website for further information or contact one of our friendly advisors at HARTING Ltd who will answer all of your queries.


We are continually developing our products and services to provide the transportation market with incredible, modern solutions for the most complex requirements. We provide a range of transportation equipment such as Cab Radio Systems, Flexible Connection in Railway Maintenance, DIN 41 612 coatless zinc die cast housing for train control module MITRAC by Bombardier, The InduCom9 bus interface for MVB applications, and ICE3: High-Tech made in Germany. Please visit our website to read more about our outstanding services to the transportation industry.


We also provide first-class products and service for the energy field. This can be for energy generation for renewable or conventional resources, energy transmission, and distribution. We provide Cost Efficient Connection of High-Voltage Switches for Outdoor Use (power circuit breaker 3AP1 for high voltage up to 145 kV), Rapid Replacement of Systems in Wind Turbines (from high current components for applications through to 650A to solutions for data and bus transfer such as RJ45 in industrial housings), and Professional Power Supplies of POWEC (power supply with high power density of up to 333 watt/ dm³). To read more about our products and services for the energy industry, please visit our website or contact us with your enquiries and we will be happy to help.

3D MID Microsystems

Drawing upon years of experience in the fields of micro-packaging, assembly, and the associated support processes, HARTING Mitronics are able to provide a customised 3D MID Microsystem solution for customer-specific applications. We work in close partnership with our customers to provide a cost-effective, target-orientated system that fulfils all requirements on time and within budget. Our 3D MicroMID® systems integrate several functions, making them more compact and therefore lowering assembly costs. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Backplane Systems

HARTING engineers are able to lend their expertise on all matters relating to backplane design, and can produce fully customised backplanes using state-of-the-art Cadence Allegro Software. We provide on-site design reviews where we consult with your engineers to develop new or modify existing backplanes to meet your needs. HARTING also provides design simulation and validation and SPICE and HSPICE modelling. To find out how we can help with your specific project, please contact us at [email protected].

System Cables and Cable Assemblies

HARTING has developed a wide variety of assembled system cable solutions for industry and telecommunication applications. All of our skills and experience in the design of connectors and system cabling has gone into creating this high quality range of products. 

Many of our system cables and cable assemblies are built with IP20, 65, 67 or 68 protection to ensure safe and reliable use in harsh environments – typically those found in industrial plants, outdoor telecommunication, energy industry applications and medical engineering.

We also offer structured cabling in accordance with ISO/IE 24 702, as well as cable profiles for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP for use in the automation industry.


We are an industry leader in the supply of RFID (radio-frequency identification) products, specially those for use in difficult harsh environments.  All our transponders are unique and can undertake long lead ranges and fast read speeds.  The transponders stand up superbly to temperature extremes and vibration and can work even when set up on metal surfaces.  We have a team of knowledgeable and expert specialists producing complete systems comprised of transponders, readers, antennas and middleware.  Our team will be very happy to work closely with you to provide the system that suits your needs, bringing with them a wealth of experience in solving RFID problems.   Our experts will make sure that your system is effective, durable, reliable and cost efficient.

Han® M Plus

We are very proud of the Han® M Plus range, offering superlative protection against challenging weather conditions.  An unbreakable polyurethane coating ensures that all products in this range can withstand extreme weather conditions, where other products fail.  Further, this coating strengthens resistance to impact and provides the connector with effective protection from mechanical and chemical attacks.  The variety of applications for Han® M Plus products includes freezing conditions, rock chips and areas where there are industrial/exhaust gases, salt mist or UV radiation.

M12 Connectors

HARTING is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of M12 connectors.  All are available in IP65/67 with two cabling options – electrical and optical.  If you are looking for fast Ethernet applications, you will find M12 connectors in the range, operating at up to 10G.  You can choose from two different types of termination – either the standard crimp termination or our unique field assembly HARAX(IDC).  The HARAX is perfectly suited when in-field assembly is required, as no tools are needed.   Operation is fast and easy, as you need only to strip the cable insulation, insert the conductors, screw the connectors together and you are ready to go.  Whichever you choose, you can be certain of the high quality associated with HARTING products.

har-flexicon® Wire to Board Solutions

The har-flexicon® range of wire to board solutions allows speedy single wire connection of I/O signals to the PCB.  Connection is fast and effective, and requires no tools.  We utilise innovative SMT/SMC reflow-soldering process.  Increasingly, miniaturisation is taking place in connections to PCBs and we have designed the har-flexicon® range to provide a solution.  Size, variety of use and handling of components are all taken into consideration to produce a range of products that meet up to the minute demands.  As always, this range of products is of the highest quality and validates HARTING’s reputation as an industry leader.

Siemens Solution Partnership

Siemens is the foremost provider of engineering and technology services across the globe.  As part of their distributed drive technology, Siemens fitted their renowned SIRIUS motor starter motor with connector interfaces in accordance with ISO 23 560-3.  To be sure of the best possible continuous system with perfectly tuned components, Siemens elected to form a partnership with HARTING.  The decision was based on our world-wide reputation for providing tested and certified connectors and pre-assembled cables to precise specifications.  We effectively carry out the management of flow of goods from origin to customer, with short and efficient logistics chains.  We are pleased to work in partnership with Siemens to provide
high quality products.

Harting Integrated Solutions

HARTING Integrated Solutions cover a wide range of quality services, all to ISO 9001 requirements.  We undertake project development, including PCB design and full integration.  We offer a prototyping service for backplanes, as well as custom assemblies for backplanes, card frames and enclosures.  Cable assemblies and wiring are tested and fitted.  We utilise fully automated machines to carry out full system checks.  We offer global manufacturing cover.  You can easily get in touch with us to learn more about HARTING integrated solutions.

Customer Specific Solutions

With more than 30 years experience in designing innovative and successful products for our customers, HARTING makes the ideal partner for all your system solutions.  We will work closely with you to produce the system solution that best meets your needs.  Our team includes knowledgeable sales engineers and solution specialists to assure you of effective and successful project management, including testing for compliance with all relevant standards.  Our admirably high quality solutions comply with IRIS rev. 01/DIN EN ISO 9001/2008.  When it comes to customer specific solutions we accept no compromise, as our aim is always to provide our customers with maximum benefits.



Registration Number: 05540444
VAT Number: GB752 7765 00
Registered at Companies House:18 August, 2005 (18 years and 7 months ago)
No of Employees: 1001-5000
Annual Turnover: 50m+
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  • Manufacturer

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  • DeviceCon® Device Connectivity. HARTING offers a universal and innovative product range for the device termination. The range comprises connectors for devices of the industrial electronic in IP 20 and IP 65 / IP 67 protection.
  • DIN 41612
  • D-Sub
  • Han A ® HARTING industrial connectors are suited for the hardest requirements in industrial environments. They are used in all applications requiring a safe, removable electrical connection. The field of application for HARTING connectors is in protected electrical areas, for example in control cabinets to outdoor applications under the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Han DD®
  • Han E®
  • Han Hv E® / Han® HvES The Han Hv E® / Han® HvES series is designed for industrial applications up to 830 V. Terminations offered are either crimp or screw types for Han Hv E® versions, or cage-clamp terminals in the Han® HvES inserts. All inserts have a PE contact and also 2 additional last mate first break relay contacts show further information hide further information The Han Hv E® versions are rated at 830 V / 16 A except the 16 and 32 way variants which are rated at 400 V (conductor to ground) and 690 V (conductor to conductor) at 16 A. Han Hv E® inserts with 3, 6, 10, 12 (2x 6), 16, 20 (2x 10) or 32 (2x 16) contacts can be assembled into housings from the Han® B range. The Han® HvES inserts with 3, 6, 10, 12 (2x 6) or 20 (2x10) contacts are also used in housings from the Han® B range and are rated at 830 V / 16 A.
  • Han®
  • Han® 3A
  • Han® PushPull
  • Han® Q
  • Han-Brid®
  • Han-Com®
  • Han-Eco®
  • Han-INOX®
  • Han-Kit® Complete Connectors Sets. With the Han-Kit © option from HARTING the user has the possibility to order a complete connector under one part number. Each kit contains all housings and inserts that are required to assemble a connector.
  • Han-Modular®
  • Han-Yellock® new industrial connector series from HARTING which retains the core functionality of the company’s existing Han® product range but differs significantly from in terms of size, shape and new features.
  • har-flex®
  • har-flexicon®
  • har-link®
  • har-mik®
  • Ha-VIS eCon
  • Ha-VIS FTS
  • Ha-VIS mCon
  • Ha-VIS Middleware
  • Ha-VIS sCon
  • TCA Connectors

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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