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Harland Simon Power Solutions is a leading independent manufacturer of high specification custom build AC and DC uninterruptible power protection solutions.

For almost 20 years the company’s reputation for specialised custom design ups power protection systems has grown with a large UK and international customer base.

Supplying a wide range of end users targeting the defence, marine, power including renewables, transport and water markets, Harland Simon has now launched its new brand of Harland ProtectUPS®.

To complement the ProtectUPS®, Harland Simon is integrating Lead Crystal® batteries into systems destined for harsh and extreme temperature environments as performance is far greater than standard lead acid or gel.

Harland Simon works in partnership with the world’s leading UPS manufacturers such as Alpha Technologies, CE+T, Eaton, Emerson, Falcon, GE, Riello to provide standard AC and DC UPS, inverters, converters, rectifiers, bypass switches and long runtime battery solutions.

In addition to supplying products and solutions as above Harland Simon also provides a complete and comprehensive service solution to ensure continuous, uninterrupted power for all your emergency back-up requirements.

Harland ProtectUPS®

Our ProtectUPS® range includes power protection systems which have been designed for use within unforgiving environments. The ProtectUPS® can provide uninterrupted power and is therefore ideal for use with important and even critical systems. Each component within this system can be easily replaced should a fault occur, guaranteeing a long lifespan and avoiding potential downtime. It is also worth noting that customers can choose from a standard UPS system or a more bespoke alternative, if required. 

Lead Crystal®Batteries

We stock a range of Lead Crystal® batteries which offer a unique and innovative range of benefits. As well as being environmentally friendly and up to 99% recyclable, Lead Crystal®batteries are also safer to use, easier to transport and have a long shelf life. In terms of performance, they can be charged up to twice as fast as standard alternatives and are resistant to extreme temperatures which could affect operation. For further information please visit the website or you can contact us directly. 

Defence/Military UPS

We have a long and successful history of working with the Defence and Military sectors and we have been providing them with effective power solutions for many years. Just some of the products we have to offer include standard UPS, COTS UPS and completely bespoke UPS which have been designed with specific requirements in mind. Along with our products, we can also provide customer support, including maintenance, repairs and spare parts. 

Marine UPS

Marine environments can be incredibly harsh and unforgiving and it's therefore imperative that marine based systems are designed with this in mind. We can provide a wide range of marine components and products which can all be certified by ABS, DNV and Lloyds, as well as other organisations. Customers can visit the website where they can download our brochure which includes more information on these and all of our products and services. 

Power Generation UPS

We can provide innovative and effective solutions for a wide range of power generation applications. Whether it be electric, gas, and nuclear, or more renewable systems such as tidal, wind or solar, it is also worth noting that we can offer standard and bespoke systems. To find out more please visit the website, alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly.

Rail UPS

Another industry which requires products which are not only effective and reliable but also completely suited to the job at hand, is the transport sector and more specifically the rail network. Uninterruptable power solutions are particularly vital within the rail industry as downtime could cause disruption to many people. We strive to offer PADS approved rail solutions when possible, if this isn’t an option we can help our customers in getting their solution approved. 

Road UPS

Our road based systems include products designed for use with tram and traffic applications. As well as providing excellent standard systems, our in-house team can also make modifications to products in order to gain a more bespoke solution. Customer can visit the website for further information on these and all of our products and services. Alternatively, you can download our brochure for technical information and pricing details. 

Security UPS

Security has never been more important and it is for this reason that we offer a wide range of power protection systems. These systems involve the use of various different components, including uninterruptable power supplies, servers and datarooms, along with more practical measures such as fencing, barriers, gates and CCTV. These security measures are required within critical infrastructures such as gas, electrical, water and sewage installations and are being put in place due to rising threats such as terrorism. 

Water UPS

All of our water and sewage industry based products have been designed with specific considerations in mind. For example, we take into account aspects such as construction, ingress protection, distribution, productivity, build standards and reliability. One such range is the Harland ProtectUPS® which has been manufactured to function within wet and moist conditions as well as in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations. For more information on our water UPS feel free to visit the website. 

Long Runtime Battery Cabinets

We can provide a range of extended runtime battery packs which allow users to extend their emergency battery backup time beyond the standard 24 hours. Products within this range include VRLA and NiCd packs and can be bought separately or fitted onto your existing power supplies. It is also worth noting that customers can choose from freestanding, enclosed and tray and panel models, according to your specific requirements. Don't hesitate to visit the website for further information. 


We stock a comprehensive selection of inverters and converters from a range of different manufacturers. Inverters have a variety of applications but are often utilised within the telecommunications industry. Converters are used for converting DV voltages from one level to another and for regulating outputs. Customers can visit the website to view our entire product range, including technical information and pricing details. 

Site Services and After Sales

We can offer exceptionally comprehensive site services which includes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year technical support. Just some of the after sales services we can provide include battery sales, UPS installation, preventative maintenance, maintenance contracts and OEM spare parts. If you have any questions about our site services or you would prefer to speak to someone directly, feel free to contact our customer service team by phone or email and they will do everything they can to help. 

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