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Hanovia Limited, a UK company based in Slough, is the market leader in ultra violet technology for disinfection, deozonation, dechlorination and TOC (Total Oxidisable Carbon) reduction. Part of the UV group, Hanovia has an international reputation for quality and service. In conjunction with AQUIONICS INC, we offer a complete range of products to well over 100 countries.


Strong sunlight purifies by permanently inactivating bacteria,viruses, moulds and spores. Almost a century ago scientists identified the part of the spectrum which is responsible for this well-known effect: wavelengths of 240-280 nm, primarily in the UV-C spectrum. Such energy can now be produced commercially by electrical discharge devices and UV technology has been harnessed for a range of applications from disinfection to oxidising organics.

HANOVIA UV systems generate the same ultra violet germicidal rays as sunshine, but hundreds of times stronger. No bacteria, viruses moulds or their spores can withstand this treatment.


The UV Arc Tube, a quartz tube similar to a fluorescent strip light, is filled with an inert gas, which provides the initial discharge and the means of exciting the minute amount of mercury present. A low pressure glow discharge produces a line spectrum at 185.0 and 253.5 nm.

As the current is increased, the Arc Tube heats up rapidly, the pressure increases and produces the typical Medium Pressure spectrum, which is a complex combination of spectral lines, continuum and adsorption lines.


World Leader

HANOVIA is the World Leader in UV technology with over 70 years experience. Complete service and total design capability. All UV technologies available from a single supplier.

Arc Tubes

HANOVIA is the only UV systems company which manufactures UV Arc Tubes. It, therefore, offers the full range of appropriate technology:

Medium Pressure Arc Tube (high UV Intensity, temperature independent).
Low Pressure Arc Tube (cold running with low power consumption).
All HANOVIA systems and Arc Tubes built to highest possible standard.

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