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Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of opto-electronic components and systems. The company's corporate philosophy stresses the advancement of Photonics through extensive research and development. Hundreds of new opto-electronic products are introduced to the market each year and many Hamamatsu products are regarded as state-of-the-art. Hamamatsu sources, detectors and imaging products are designed to cover the entire optical spectrum, from nuclear radiation, x-ray, Ultraviolet (UV), Visible and Infrared radiation. Hamamatsu devices provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including analytical, industrial and medical instrumentation.

Light Souces

At Hamamatsu, we have a wide selection of lighting sources. In stock, we hold a choice of lamps that include Xenon, Deuterium and Hollow cathode. We also have a range of LED’s, which provide low cost, long life lighting, whilst still providing optimum lighting. Our catalogue of products also includes UV light sources and a vast array of other light emitting modules that encompasses opto-spectrum generator and other light sources. 

Mini Spectrometers

We offer our customers a huge array of mini spectrometers that are also polychromators and have an image sensor as well as circuit integrated with optical elements. An optical fiber conducts the light that us being measure through the entrance part to see the optical fibre and then the spectrum is measured using the built in image sensor. In order to easily collate and record data, the mini spectrometer comes equipped with a USB ouput.

Infrared Detectors

With a choice of detectors to suit a range of applications, Hamamatsu has detectors to cover a wide choice of spectral ranges. Our detectors have sensitivity to wavelengths above 1 µm. Our PbS and PbSE photoconductive detectors also contain infrared sensors for higher sensitivity and a faster response at room temperature where as Hamamatsu’s InAs photovoltaic detectors are ideal for detecting infrared light up to 3.5 µm. Our two colour detectors contain two different photosensors and cover an even broader spectral response. 

Image Sensors

Our image sensors have been developed and produced in house by Hamamatsu to deal with high precision, high sensitivity measurements across applications such as spectrophotometry and industrial measurements, We offer our clients products that include CCD image sensors in two versions, a front illuminated type and the higher quantum efficiency back-thinned type. Other products in our range include the NMOS image sensors that are perfect for high precision photometry that required high ultraviolet sensitivity. We also have InGaAs image sensors that are suitable for near infrared regions. 

Si Photodiodes

Hamamatsu’s Si Photodiodes are manufactured using exclusive semi-conductor technology that encompasses a vast spectral range, including, infrared, ultraviolet and high energy regions. The benefits of our Si Photodiodes include high speed response, high sensitivity and low noise. They are used widely in the areas if medicine, analysis, scientific measuring, optical communications and other general electronic use. We have Si Photodiodes available in several different types of package including metal, ceramic and plastic as well as in surface mount. Should we not have a Si Photodiode that is suitable for your needs, we are able to custom design one to meet your specifications.

PMT Modules

Our PMT module is a small case that encompasses a photomultiplier tube that is able to convert light into electrical signals, a high-voltage power supply circuit and a voltage divider circuit that ensures that each dynode receives the optimum voltage. This is our basic PMT module, we also provide more advanced modules that include features such as signal processing, cooling and interface to PC.

Whole Slide Imaging

Hamamatsu came up with a solution to the problem of examining tissue selection, an often time consuming and extremely specialist task. Our virtual slides allows the user to quickly analyse the slides, in addition for added speed and convenience it will also link up to image analysis software, that allow pathologist to make an more accurate determination. To enable easy information sharing, we tailor our data management solutions to the needs of each client. Furthermore, all virtual slides can be accessed remotely, no matter where in the world the pathologist is situated.

Drug Discovery Solutions

The FDSS/ µCELL is a compact piece of equipment that offers an easy to use operating system, making it ideal for assay development or for use in research basic, cell based kinetic assays. Hamamatsu’s FDSS kinetic plate reader features an integrated dispensing head and imaging based detector. The FDSS offers both simultaneous dispensing and detection of the kinetics of either fluorescent or luminescent intensity that ensures fast measurements and no time lag in the 96/384 well-format.

Optical Sensors

Hamamatsu offers a huge choice of optical sensors that includes, si photodiodes, APD’s, MPPC, Image Sensors and Photo ICS as well as many others. Our range is adaptable and customisable and can be used for a wide variety of applications across a spectrum of industries.  To accompany our range of optical sensors, we also offer accessories to aid in their use and make them more efficient.



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