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Habia Cable Ltd is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance wire and cable for a variety of demanding industrial sectors. We operate in over 25 countries worldwide, supplying and marketing custom-designed cables, cable assemblies and harness systems for high-technology sectors such as nuclear energy, aerospace, transport and defence. If you’re looking for world class cable solutions, there's no one more adequately equipped to provide them than Habia Cable Ltd. Habia products are designed and developed at our state-of-the-art facility in Upplands Vasby, Sweden, where we utilise an extensive range of test and measurement equipment to ensure that they meet and exceed the exacting standards of modern industry. We’re able to draw upon over 50 years of cable manufacturing experience to develop components of the very highest quality, and we implement strict quality control procedures to ISO 9001 standards to ensure these standards are maintained at all levels. These are the reasons why our cables and wires are so highly sought after throughout the world. And with quality products comes quality service. All of our employees have an extremely high level of technical competence which allows them to provide expert advice and guidance on Habia products and their applications. Enquiries are dealt with within 48 hours, and lead times can be as short at 2-3 weeks for standard products and 6-8 weeks for custom-designed multi-core cables and high performance products. Listed below are just some of the market-leading products that you will find on the Habia Cable website. Make sure you visit www.habia.com for the full range. If you're a UK based customer and would like to find out more about the company or any of the products listed below or on our website, just give us a call on +44 (0)1454 41 25 22. Contact details for our headquarters and other European offices can be found by visiting the Habia Cable website.

Water Blocking Cables

Water blocking cables are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand transversal and/or longitudinal water pressure. Here at Habia, we design and manufacture a fantastic range of installation cables that offer both transversal and longitudinal water blocking functions along the length. Our transversal water blocking cables resist transversal water pressure of 95bars and our longitudinal water blocking cables are fully water blocked enabling the complete cross section to be subject to water pressure. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our water blocking cables or call us at Habia for further information.

Coaxial Cables, Microwave - MULTIBEND

This high performance, microwave cable is widely used as an alternative to RG402 and RG405 semi rigid cable. It is suitable for applications up to 18Hz and offers a great deal of flexibility. Multibend features a wrapped silver plated copper foil which is braided together with a highly flexible jacket to create fantastic results. Multibend Microwave Coax is widely used for applications such as test and measurement, cellular base stations, satellite ground systems and high frequency cable applications. We are able to customise cable types to suit customers’ specific requirements. Please contact us at Habia for further information.

Marine Diesel Engine Cables - RTFRO

RTFRO has been used for diesel engines for more than 20 years and has been developed over the years for use in demanding areas such as engine rooms and control rooms. The cables offer mechanical strength along with a wide temperature range of -65 degrees C to +150 degrees C. RTFRO offers a number of benefits including increased oil and chemical resistance, flame retardant to IEC 60332-3, small dimension, light weight and approved by various internationally recognised bodies suchas ABS, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.

Standard Products

Our range of standard wire and cable products is extensive.  If your are looking for equipment wires, twisted wires, signal cables, multi-core cables or coaxial cables, we are confident we can provide what you require.  Standard equipment wires are available from 36 AWG to 400 square mm power cables.  Our range of twisted wires includes defence approved wires, whilst our signal cables are suitable for both commercial and military applications.  We manufacture shielded signal cables that deliver high performance, along with flexibility and strength.  Standard multi-core cables and coaxial and triaxial cables are of the highest quality.  We also make PE coaxial cables and PTFE coaxial cable types.  You can see detailed information about all these products and more on our website.

Cable Harness Systems

At Habia Cable, we specialise in designing and manufacturing cable harnessing systems and cable assemblies, used across a variety of applications, including commercial, telecom and military.   Products in this range include wiring looms and spiral cables, gas turbine cable assemblies, high temperature harnesses, assemblies for naval systems and sealed moulded systems and more.  We have been manufacturing cable assemblies and harnesses for three decades and have been involved in many defence and industrial projects.  You can see much more information about our cable harness systems on our website, along with information about electrical testing and our prototyping services.

Specialist Brands

Over the years, our experts have designed and developed specialist brands, for use with varying sizes and components.  The diverse range of products includes Flexiform reformable coaxial cables, multi-bend microwave coaxial cables, specialist fire resistant cables and radiation tolerant cables.  We also manufacture flexible power cables, naval cables, low loss coaxials and more.  You can read detailed information about our specialist products on our website.

Cable Solutions for ATEX

At Habia Cable we manufacture cable solutions for ATEX (Atmosphere Explosive) environments, which is the EU legislation based on the European Directive 94/9/EC.  We have provided solutions in this market since the ATEX regulation first came into play  We incorporate anti-static substances that greatly reduce the risk in explosive environments.  Our ATEX cables and wire products are available in a range of products suitable for building into an ATEX environment, enabling systems to meet the safety standards required.  We have a range of designs available or can work to individual custom design requirements, as we appreciate that every application has its own unique requirements.  There is a great deal more information about our cable solutions for use in ATEX environments on our website.


We offer SpeedFlex, which is a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) alternative to RG style coaxial cable.  As well as using no halogen, SpeedFlex offers the benefits of higher electrical performance and increased safety, being manufactured with flame retardant materials.  Our range of 50 ohm and 75 ohm LSZH coaxial cables were developed as a result of the demands of the telecommunications industry, where a higher level of electrical performance was crucial, combined with halogen free and flame retardant materials.  Alongside our standard SpeedFlex range, we are pleased to be able to provide variations when a custom design is required.  Find out more about SpeedFlex on our website.

Coaxial Cables, Reformable - FLEXIFORM

Flexibility is a key word when it comes to our reformable coaxial cables.  Our product, Flexiform, is ideal for use where flexibility as well as high levels of performance are needed.   The Flexiform conformable microwave coaxial cable is an alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables.  Flexiform does not require the use of specialist tools, as it can be stripped and formed by hand, offering a significant improvement over traditional cables.  There is even flexibility within our selection, as in addition to the standard 50 ohm range, we offer several variations, including magnetic conductor types, screening types and material alternatives.  All Flexiform cables are made with silver plated copper conductors and tin soaked and coated copper braid.  You can choose from fluoropolymer or halogen free jackets.  Find out more about the Flexiform range on our website.

Coaxial Cables - RG, Low Noise, Sub-miniature

We are pleased with our reputation as a manufacturer of top of the line, innovative high performance cables.  We produce top quality standard, miniature and sub-miniature 95 ohm, 75 ohm and 50 ohm coaxial cables.  There is a wide range to choose from.  PE Coaxial cables are of superior quality, and the range has recently been expanded to include the most popular PE RG styles.  Our range of market leading PTFE coaxial cable types is available in sizes from miniature SM 50 up to RG  393.  We also produce the Speedflex range of coaxes, which are dimensionally and electrically comparable with the standard RG and RM types, but benefit from being a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) solution.  Find out more on our website.

Defence Cables, Air - FLIGHTGUARD

Used on a wide range of aircraft, our aerospace cables are approved to the required Defence Standards.  PTFE wire types with silver plated conductors are specified up to 190˚ C, and nickel plated conductors are specified up to 260˚ C.  PTFE cables are approved to UK Defence Standard 61-12 Part 8.  Available as B-ET, B-E and B-EE, these PTFE insulated cores have excellent electrical and mechanical properties.  Various options are offered, including voltage of 300V, 600V and 1000V.  FlightGuard LSI 155 types hold full approval to UK Defence Standard 61-12 part 33/001 and, depending on conductor selection, are suitable for use up to 135˚ C.  Two standard types are available.  D-F1 types have very thin single wall construction, with rating up to 600V.  D-F2 cores have a dual wall construction, making them more mechanically durable and reducing the risk of spark-faults.  These are also rated to 600V.

Defence Cables, Land - LANDGUARD

Our high performance LandGuard cables are used widely in both military and industrial applications.  Accredited to meet Land Force’s VG specifications, these cables are designed for use up to 600 V at a maximum temperature of 150 ˚ C.  Type 020A is a basic single core insulated, open stranded wire.  Type 025G is also single core but is highly flexible and comes with a sheath.  Type 021E is our multi-core twisted wire and is also open stranded.  Additionally, we have signal cables, both shielded and unshielded, in the range.  Type 027B is the unshielded signal cable and type 022C the screened signal cable.  You can see more information on our website.

Defence Cables, Naval - SEAGUARD

Habia Cable has a long history of working in partnership with many naval customers to design and manufacture specialist wire and cables to meet the most demanding environmental conditions and Defence Approval applications.  SeaGuard offers a range of cables with significant benefits in many areas, such as weight and size compared to other inter-connect solutions.  Our thin wall HFI140 equipment wire is rated to 600 V and is available in a wide range of colours and sizes up to 10 mm2.  The HFS 107XL uses radiation cross-linked sheathing material and is designed to meet the most exacting Defence Standards.  Also in the range are power cables, control and instrument cables, plus coaxial cables.  Our coaxial cables use halogen free materials and come in two types suitable for naval vessel installation.  The SpeedFlex coaxial cable is available as an alternative to the Fluropolymer RG range.

Fire Resistant Cables - HABIAFLAME2

Habia Cable has been manufacturing fire resistant and flame retardant cable for over 25 years.  HabiaFlame2 incorporates many changes and improvements to meet the latest international fire and flame performance requirements.  Two versions are available: the Standard RV version or the new RVH version with a halogen free topcoat.  These cables are used in applications where extremely high temperatures will be encountered and in critical safety equipment circuits. With working temperatures of up to 1565˚ C and a life cycle that is five times longer than most other high temperature cables, our cables offer the best solution for cost effective installations.  HabiaFlame2 has a fire resisting barrier of mica tape over the conductors, surrounded by a glass fibre braid impregnated with topcoat.  Both our topcoats remain stable at very high temperatures and protect the cable against chemicals and liquids.

Flexible Power Cables - HI-FLEX

For the most demanding commercial and military applications requiring high power ratings, without the additional penalties of copper size and weight, we have Hi-Flex.  Hi-Flex offers proven high power connectivity, successfully used in various applications within the electric drive sector.  We also offer Hi-Flex 2H, which can be coloured and has low smoke zero halogen properties (LSZH or LS0H).  Compared to standard flexible cables, the highly flexible ‘S-Line’ conductors and Omnigard high temperature insulation material used in Hi-Flex maintains high flexibility whilst increasing current carrying capacity, producing a smaller, lighter cable.  Hi-Flex cables are designed for a long flex-life, providing service in very demanding applications where other cables would quickly fail.  This range of cables is available from 6 mm2 to 400 mm2.  The low smoke halogen option maintains the high flexibility of the standard cable.


HabiaXpress is our ex-stock ordering service.  We offer a wide range of standard and semi-standard products available with short delivery times and low minimum order quantity requirements.  This range includes equipment wire – PTFE, FEP and ETFE, as well as multicore cables, twisted wires, signal cables (shielded and unshielded) and standard coaxials.  In addition, we can also supply our high performance coaxials, such as Flexiform, Multibend, Speedflex and Speedfoam.    Once you have set up an account you can order via catalogue or directly from our website.  Items will be sent from our warehouse in Germany within 24 hours.  To receive a copy of the HabiaXpress guide, please see our website for email and telephone details of your nearest sales office.

Measurement Cables - HABIASENSE

Over the years we have supplied a broad range of custom designed cables for the sensor markets.  Some of the applications include, accelerometers, chemical level and flow, meteorology, pressure proximity and radiation.  We offer four cable types to optimise performance for any particular application.  HabiaSense HT1 is rated to 600 V with a temperature range of -200˚ C up to +260˚ C.  This PTFE and PFA based cable is designed for extreme environments.  The HT2 is also rated at 600 V with a temperature range of -100˚ C to +155˚ C.  This ETFE sheathed cable is the best solution where fluid resistant cabling is needed.  HabiaSense ZH1, also rated to 600 V, provides a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and flame retardant solution.  Finally, the HabiaSense 2H2 is rated to 300 V and -40˚ C to +90˚ C.  This entry cable is also zero halogen and is ideal for general outdoor use.  All of the HabiaSense sensor cables can be modified for low noise performance.


As a participant in many nuclear programmes around the world, Habia has developed a large range of specialist wires and cables meeting the high performance and unique needs of nuclear environments.  Habiatron C is based on our Speedflex coaxial cable and is used for surveillance and control.  All types are halogen free.  The Habiatron MM is a high immunity, high radiation and temperature resistant cable.  Manufactured in conjunction with Ultra Electronics, this cable has an exceptionally long life, whilst operating at high temperatures.  Habiatron R is a safety cable used for monitoring equipment and power plant functions.  Habiatron ZH is constructed from low smoke zero halogen materials.

Rail Transport Cables - RAILGUARD

Within the transport industry, Habia Cable has an admirable reputation as a wire and cable manufacturer and supplier.  Our RailGuard range is designed for use in protected, fixed installations of rolling stock.  RailGuard provides cost effective solutions where high performance, long life and low smoke or zero halogen (LSZH) cables are required.  We manufacture RailGuard cables to the highest standards, meeting many of the CENELEC EN and general EN requirements.  This range of cables is also LUL (London Underground Ltd) approved.  The HFI 110 XL insulating and HFS 110 XL jacket material are halogen free and flame retardant, with low smoke and oil resistant properties.  Please visit our website for a full list of approvals.

Single Wires - ETFE, FEP, PTFE, RV, LSZH

We offer an extensive selection of flexible equipment wire, suitable for a broad range of applications, from 36 AWG ultra-thin wires to 400 mm2  power cores and much more.  You can see full details on our website.  ETFE provides a thin wall with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance and a -65 ˚ C to +150 ˚ C operating range.  FEP is similar to ETFE, but with an extended temperature range of up to +200 ˚ C.  PTFE cables also have an excellent temperature range, from -65 ˚ C to +260 ˚ C.  Additionally, these cables offer good soldering resistance and their outstanding mechanical, chemical resistance and electrical performance make them suitable for a large range of applications.  Habia’s RV and RVH ranges are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, including emergency conditions such as fire, heavy impact and immersion in water.  Our LSZH products offer both a wide temperature range and radiation resistance, with a voltage rating of 600V.

Signal Cables - ETFE, FEP, PTFE, KU, HFI, VG

Habia’s signal cables for commercial and military applications are highly flexible and rugged.  This high performance cabling affords solutions across a vast range of applications and installations.  Many options are available, including low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and flame retardant.  Defence and Aircraft rated versions are also available.,  Our high performance two, three or 4 core twisted wire cables have thin walls and excellent mechanical and electrical properties.  We also make an LSZH version of this cable, which boasts an operating voltage of 600V and a temperature range of -50˚ C to +120˚ C.  The Defence approved version of this cable is also LSZH, with a greater temperature range of -65˚ C to +135˚ C.  Using the same outstanding materials, our range of two, three and four core signal cables also provides excellent mechanical and electrical properties and is available in LSZH and military versions.

Thermocouple Cables - HABIATHERM

Our range of high performance thermocouple cables is suitable for a wide range of sensors, including types K, T, J, N and E.  An extension cable and a compensation cable is available for each sensor type, with the exception of types T, J and E, which do not have compensating cables.  Our HabiaTherm range of sensor cables offers a high performance, flexible solution for many temperature related measurement installations requiring accurate and reliable results.  You can learn more about the full range on our website.  To ensure the best possible results from your temperature sensing equipment, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Coax Cables, Low Loss - SPEEDFOAM

These innovative cables have been specifically engineered using a precision foamed polyolefin dielectric for flexibility, toughness and low-loss performance. Combining a low-loss dielectric with outstanding levels of screening effectiveness, Speedfoam cables meet all but the most demanding RF interconnect specifications. A number of options are available, including:

Speedfoam - the standard design, a halogen-free coaxial cable with a highly effective foil/braid combination that offers outstanding screening effectiveness

Speedfoam F - includes the addition of a stranded centre conductor and a soft, flexible outer jacket for improved flexibility. Ideal for confined spaces and vehicle applications.

Speedfoam HT - capable of performing at high temperatures. Ideal for military applications.

Speedfoam UL - designed to meet the demands of UL Style 1375.

Speedfoam XL - utilises radiation cross-linked materials to improve flex-life, temperature range and mechanical properties.

Find out more about each of the above on the Habia Cable website.

Custom Designed Cables

Habia Cable Ltd has been designing and manufacturing customised cables and cable harness systems for over 30 years. Each and every one of our customers has their own specialised requirements, so we go beyond the traditional standard multi-core cables to produce high performance bespoke products that fulfil their application-specific needs. Our local designers are able to work with your engineers to design the best possible solution for your application at the best possible price. Our customers can choose the arrangement of the screen, the wall thickness of the insulation, and also select from over 30 cable jacketing options. For more information on our custom designed cables, please head directly to the Habia Cable website.



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  • Flexiform coaxial cable Flexiform the flexible reformable alternative to semi-rigid coaxial cables
  • Habiaflame fire resistant and flame retardant cable Wire & Cable for High Temperature Applications
  • Habiatron specialist wires and cables for the nuclear industry Habiatron - radiation tolerant and halogen free wires and cables for the nuclear industry,
  • Hi-Flex flexible power cables Hi-Flex flexible power cables designed to meet the increasing power management demands in commercial and military applications
  • Multibend conformable cable Multibend high performance conformable cable - the alternative to RG402 and RG405 semi rigid cable
  • Speedflex coaxial cable Speedflex - low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) alternative to RG style coaxial cable
  • Speedfoam low loss coaxial cable Speedfoam low loss, halogen free, phase stable cable designed to meet the increasing demands of the communications industry

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