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GWP Group are innovators in protective packaging. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying a full range of protective packing options – from presentation cases to suspended boxes, specialist coatings to engineered foam inserts, and re-usable Correx boxes through to custom-made flight cases. At GWP Group, our talented team are always striving to bring the latest products, designs and innovations to our clients, and we aim to provide the very best selection of protective packaging options for your any industry. Since being established in 1990, our focus has always been upon exceptional customer service, and to provide the very latest and most cost-effective solutions to suit your needs - no matter how complex, challenging or time-sensitive those needs may be.

GWP Group comprises of our four divisions: GWP Packaging, GWP Protective, GWP Conductive and GWP Coatings, each defining a specialist area of expertise. Each division is committed to providing a full range of specialist packaging products to our valued clients, and our experienced Designers and Production teams are always looking to find new ways of supplying an even wider product range. More information can be found below about each of our divisions, or you can contact us to find out more or to discuss your specific application.

At GWP Group, we are proud of our award-winning design team, and our reputation for providing high quality products at competitive prices. Through using our strategic packaging partnerships and intelligent engineered cost reduction methods, we are able to bring the best ideas to our clients at reasonable prices. We always have a vast range of stock available, and our packaging is tried and tested for its performance capabilities, for your peace of mind. We understand packaging, and its uses and demands: from protecting products, separating them, enhancing them and adding functionality, to displaying important messages and information, acting as a marketing tool and transporting and storing them safely.

We work closely with our clients from the early stages of product planning, in order to get it exactly right and listen to your ideas and demands of your packaging requirements. We create successful strategies and aim to offer additional value and high performance through our experience in technical engineering and attention to detail. Our innovative design, logistical solutions and strong customer service means you need not look anywhere else when it comes to packaging services – it is all under one roof at GWP, providing a one-stop-shop for all your requirements. We are more than just an award-winning packaging supplier; whether you need bespoke products, tailor-made logistical solutions, stock management assistance, high performance engineering or simply standard boxes, GWP are here to help.

At GWP Group, we go the extra mile for our customers, and our range of award-winning protective packaging solutions are designed to fulfil any requirements, from simple to highly complex. Speak to us today, and discover why GWP are much more than just another packaging company.

Quality Standards

GWP Group offer award-winning packaging solutions, with innovative products and services. We hold ISO 9001:2000 recognition for quality management, and commitment to the environment through ISO 14001 accreditation. We are proud to be recognised as a Beacon Company, which is awarded to some of the most successful businesses in the UK for consistently achieving outstanding performance across a range of criteria. We have also been accepted onto the FATS/4 Framework, held by the Ministry of Defence, to benefit our clients, and our staff and work environment benefits from our recognition as a Mindful Employer and Positive about Disabled People. Click on the link to find out more about our quality standards, which ensure a strong commitment to quality, service and performance for all our customers.

Commitment to the Environment

At GWP Group, we are committed to creating the best packaging design, therefore using fewer materials, and using the most appropriate materials available in order to reduce our impact upon the environment. We aim to reduce waste through creating useful designs that can be used and re-used for longer. 
We are delighted to hold ISO 14001 accreditation, which demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing products made from recyclable materials and improving our designs to reduce waste. We have installed automatic waste collection as part of our manufacturing process, as well as offering eco bins, and we have developed a 100% recyclable cushion product for a variety of packaging purposes. We follow an environmentally friendly process, and we use materials from sustainable and renewable sources as much as possible.
Overall, by enabling our customers to reduce the volume of packaging materials required, it enables greater cost savings through manufacture, transportation, storage and disposal.

'Just In Time'

GWP are proud to introduce our Just In Time service agreement, to benefit our customers. We strive to respond as quickly as possible to orders and requests, and we recognise how important reliable supplies are for our clients. Our Just In Time service agreement enables us to fully manage a stock holding, freeing up client warehouse space and offering amazingly short lead times. We are able to monitor and predict stock usage of our customers’ packaging, to speed up our service and increase our stocks as a result, which further benefits out clients. This is achieved by working closely with our clients and understanding their business needs and demands. Overall, we are able to offer full inventory management, flexibility, reliable stocks, and achieve cost and time saving for you. Find out more about Just In Time by clicking on the link to visit our website.

GWP Packaging

GWP Packaging specialises in the production and supply of high-performance packaging solutions – from cardboard boxes, to retention packaging and suspension packaging. Whether it’s a simple item required, or a more complicated product packaging design, GWP Packaging can help. We are the experts in corrugated cardboard packaging design and manufacture, suitable for any requirement: from retail to industrial and consumer companies, and many other specialist areas. Our high quality packaging is available at competitive prices, and we are experienced in creating exceptional bespoke packaging as well offering as a range of sizes and existing designs. Click on the links below to find out more about our products on offer. 
What’s more, GWP Packaging can also offer a wide selection of complimentary services for your company. Including online ordering systems, stock management and tailor-made branded designs; make sure you speak to us today to find out what we can do for your business.

GWP Designers

At GWP Packaging, our award-winning Designers have an in-depth knowledge of corrugated packaging construction and performance, and our Technical team will be able to maximise the performance, offering excellent value for money. We use the latest CAD technology for our designs, and our experienced team will be happy to offer help and assistance about new products, and can advise if there is a better and more suitable product for your needs. By using our in-house Design team, you will receive a complete service, professional advice, and cost reductions, where possible, by streamlining the design as much as possible. With guaranteed performance, great-looking designs and bespoke solutions for your brand or product, why look anywhere else? 
We always provide a sampling service for new and bespoke products, for testing and assurance of customer satisfaction prior to commencing manufacture. If you would like to speak to us to find out more, please click on the link or call 01793 754 444.

Bespoke Corrugated Packaging

GWP Packaging specialise in designing and developing bespoke solutions to provide the ideal level of protection for your specific requirements. Whether it is to protect from shock, stacking protection, or to provide overall strength, we can come up with an ideal solution. We can provide anti-static properties, custom fittings, special features (such as handy holes), bespoke printing of information and logos, tamper proofing or specially fitting internal cushioning. We work closely with clients from all business sectors to meet individual demands and budgets, and we offer free advice, as well as designing and sampling to make sure the final product is exactly right. By using GWP Packaging for your corrugated packaging, you will receive our expertise and advice, a fully-bespoke design, and high performance boxes made from recyclable materials which are environmentally friendly. We can also offer a selection of specialist coatings and printing, to finish off your final design.

FEFCO Cardboard Boxes

GWP Packaging can supply industry standard carton boxes that comply with FEFCO (the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) layouts. Choose your style, height, length and breadth to match your applications exactly, each of which is made from fully recyclable and versatile corrugated cardboard. The boxes offer guaranteed performance, and come in a huge choice of sizes and designs. They are cost-effective, can be tailored to any size, and can be fully customised by adding logos or information. Click on the link to view some sizing options, but for a full list please contact us on 01793 754 444, or fill out our online enquiry form.

Retention Packaging

Retention Packaging is a revolutionary form of packaging, as it protects the contents quickly and easily by bracing them within traditional corrugated cardboard boxes. GWP Packaging offers this innovative solution, and it is a highly effective, low-cost way of protecting items during transit and storage. It uses a special non-slip film and clever construction to keep the product in place, as well as providing cushioning for fragile or heavy objects. We can offer standard size boxes, if you need a product in a hurry, or we can create a bespoke size and solution just for you. As well as offering protection, Retention Packaging also displays the product well and reduces the need for additional packaging that will go to waste. It can be used for a wide variation of shapes and sizes, and can be re-used if required. Please contact us for more information.

Suspension Packaging

Suspension packaging is a very popular protective solution, and is available from GWP Packaging. The innovative construction suspends the product between two layers of highly resilient, non-slip film. This offers continuous protection during transit, even for delicate contents. It also provides a good level of resilience in case the package is dropped or damaged on the exterior. Suspension Packaging is easy to use and assemble, and is supplied flat to save space. The clever design reduces the need for unnecessary packaging wastage, and it is recyclable and made from eco-friendly materials. It can be re-used, and is exceptionally versatile so can be used for a wide variety of products.

Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid packaging is one of the newest innovations from GWP Packaging, and intelligently combines the ideal elements from Retention Packaging and Suspension Packaging. It suspends the product, for protection, as well as securing it in place with the plastic film, making it well presented and kept exactly as it should be. This format is ideal for electrical products, especially ones that may need surface protection, as well as other delicate items that need to be carefully transported. The boxes are supplied flat-pack, to save space, and they’re very easy to use. Versatile and strong, they can be re-used or re-cycled, as they are made from 30% recycled materials. Click on the link to view more images, or to contact us through our website.

Foam Packaging

GWP Packaging are not only experts in corrugated packaging solutions, but we are also recognised official fabricators of the Sealed Air range of polyethelene foams. Polyethelene foams are ideal for cushion packaging and end caps, for optimum product protection, stacking and storage. Foam end caps are ideal for electrical equipment and industrial products, and are made from either Ethafoam or Stratocell foams. Foam packaging however is perfect for use with ornaments, fragile items and bottles. The polyethelene based foams are non-abrasive, strong, and can be re-used. They do not absorb water or liquids, are highly effective in offering protection, and are very cost-effective. We are also able to produce “hinged” end caps, if required. All the polyethelene foam solutions can be used together or separately, depending on the product, and we will be happy to advise you of the best options for your application. 
Each option is fully customisable, and at GWP Packaging we are able to use the latest computer software to accurately predict the level of cushioning which will be achieved for your product. We can accentuate a foam design using factors such as foam density, thickness and surface area to provide the optimum protection against shock.

Eco Bins

ECO Bins are a fantastic way of getting your school, office or organisation actively recycling on a daily basis. Our GWP Eco Bins are manufactured using recycled corrugated cardboard, and are designed with the public in mind. The Eco Bins are cleverly colour coded to allow easy selection of the right bin for the right product: Plastic (Red): for plastic bottles & other plastic waste, Recycle (Green): for general waste, Paper (Blue): for paper waste and Metal (Grey): for empty drinks cans. The Eco Bins are 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable, highly effective in encouraging recycling, and are fast and easy to put up. Their sizes are 400 mm (wide) x 400 mm (deep) x 680 mm (high), so can fit into a kitchen or office area. Find out more by clicking on the link, and order yours today to start reducing landfill waste and become more environmentally friendly!

GWP Protective

GWP Protective is another specialist part of the GWP Group, and we are one of the UK’s leading premier manufacturers of bespoke protective cases. We have over 20 years experience in manufacturing flight cases and inserts. Our experienced team offers a full design service, and will carefully engineer each case to provide the optimum fit and protection for high performance. We also manufacture a range of CNC-machined foam inserts and foam lined cases to compliment our selection. The cases are deal for use in defence, medical, offshore, automotive industries, and many more, and we are experienced in working in a wide variety of fields. Our range includes flight cases, presentation cases, moulded cases, aluminium cases and waterproof cases. We are also an official distributor of leading case brands, such as Peli, Zarges, EXOCase and Storm. Foam inserts for any case can be fully customisable.

Custom Flight Cases

GWP Protective are experienced in creating bespoke, high-performance flight cases for any usage. Flight cases are used to safely and securely transport items requiring a high degree of protection. We are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of bespoke cases, and our designs offer and exact fit and superior protection, with each and every case tested for quality, durability and whether they meet our very high standards. 
As we manufacture as well as supply flight cases, we have no minimum order quantity. We can design and create one-off cases, or supply several thousand annually, to suit your output. We always carry a wide range of materials in stock, to reduce lead times, and we can offer a choice of panel materials as well as other functionality designs to best suit you. As we also produce bespoke foam inserts in-house, lead times are further reduced, as GWP Protective can offer a one-stop-shop for all your requirements. We can even offer full aesthetic customisation, including colour options and product branding. Just click on the link to fill out our online form, and a member of the team will get back to you very soon, or call us on 01722 416 440 for a quotation.

Foam Inserts

GWP Protective create a wide variety of cases, with individual foam inserts to further improve the performance and functionality of the case. The foam inserts can be made from Plastazote, the industry standard in protective foam, or other expanded polyethylene foams - which can be expertly engineered for use with all cases, as well as waterproof protective inserts and custom pelican case foam. We use CNC routing and water-jet techniques to create the foam, and we can design shapes and cutouts to fit almost any product’s shape or size. The polyethylene foams are lightweight, flexible, tough, moisture and oil resistant, chemically inert, and reduce UV light and solvents from penetrating through. They also reduce shock and vibrations and specialist foams, such as conductive, static dissipative and high density, are all available. As well as protecting the product, foam inserts also make the product look visually fantastic. 
GWP Protective’s production facilities include an in-house design department, equipped with the very latest 3D CAD system and digitising hardware to enable us to produce and mould to any shape, for optimum levels of protection. Click on the link to find out more, or contact us on 01722 416 440.

Protective Cases

At GWP Protective, we pride ourselves on our design and manufacturing expertise, allowing us to create and customise a wide range of protective cases to exactly suit your application needs. We have one of the largest ranges of branded protective cases in the UK, and our big brands include Peli, Hardigg’s and EXOCase. Of course, we also customise existing cases, and provide a full design and manufacture service to create bespoke protective cases. Our product range includes Flight Cases, Peli Cases, Storm Cases, Explorer Cases, Bezel Kits, Exo Cases, Roto Mold Cases, Rack Mount Cases, IP Rated Cases, Zarges Aluminium Cases, EMC Cases and SSI Schaefer Bins. Cick on the link to be taken to our website, to browse the full options.

Peli Cases

Peli cases are the toughest waterproof cases you can buy. GWP Protective can customise a huge range of Peli cases, one of the market leaders in protective cases, and we can manufacture bespoke foam inserts to sit inside the case. We are an official UK distributor of the brand, which offers an IP rated waterproof solution. Peli is known worldwide for manufacturing the toughest products for over 30 years. The cases guarantee safe transportation and protection from all elements, and they are used by a wide selection of industries. Constructed from special structural co-polymer resin that’s incorporated into the case shell, each case has a pressure purge to enable equalisation and a special neoprene ‘O’ ring to ensure airtight, dust-proof and watertight properties. There is an integral padlock, to keep contents secure, and the cases are very popular with emergency and military services. Available in over 50 different models, these high performance rugged cases come with a lifetime guarantee. Click on the link to view our full range of Peli cases.

Storm Cases

GWP Protective are delighted to be official distributors of Storm Cases from Hardigg. Storm Cases have a strong reputation for being one of the toughest cases you can buy, offering maximum resilience and waterproofing qualities. They are made from high performance HPX Resin, and feature easy-to-use ‘press & pull’ latches. With over 20 sizes available, comfortable handles, a lifetime guarantee and a broad range of colours, the choice combined with superb protection makes these a great choice for many industries – from sports and aerospace right through to photography. GWP Protective are able to enhance all Storm Cases with specially designed foam inserts to keep your product secure and protected at all times. As well as bespoke foam inserts, we can offer Storm bezel kits and printed Storm cases, for a tailor-made solution. Click on the link to view our full range of Storm Cases and their dimensions.

SSI Schaefer Bins

GWP have an exclusive partnership with SSI Schaefer, a materials handling specialist with over 50 subsidiaries throughout the world. SSI Schaefer products are used in a wide range of industries, from local authorities, to industrial, through to domestic users. 
At GWP, we are exclusive distributors of the SSI Schaefer EF and 14/7 Series conductive totes and bins, providing the perfect ESD solutions for companies requiring anti-static consideration. They offer efficient, reliable storage, and sturdy stacking rims to ensure secure stacking of the products, with loads of up to 600kg. We can also supply non-conductive SSI containers, and can design and manufacture bespoke foam inserts, as well as being able to fully customise your choice of bins or totes.

Explorer Cases

GWP Protective are able to supply fully custom Explorer Cases tailored exactly to your requirements. The Explorer Cases, together with our bespoke foam inserts, will provide reliable and durable protection for your product or components. As well as being water and dust resistant, Explorer Cases are almost impossible to break, and come with a full range of interior options to choose from. 
Used extensively in medical, military and offshore markets, these fully bespoke hard-wearing moulded cases offer a sleek appearance. They come with a lifetime guarantee, and can even be used in temperatures and conditions from -33°C right up to +90°C. We can create inserts that are the perfect fit for both the case and the item that will be transported, designed for even intricate profiles that can be captured digitally using the latest equipment. We use the highest grade foams, such as Plastazote, and can also supply straps and backpacks to make the product even easier to use. Click on the link to view our full range of Explorer Cases and their dimensions, or contact us directly to discuss your foam insert requirements.

Presentation Cases

To present your products in style, look no further than GWP Protective’s exceptional choice of Presentation Cases. We are a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of these specialist cases, and they come in a range of materials – from lightweight plastic to aluminium. All Presentation Cases can be supplied with specially engineered, bespoke foam inserts to cushion and present your product in perfect condition. We can add colour and even branding to make the cases even more ideal for your company, using our laser etching service. Choose from the N Case, Smart Case, Ergoline Presentation Case, Hofbauer Cases or Printed Cases. 
If you cannot find what you are looking for, or would like some advice, please contact us on 01722 416 440 and we will be pleased to assist you.

GWP Conductive

GWP Conductive are well-known within the industry as pioneers in ESD Safe and Anti-Static packaging. We provide safe conductive boxes, packaging and Corstat, and are a market leader in this field. We also stock a mix of additional items and can offer fully customised, bespoke solutions – providing the optimal level of protection from electronic and ESD sensitive items.
Our products include Corstat Bin Boxes, Chip Boxes, Collapsible Tote Divisions, Component Boxes, Specialist foam and much more. Click on the link to visit our website to find out more, or see some product in more detail below.

Conductive Boxes

GWP Conductive can manufacture, supply and customise a full range of conductive boxes for your specific uses. The boxes are manufactured from a selection of highly conductive materials, such as conductive Corstat, and we are able to add conductive foam inserts, dividers and other dunnage to exactly suit your applications. 
Our Conductive Boxes include: Conductive Component Boxes, Corstat Bin Boxes, Corstat Chip Boxes, Corstat Component Boxes, Corstat Transit Packs and Conductive Component Boxes. We dispatch stock items within 24 hours, but we are always happy to discuss your requirements should you prefer a bespoke solution. Please speak to us today on 01793 754 457.

ESD Handing & Storage

GWP Conductive’s range of solutions include anti-static and ESD handling, transit and storage products.  From our base in Wiltshire, we produce ESD safe solutions to cover all material handling needs. From equipment handling, to bulk material handling and engineered solutions, look no further than GWP Conductive to ensure the safety and security of components and products throughout the processes of distribution, consumption and disposal. Our specialist products include: Conductive Collapsible Tote, Corstat Stacking Totes, Inplant Handlers, SSI Schaefer 14-7 Series, SSI Schaefer EF Series, Corstat Reel Storage, Stacking Tote Divisions, Collapsible Tote Divisions, Slotted Tote Divisions, Corstat Layer Pads, Corriplast Layer Pads and Corstat A4 Ring Binders. Click on the link to find out more about each product.

ESD Cases & Foam

GWP Conductive work closely with GWP Protective in order to offer a full range of durable, protective flight case systems with full ESD and anti-static protection. From traditional to contemporary designs, in a full range of colours and sizes, we can also offer bespoke foam inserts to perfectly fit your case and product for additional protection. Choose from a range of conductive and dissipated foams, that are specially die-cut and routed to create a precise fit. Click on the link to view our products and images in more detail.

Die Cutting Consumables

We are able to provide a full range of consumable products for U-Pack, Baysek and T-series die cutting equipment. Our range of consumables includes: Anvil Sleeves, Forme Suction Cups, Suction Cup Feed/Take Offs and Flexible Nylon Tube.  Click on the link to download a datasheet with full technical specifications and prices for each product, or speak to us today on 01793 754 457 if you would like any further questions answered.

GWP Coatings

GWP Coatings offers clients a full range of specialist coatings onto corrugated board – including conducting, anti abrasion, waterproofing, anti corrosive, protective, colour matching and other coating services. Our fantastic mix of products, coupled with specialist staff, means we are experienced in working in a variety of fields – from retail through to automotive and medical industries. We have no minimum order quantities, and our fully tailored plastic packaging, from plastic boxes to dividers, is reusable. 
With over 10 years experience in converting Correx for re-usable plastic solutions, as well as other conversion services, fast lead times, specialised knowledge and bespoke options to suit you, why go anywhere else?

Specialist Coatings

GWP Coatings are market leaders in specialist coatings on corrugated cardboard packaging. We always strive to offer the most appropriate, reliable and cost-effective solution for your individual needs. We always consider the environmental impact of any project, as well as cost and time implications for our customers, and we can advise when necessary. We are proud of our innovative design, and value-added services we can offer, and can provide a full range of tailor-made benefits to you. Our specialist coating products include: Corrust Anti Corrosive Coating, Corstat Anti Static Coating, Liquiguard Waterproof Coating, Nomar Anti Abrasion Coating, Spectrumcoat Pantone Coating and Fireretard Flame Resistant Coating. Click on the link to find out more about each coating and its process.

Plastic Packaging

GWP Coatings are proud to be the market leaders in the fabrication of plastic packaging (i.e. re-usable packaging or Correx). Plastic packaging has a wide variety of uses, but is particularly popular for material handling and transportation as it is hard-wearing, protective and can be re-used many times. We can offer standard sizes or fully bespoke packaging, which could include your company branding, logos and foam inserts to protect the product. We also offer additional accessories such as dividers and layer pads. Our full packaging options include Plastic Packaging,Correx Packaging, Euro Containers, Bespoke Correx,Correx Dividers and Dunnage. Click on the link to view each area, or contact us on 01793 754 457 for more information.

Correx Packaging

GWP Coatings have a long established experience in creating re-usable packaging: including Correx boxes, Correx totes, Correx bins and fully bespoke Correx packaging options. We will be happy to custom-design and produce your ideal Correx packaging, to suit your individual company’s requirements. Our fully equipped CAD design facility is able to create basic designs through to highly complex shapes, and we can offer almost any form of re-usable packaging for your application. We always provide a full sampling service to ensure accuracy and suitability beforehand. 
By keeping a large stock of materials, we are able to reduce lead times and can fulfil small through to large orders, with no minimum order quantity. Choose your size, colour and thickness, as well as being able to fully customise the product with dividers, inserts and plastic windows, for example, to create a truly bespoke solution. The Correx itself is made from fluted Polypropylene, and is tough, versatile, durable, water resistant and extremely light weight.

GWP Coatings

At GWP Coatings, we are more than just coating experts and specialist plastic box manufacturers – we also offer a full, unrivaled range of complimentary services to assist our customers. We aim to offer the very best customer service and advice, and provide a fully flexible and tailor-made service with all our products. We design and manufacture all products in line with our strict quality standards, for your peace of mind. We provide a sampling service with all bespoke products, and our online ordering service and Just In Time stock and inventory management service means we can use the latest technology to provide a fully integrated solution. Find out more about our additional services by clicking on the link.

Coatings & Correx markets

Our bespoke, re-usable Correx packaging and specialist coatings cater for a wide range of services and requirements, for very different industries and uses. Each of our clients are treated as a valued partner, and we work closely with all our customers to create the ideal solution for their end use. Through our extensive experience in this area, we can advise and assist you with finding the best value and most useful product for your needs, and we are always developing new systems and technologies to offer a broader and more cost-effective solution that is considerate of the environment, and clients’ timescales and budgets. We offer specialist solutions, and work closely with the other GWP divisions in order to offer the most cutting edge products. At GWP Coatings, some of our main markets include Automotive Correx, Correx Food Packaging, Inplant Handling, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Correx POS and Retail. Discover how GWP Coatings can help you by contacting us today.



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