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Greenwoods Communications is the UK’s leading independent provider of network solutions to the communications industry. As part of the Greenwoods Group, Greenwoods Communications supplies a wide range of telecom infrastructure services to various network operators and OEM’s and serves the fixed line, wireless and data centre markets.

We are pleased to provide the industry with a complete range of modular services – a product range, in fact, of more than 20,000! While we largely provide products at services to the UK market, we are also widely recognised overseas and our services continue to reach customers across Europe, the US, the Middle East and the Far East.

We are proud to boast a 90,000 sq ft warehouse with an in-house specialist transport fleet and in-house metalwork facility. Our incredible facilities enable us to offer a flexible and versatile service for all telecom projects large or small as well as to meet various production runs. We also have partnerships with key volume suppliers to provide volume production as required.

Power Consumables

Here at Greenwoods Communications we offer a comprehensive range of power consumables. The range includes:

Plugs, sockets and Accessories: range includes back boxes, knock out boxes, industrial plugs and sockets, UK plugs and sockets, Anderson plugs and more.
Extension Leads and Socket Strips: range includes socket strips, surge protection, extension reels and more.
Circuit Breakers, Terminal Blocks and Accessories: includes B curve, C curve, D curve circuit breakers in a range of amps.
Earthing Accessories: earth bars, tees, anti static equipment and more.
Other categories in the range include Batteries, Power Cables, Fuse Panels and Fuses, Cable Lugs and Accessories, Heatshrink and Power Distribution Units. Please visit our website to view the range in full.

RF Equipment

We also offer an extensive range of RF equipment. Examples of the range include:

RF Connectors and Accessories: includes 7/16 DIN series, BNC, TNC and N-Type connectors to suit a range of feeder cables.
Jumper Cables: includes RFS, LS cables and Quadrant ranges.
Combiners: includes RFS, Kathrein, Powerwave and Jaybeam products.
Grounding and Waterproofing Kits: includes RFS, Andrew and LS Cables products.
Feeder Cables: includes Copper and Aluminium from ¼ inch to 1 and 5/8inch.
Duplexers and Triplexers: includes RFS, Andrew and LS Cables products.
Antennas: a range of products from Kathrein, Powerwave, Jaybeam and LS.
Hanger Clamps: includes Graphicshow, RFS, LS Cables and Quadrant ranges.

Cabinets & Accessories

Our range of cabinets and accessories features items in various sizes that fall in the following categories:

Telecom Racks and Accessories
Network Cabinets and Accessories
MEP (Multi Equipment Practise) Racks and Accessories
Server Racks and Accessories
Active Cabinets and Accessories
Wallboxes and Accessories
Please contact our friendly team at Greenwoods Communications for further information or please visit our online product catalogue to view the range in full.

Cable Management

Please also visit our website to view our cable management solutions. Categories in the range include:

Mini and Maxi Trunking: includes mini and maxi trunking in a range of sizes and bends perfect for data cabling.
Slotted Trunking: available in a range of sizes and bends.
Conduit and Accessories Basket Mesh Trays and Accessories: includes metallic and non-metallic conduit and accessories suitable for a wide range of industry applications.
Cable Clips and Tackers: includes basket mesh trays and lining basket.
Dado Trunking: available in a range of sizes and bends.
Fibre Ducting and Accessories: available in a range of sizes and bends.
Cable Trays and Accessories: ideal for cabling power or data cables.
Cable Ties and Accessories: includes metallic and non-metallic cable ties, zip ties, mille ties, hook and loop ties.


We offer a wide range of framework solutions. Whether you require raised flooring or channel strutting we are sure to provide the solutions you need. Our position in the industry enables us to provide products of the highest quality and reliability. Please view our ladder racking and unistrut channel strutting and accessories online. If you require any further information, please contact us at Greenwoods Communications and we will be happy assist you.

Fixtures & Fittings

We also supply various fixtures and fittings. Examples of the range include:

Nuts and Washers includes flat washers, mudguard washers, crinkle washers, toothed washers and spring washers, cage nuts, dome nuts, full nuts, wing nuts and nut covers.

Studding: includes studding and threaded rod in various sizes and finishes including stainless steel and BZP.

Expansion Plugs: includes expansion plugs in a range of cavity sizes.

Screws and Bolts: includes woodscrews, pan head screws, countersunk screws, set screws and more.

Rawlbolts and Anchors: includes shielded anchor rawlbolts and crop in wedge anchors in a range of wall cavity sizes and finishes

Please view the complete range on our website.

Active & Test Equipment

We are pleased to present a comprehensive range of active and test equipment. Our range features equipment from leading manufacturers such as Martindale, Greenlee Communications, Senko, Noyes, Transition Networks and more. Examples of the range include Optical Power Meters, Optical Fibre Viewers, Fibre Identifiers, Fibre Test Kits, Cable Fault Locators, Multimeters, Insulation Testers, Switches, Media Converters, Anti-static Testers, Voltage Indicators, PAT Testers, Optical Light Sources and many more. Please visit our website to view the range in full or, alternatively, please contact us at Greenwoods Communications for further information and advice.

Product e-catalogue

Our online catalogue has been created to provide users with easy access to our product range. We stock more than 20,000 products and add new products regularly. To view the online catalogue, please take a few moments to register. You will then be able to log in with your email address and password whenever you wish to. The product e-catalogue registration enables users to build up lists of products that can then be sent to us for quotation purposes. Users can also access past product lists to use them again, saving time building new lists. Once we receive products lists we process orders as quickly as possible.



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