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Grape Solutions is a young and fast-growing firm, founded in 2002 and based in Longfield, Kent, specialising in sourcing and supplying a comprehensive packaging solution to small and large commercial and private customers around the United Kingdom.

We aim to offer you the highest quality customer service and expertise in packaging products, ranging from adhesive tapes to pallet protection, with everything else in between. And we work to offer you the best products and customer service at a competitive price. Our fast growth comes from our success in realising these goals.

Our Managing Director, Justin Harris, came with long years of experience as a Purchasing Manager for a leading food manufacturer. Justin's direct experience in buying packaging products and related materials has given him a wealth of knowledge and contacts with which to build our business. His extensive network of suppliers is how we got our name; Grape comes from the extensive "grapevine" of contacts that have been indispensable to us in building a prosperous and customer-focused company.


Grape is pleased to offer a wide range of carrier bags, in paper or plastic, and in a variety of colours and styles. We also supply these carrier bags in a range of thicknesses and sizes – the better to meet your specific carrying needs. We also offer plain and printed polythene bags, bottom-welded and gusseted, for safely transporting sensitive or delicate materials that need to avoid abrasions or other damage. Our polythene bags come in a wide range of sizes.

Buckets & Tubs

We offer three product lines in our Buckets and Tubs range.

Our plastic buckets and tubs can be nested together when not in use, and easily de-nested when necessary; plastic will not dent or rust, as tinplate or glass holders do; flexible lids offer security for the bucket contents but can be easily removed. We offer buckets ranging in sizes from 250ml to 25 litres.

Our open-top polypropylene pails with plastic or metal handles can, if necessary, be fitted with tamper-evident lids.

And finally, we also offer tinplate pails for consistent quality, in sizes ranging from 1 litre to 25 litres, with printed or plain options. Tinplate pails are suitable for holding and carrying paint, ink, adhesive, resins, paste, and powders.

Corrugated Boxes & Cartons

Grape offers a full range of wholesale and bespoke corrugated boxes and cartons, in a variety of styles, sizes and designs, plain or with printed surfaces. Our General Purpose 0201-style card stock allows for durable single-wall boxes for packing and shipping. We also offer Strong 0201-style double-wall card for our corrugated boxes, offering you extra-strength for carrying heavy loads. And we offer Euro and Imperial size pallet boxes, in Standard 0200 and Cap, Tray and Sleeve styles.

Corrugated Plastic

We supply corrugated plastic correx sheets, in thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm, and in a wide variety of colours, suitable for graphic and point-of-sale signage and promotional or marketing displays. The twin-walled plastic board offers screen printers a sharper and more exact reproduction for four-colour printing work. And the smooth surface of this plastic makes it the medium of choice when compared to other corrugated display products. Our cortex sheets are non-toxic, washable, and shatterproof.

Pallet Protection

Grape offers a range of pallet protection products to keep pallet loads secure and intact when being transported or stored.

Our angle boards and edge protectors keep the edges of pallets secure and help keep the pallet contents in place.

Corrugated layer pads, in single-wall or double-wall configurations, are perfect for interleaving of layers on a pallet and protecting one layer from another.

Tough plastic pallet shrouds of all sizes and lengths are available to protect pallet-loaded boxes from rain, passing damage, and other risks. And looser plastic pallet top covers, available in black or clear versions, offer similar protection from weather and dust.

Postal & Protective Packaging

Postal and protective packaging products constitute one of our most diverse product lines. Packaging and shipping solutions are only as good as protective packaging used.

Our acid-free tissue paper, with a thickness of 18gsm, comes in three sizes (375x500mm, 450x700mm, and 500x750mm), and can be used to wrap all manner of items.

Anti-rust paper is perfect for transporting ferrus metals. Corrugated rolls, available in 75m rolls of various widths, offer padded paper for wrapping fragile goods.

Bubble wrap and Flo-Pak materials are widespread all-purpose packaging solutions.

And we offer document envelopes, jiffy foam, DVD wraps, padded envelopes, and postal tubes, for all possible packaging needs.


Secure packaging must often be strapped-down, on pallets, in trucks, or in other situations. Grape offers a range of products to secure your goods for shipping.

Our corded or woven polyester strapping is a light and strong material – strong as steel – that comes in a range of grades and is capable of handling loads of up to 2,000kg.

We offer plastic strapping on cardboard or plastic reels for quick deployment, and spare strapping dispensers; we also offer plastic strapping reels compatible with strapping machines.

Our edge protectors, meanwhile, keep the edges of corrugated boxes and other containers straight and intact during shipping, while keeping the consignment firm.

And finally, we offer a range of buckles, seats, and strapping tools and tensionsers, to assist you in your strapping operations.

Stretch Wrap

We offer 7-32 micron stretch plastic rolls at lengths of 250mm or 300mm for wrapping multiple containers together, or securing objects with loose parts (such as furniture), as well as a variety of other applications. Our machine-mounted pallet wrap rolls, at a length of 500mm and with a 100% to 250% yield, is ideal for commercial solutions in which large amounts of heavy-duty wrapping is needed on a constant basis. And we offer mini hand-wrap stretch plastic rolls, in 100mm and 150mm rolls, for wrapping smaller objects in secure and sturdy stretch wrap.



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