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Granta Pneumatics and Automation are specialists in factory automation products and solutions, possessing years of practical, hands-on experience in the field. When it comes to the supply of automation parts, we stock a wide range including electrical control gear, pneumatic cylinders, fluid control and pneumatic valves, pneumatic airline systems, pneumatic push-fit fittings, pneumatic logic and control, hoses and tubing, inverter drives and so much more; please browse our product range for more details.
Why use Granta? Whilst being distributors and stockists for most of the leading brands including Asco Joucomatic Numatics, Sirai, Crouzet and IMO, we have access to all major brands of components and can source most non-stock items overnight. We offer a same day service on many products. Our focus is on offering top quality at very competitive prices. Providing automation solutions designed to your specification, we possess comprehensive technical knowledge and are fanatical about customer service. It doesn’t stop there; we have help available from design to full integration, technical support and even training. We’re a service based company really prepared to put the time into helping you with your requirements, keeping you informed at every stage – design, supply, build and integration.
Our mission is to be indispensable to our customers by providing quality technical support and fanatical customer service to help them:
·         Improve the reliability, efficiency and cost of sourcing factory automation components
·         Optimise their production efficiency with tailored automation solutions
Please call us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help.

Automation Solutions

When it comes to the whole field of automation, the team at Granta are highly skilled. They can take your idea from design to build all the way through to integration into equipment and industrial production lines. We can help you with whatever you need, whether you’re a project engineer in need of a one-off control panel, an OEM requiring multiple control systems for the equipment you manufacture, or if you want to overhaul, modernise and automate old machinery. We have literally years of hands-on practical experience, and whilst we assist you in the end-to-end process from design to completion, we also offer ongoing support.

Production Line Monitoring

To be able to monitor the production line brings many benefits such as instant feedback when something fails or slows down, rapid fault diagnostics, constant monitoring of production progress, an increase in staff incentive and accurate efficiency figures. Granta has developed some straightforward and cost effective monitoring systems for production lines. These can monitor a number of things from all around the production line or factory environment and the results can be displayed in a customised graphical form on HMIs locally, or, in remote locations. What does this mean for you? You can record trends and accurately monitor virtually any feature of your production line/process.

Old Machinery Overhaul and Modernisation

You may be asking why you want to overhaul, modernise or automate one of your current machines? The answer to that question is that it’s cost effective - usually a lot cheaper than buying new, you could increase production speed and accuracy, cut your labour costs, have custom control panels and/or remote monitoring/diagnostics added, or a whole range of additional features added including increased safety which complies with modern standards. Need any more reason? At Granta we’ve a high level of experience when it comes to overhauling old machinery or even designing and integrating automation and control systems into current equipment.

One-off Projects

Granta Pneumatics and Automation can cover anything from a simple design all the way through to a complete automation system. If it’s just a small scale addition to your current equipment, no problem, if you take a look at our 3 stage process you can see exactly how we would work with you to get you what you need. Granta has a wealth of experience in dealing with one-off projects. If you just need a simple automation carrying out or a new control panel with upgraded features or a whole new production line with full automation, we’ll go through it all with you thoroughly.

OEM Machine Builders

If you’re looking for a large quantity of control panels or control systems to fit within or go alongside a manufacturer’s machine build then you’ve come to the right place. We can design, build and supply control panels/systems for OEM machine builders. This kind of work is usually for typically large quantities of control panels or systems. Take a look at our 3 stage process, where you can see exactly how we would work with you to deliver exactly what you need for your application. Give us a call today to enquire about OEM automation solutions, we’ll be happy to help you.

3 Stage Process

We have a 3 stage process for automation projects. Stage 1 - ‘planning’ - where we evaluate and agree how to take things forward; we analyse the requirements in detail, look at the concepts, complete drafts, plans and layouts including programming and circuit diagrams, and we also agree the schedule, dates and deadlines. Stage 2 - we start to ‘implement’; we assemble and manufacture, including sourcing parts and components, manufacture, programme and test and then prepare for stage 3 - ‘integration’ - this is where we link up with other equipment/systems, complete final testing and refinement, if necessary, and then train you on correct usage.

Electrical and Pneumatic Control Panels

Why use us for your control panel building? We have a fast turnaround, advanced technical support and assist with everything from design to integration and provide ongoing support packages, not to mention superb quality control panels built by professionals! In fact Granta are very highly skilled in designing, building and integrating control panels into factory equipment. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll look at what we can do for you. With plenty of experience in the field, we can help the project engineer needing a one-off piece of equipment through to a multiple order of control panels for an OEM.

Sirai Solenoid Valves

Being a UK main distributor, we have an extensive range of solenoid valves in stock, including gas and steam valves and general purpose. These are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Sirai solenoid valves are well known for being extremely reliable and outliving most other valves on the market. Known to be the best, they cover a range of applications including water, air, steam and other fluids/gases. They are also available in different materials, depending on your application and can also be made specially.

Please note - not everything is displayed on our website, so please ask if there’s something you need but can’t see.

Asco Solenoid Valves

Our range of Asco solenoid valves is extensive and covers everything from basic right through to explosion proof valves (ATEX). These valves can be used for many different types of application such as water, air, steam, hydrogen and helium and many other types of fluids and gases. As with Sirai valves, Asco valves can also be made specially to suit your needs. We can source Asco parts very quickly and we possess a wealth of technical information on these products.

Please note - not everything is displayed on our website, so please ask if there’s something you need but can’t see.

Spool Valves

At Granta Pneumatics and Automation we can say with a high amount of certainty that we’ve got valves covered. Spool - we offer a range of 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 spool valves including ISO and sub bases. Spool and sleeve - these valves have around 20 times the lifetime of standard rubber packed spool valves, available in a range of sizes. Manual – From foot pedal valves, lever operated valves, gate valves through to ball valves and 3/2 slide vales, we stock an extensive range. DIN rail mounted valves - specifically a Crouzet valve system for compact but economic for DIN rail mounting in control cabinets etc.


Only the highest quality range of the most commonly used pneumatic, electrical and fluid control products are stocked by Granta Pneumatics and Automation. You can see further information on any of our products on the website, but we also have extensive knowledge and experience of these items should you need to discuss things in more detail. Please note - we also stock many items not currently on our website, so please get in touch if you need assistance with another type of product. Being highly skilled in the designing, building and integrating of factory automation systems, we can handle many different requirements.

Electrical Control Gear

Whether you’re looking for IMO electrical control gear or Crouzet programmable controllers, you’ve come to the right place as we’re distributors. We have a large range of PLCs, relays, HMIs, drives, contactors and many other electrical panel products. The range of IMO electrical control gear includes Jaguar inverter drives – the world’s most reliable inverter drives.

The software in the Crouzet programmable logic controllers is fast and easy to understand and we can help you with setting it all up and programming etc.

If there are any items you can’t find on our site then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.

IMO Electrical Control Gear

Whether you’re looking for power supplies, 3 pole contactors, additional auxiliary contacts, motor overloads or anything from the rest of the diverse range of IMO electrical control gear we stock, you won’t be disappointed – At Granta Pneumatics and Automation we are technical partners for the industry leading range. We stock, supply and support all of it.

The range also includes Jaguar inverter drives, contactors and overloads, enclosed motor starters, switch fuses and isolators, iSmart programmable relays, HMIs, PLCs, miniature circuit breakers, DIN rail terminals, timer relays, enclosures and motor circuit breakers etc. When we say the whole range, we mean the entire range!

Crouzet Programmable Controllers

Not sure which Crouzet product you require for your application? Give us a call and we can help you with the details. We stock a range of Crouzet products including Crouzet Millenium 3 standard controllers – available as kits or just the controllers. We also stock Crouzet Millenium 3 extendable controllers, sandwich extensions, termination extensions and communication modules. We also stock a number of Crouzet accessories including programming accessories and power supplies.

The logic controllers are perfect for performing simple, economical, fast automation or sequence control. We can also help you with programming and set up and you’ll find the software is very user friendly and also fast!

Pneumatic Cylinders

There are 3 main types of cylinder – standard ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders, compact ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders and round double acting pneumatic cylinders. Pneumatic cylinders, which can be single or double acting, are also known as air cylinders.

We are able to offer a same day service for pneumatic cylinders – for manufacture and delivery in the same day or the day after (please contact us for details as extra charges may apply).

The most common pneumatic cylinders include ISO 15552, VDMA, AFNOR and CETOP, all of these are available in a range of bore sizes and also custom stroke lengths.

Standard ISO 15552 Pneumatic Cylinders

The standard ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders are available from 32-100 bore on the website, but we can also provide cylinders of even larger bore sizes if necessary, just get in touch for more information. These cylinders are compatible with VDMA. Custom stroke lengths are available for all cylinders – again please contact us for more information such as pricing and availability. Most cylinders can be manufactured for a same day delivery, or next day delivery (please contact us for details as extra charges may apply). Whilst ASCO Joucomatic Numatics pneumatic cylinders are shown on the website, many other brands are also available. You can also build your own cylinder.

Compact ISO 15552 Pneumatic Cylinders

Compatible with VDMA, the compact ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder range is designed for where you have less space for your cylinder and is available from 32-100 bore, with larger bore sizes being available if necessary - please get in touch for more information. Custom stroke lengths are available for all cylinders - please contact us for more information such as pricing and availability. Most cylinders can be manufactured for a same day delivery, or next day delivery (please contact us for details as extra charges may apply). Whilst ASCO Joucomatic Numatics pneumatic cylinders are shown on the website, many other brands are also available. You can also build your own cylinder.

Round Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

Available as either elastic cushioning pneumatic cylinders or adjustable pneumatic cushioning cylinders, these types are swaged round barrelled cylinders with front and rear mounting threads and rear mounting eye. Bore sizes range from 8-63mm bore. As with all of our cylinders, custom stroke lengths are also available - please contact us for more information such as pricing and availability. Most cylinders can be manufactured for a same day delivery, or next day delivery (please contact us for details as extra charges may apply). Whilst ASCO Joucomatic Numatics pneumatic cylinders are shown on the website, many other brands are also available.


With a heavy focus on quality, our range of fittings is as good as, if not better, than the quality of the leading brands but coming with more affordable prices. We stock an extensive range of water, gas, steam and pneumatic fittings and available materials include plastic, brass and/or nickel plated brass which also includes push-fit, threaded, hosetail, couplings, twin ferrule and compression etc. Our website shows the most commonly used fittings yet there are many others, so please get in touch if you need something else.

We are distributors of the airsure range of fluid control and pneumatic fittings; their slogan being “affordable superior quality”.

Compression Fittings

Brass and stainless steel are the two most common ranges of fitting displayed on the website. Brass compression fittings are available in the following sizes: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16mm and are available in a wide range of types such as standard olive, stepped olive, tubing nut, adaptor compression, straight connector compression, elbow compression etc. Stainless steel twin ferrule fittings are available in the following sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 22mm and are also available in a wide range of types such as straight connector, tee, elbow, adaptor compression, elbow compression, compression cross, tube cap, fitting cap etc.

Air Preparation Equipment

From FRL (filters, regulators and lubricators) to gauges and breathing air apparatus, we supply a great range of air preparation equipment. Whether you’re looking for filter regulator and lubricator assemblies, by-pass modules, two-part assembly kits or top mounting brackets in our FRL section, centre back entry gauges or panel mount gauges in our gauges section or acetate visors and hose kits in our breathing air apparatus section you won’t be disappointed. The Asco Joucomatic Numatics make a very comprehensive range of compressed air filters and a whole additional range of other filters, waist belts and masks. We also supply other makes such as Norgren.


Our range of accessories is vast; pneumatic and fluid control accessories such as silencers, blow guns, flow regulators, timers, pressure switches, PTFE tape, airline and compressor oil, threadseal, non-return valves and quick exhaust valves etc. Check out our website for the complete catalogue, where you can also access the technical support pages for more detailed information on all of these products.

Please get in touch with us if the part you are looking for is not listed as we’ll still be able to help you, we usually display the most commonly used items in each field, but we can get hold of nearly anything very quickly.


We have a huge selection of valves for all different applications available. Solenoid valves, spool valves, DIN rail mounted valves, manual valves and spool and sleeve valves are all available in a range if different sizes, depending on what you require. The basic range is shown on the website, but many others are available. We are also main UK distributors for Joucomatic, ASCO, Crouzet, Numatics, Sirai – consequently all valves shown on the website are made by these manufacturers. Other manufacturers’ valves are available, just contact us for more information and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need.

Solenoid Valves

We supply an extensive range of solenoid valves from leading manufacturers. This includes normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) and universal in 2/2 and 3/2 in a range of sizes – 1/8, ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, and 2 BSPP. Whilst many other valves are available, the ones mainly shown on the website are of the Asco Joucomatic Numatics and Sirai range. We have technical support pages which will give you more detailed information on these.

Granta Pneumatics and Automation are distributors for the Asco and Sirai range of solenoid valves, Asco being regarded as one of the most reliable, including a range of ATEX valves.

Manual Valves

Granta Pneumatics and Automation provide a large range of different manual valves. Whilst many other manual valves are available, all valves shown on our website are from the Asco Joucomatic Numatics and Crouzet range. We can cover may different requirements from our customers, whether it be foot pedal valves, lever operated valves, limit switch valves, panel mount valves, ball valves, gate valves, quick exhaust valves or 3/2 slide valves etc.

Just give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help you. The technical support pages on our website will also provide further information on these products.

Hoses and Tubing

On our website you will find a wide range of the most commonly used hosing and tubing, however many other types are also available; so if there is anything you’re looking for that is not displayed on our site please ask. Amongst the range of polyurethane, nylon, PVC (reinforced or unreinforced), stainless steel and copper, we also include a range of high quality retractable hose reels, basic jubilee and o-clips. So whether you’re looking for a highly flexible air-cord coil, heavy duty air hose or clear reinforced PVC food grade hose coils, you’ll find it at Granta Pneumatics and Automation.

Pneumatic Logic and Control

A complete range of Crouzet pneumatic parts are available, however if you can’t find what you’re looking for just give us a call as we can source it for you very quickly if it’s not in our personal stock. The range of pneumatic logic and control parts manufactured by Crouzet include counters, timers, impulse and frequency generators, pressure switches, logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, YES), sequencers, vacuum generators, memory elements, sub bases and two-hand starts etc. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be very happy to help out; we have comprehensive technical knowledge on all the products we supply.

Airline Systems

With the best system or combination of systems depending on your particular application, Granta offers a comprehensive range of airline systems. Whether you’re looking for the Maxair – Robust fusion weld PE 100 airline system, the John Guest push-fit system or a galvanised/malleable pipeline system, we can provide you with exactly what you need; just ask and we’ll discuss all of your requirements with you. The Maxair system is of an excellent quality and 100% leak proof, and whilst being quick to install it’s also competitively priced. If you’re looking for something that can be modified the John Guest system might be more appropriate.

Maxair Fusion Weld Airline System

Being simple and fast to install, low cost and coming with a 50 year warranty, these  are just some of the reasons to consider the Maxair system for your application. Additionally the system is suitable for underground use, it’s easy to alter or adapt, it’s lighweight and has clear bore through fittings. Made out of food grade materials, it’s strong, robust and safe AND suitable for breathing air. It possesses a low friction, smooth bore with good chemical resistance and with no corrosion or metallic contamination it comes in a wide range of pipe sizes (20mm-110mm). With its distinctive blue colour it has good thermal properties and is maintenance free.

Malleable-galvanised Airline System

This is possibly the most commonly used airline system used in the UK. Made from galvanised steel tubing, these airline systems are available in a range of sizes from ¼ -4” BSP. We provide an extensive range of screwed and socketed pipes, hex nipples, reducing nipples, elbows, equal tees, reducing branch tees, adaptors, reducing bushes, reducing sockets, plugs, nuts, unions and union adaptors, the list quite literally goes on, and if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it for you very quickly. Take a look at our product lists and give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Bambi Compressors

With features of Bambi compressors including being very low maintenance, having almost silent operation, being oil free, having built in dryers and possessing a good quality air output you can see why this range of small high quality specialised compressors are suitable for all sorts of indoor applications. These are commonly used in laboratory, medical, dental and other indoor applications. Bambi compressors are precision made systems offering high performance. For more information on the range or to discuss your requirements with someone offering comprehensive technical knowledge on these products, just give us a call and we’ll be very happy to help.

Boge Compressors, Receivers and Dryers

Designed for high usage industrial applications, Boge are of high repute when it comes to very high quality compressors, receivers and dryers. The compressors give a very long lifetime as they’re manufactured to very high standards. They require significantly low amounts of maintenance and are competitively priced. Should you want to make an enquiry about whether a Boge unit would be suitable for your requirements just get in touch with us and we’ll give you all the information you need; as always, our aim is to be indispensable to our clients in offering them quality technical support when they require.



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