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Graham Hart Ltd has designed and manufactured process plant and equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Process, Energy, Chemical and Petrochemical industries for over 35 years, meaning we are the first port of call for a variety of companies whose engineers have the ease of mind to leave the burden of thermal and mechanical design to us. We specialise in the Heat and Mass Transfer fields, and our high level of commitment given to customer service - as well as our excellent technical service and product quality - means that our customers keep coming back to us.

Chemical Engineers

Our experience within the industry enables us to provide customers with first class solutions. We are proud to boast a fantastic team of highly qualified engineers who are able to provide solutions to customers with all kinds of problems and requests. Our team uses state of the art computer facilities and 3D CAD systems in order to provide complete and accurate thermal and mechanical design, calculations and quotations from single items through to large scale packages. Our specialists are able to respond quickly to customers and provide all of the technical assistance that is needed.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

We have been designing and manufacturing heat transfer equipment for more than 30 years and are well-respected for manufacturing high quality, reliable equipment. We are widely associated by the production of our TEMA and TEMA type tubular heat exchangers and can supply individual units as well as to meet large scale contracts for new or expanding sites. Units range from 100mm shell diameter up to 50 tonnes with mechanical design to PD5500, ASME VIII Div 1, BS EN 13445 and Stoomwesen. Our wide range of items such as heat exchangers, reactors, evaporators, columns, condensers, vessels and receivers, enables customers to receive a complete service.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are becoming increasingly popular in the industry and provide a cost effective solution in most cases. We provide full thermal and mechanical design with vibration and noise calculations along with high quality fabrication of induced or forced draught heat exchangers. A choice of fan drives is available. Our Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are fully welded, flanged and feature Plug type headers for use in a wide operational pressure range of ASME, PED, and API specifications. Please contact the team at Graham Hart for further information.

Other Types of Heat Transfer Equipment

We have designed and manufactured various types of heat transfer equipment. Examples include:

  • Heat Exchange Coils: designed for use in heat recovery applications, as condensers, or for heating vessel contents.
  • Fan Cooled Fin Tube Heat Exchangers and Condensers: supplied with fans or as tube banks for outside installation.
  • Double Pipe Counter Current Heat Exchangers
  • Vegetable Oil Heater Units: supplied to the world-wide snack-food industry.

Please visit the Graham Hart website to view images of our products.

High Purity Applications

Here at Graham Hart (Process Technology) Ltd, we are also pleased to supply various industries such as pharmaceutical, nuclear, and other sanitary applications with high integrity and internally polished heat exchangers. This service may also employ mechanical or electro polishing, special tube plate configurations, high precision tube or tube-plate welding and special connections. Please contact the team at Graham Hart to find out more.

Mass Transfer

We also design and manufacture various types of equipment such as distillation, adsorption, separation and scrubber columns. We use state of the art computer technology for vacuum or positive pressure and wind loading. Our team follows strict quality control measures to ensure high accuracy during the manufacturing process. It is essential that packing and tray supports are in the correct position to guarantee the reliable performance of the column. Columns can be supplied either as basic vessels ready to be fitted out, or with access platforms, ladders, insulation, instrumentation, lighting and wiring.

Package Plants

We are proud of our capabilities at Graham Hart (Process Technology) Ltd and have created a number of custom-built packaged or skid units for various applications such as heating, heat recovery, gas purification and anti biofouling for sea water systems. Our highly experienced and skilled engineers work closely with clients to product first class solutions for effective results. Examples of units that have been tailored include heat transfer equipment, pressure and reactor vessels, pumps, compressors, instrumentation and control, and more. This equipment has served various applications in industries such as food, chemical, process and offshore.

Pressure/Reactor Vessels

We are able to manufacture small laboratory or pilot plant items through to full scale production reactors featuring up to 12,000 litres capacity. Examples include reactor vessels, pressure storage vessels, jacketed vessels, limpet coil vessels, and catalytic reactors. These can be manufactured in materials ranging from low temperature or carbon steel through to exotic nickel alloy types. We operate the following codes: ASME U, ASME VIII Div 1, PD5500, BS EN 13445, and Stoomwesen. Please contact our friendly team at Graham Hart (Process Technology) Ltd with all enquiries.

Technology Based Design and Manufacturing Facility

We offer a full service from process data to the completed product. Fully qualified design engineers are on hand to offer their expertise on your technical problems, and are supported by first-class computer facilities and 3D CAD systems. This means our team can provide comprehensive and accurate thermal and mechanical design, calculations and quotations, whether it is a single item or a complete plant package.

Different Fabrication Areas

With approximately 1250m sq floor space, our manufacturing department has a number of facilities including an area covered by craneage with an underhook height of over six meters, as well as separate areas for the fabrication of carbon and stainless steels. Facilities for drilling, machining and plate rolling are all available together with most welding techniques associated with pressure vessel production, including (but not limited to), Submerged Arc, MIG, MMA, TIG and Pulse MIG. Sophisticated automatic orbital welding equipment allows us to deal with Heat Exchanger Tube to tubeplate welding. In order to produce tube to tubeplate joints of a high integrity and consistency, this machine uses pre-set parameters and the TIG welding process.

Non-Destructive Testing

Graham Hart is also able to offer most methods of non-destructive testing to suit your requirements. Methods include: Ultrasonic, Radiography, Hydraulic, Dye Penetrant, Halogen Leak, Magnetic Particle and PIG testing.



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