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Gemini Dispersions is a leading producer of high quality pigment dispersions. As a mid-sized industry supplier, we bridge the gap between the vertically integrated giants of the pigment sector and the small local colour houses. Large enough to cope yet small enough to care, Gemini is able to offer a unique service based on an exceptional range of products and a customer-focussed attitude. 

We’re able to offer a vast selection of aqueous pigment dispersions, solvent based pigment dispersions, plasticisers and polyols in various raw materials – including certain organic pigments. The majority of Gemini products - sold under the brand name GemSperse - incorporate a unique blend of surfactants and resin systems, offering the perfect combination of multi-compatibility, quality and value for money. These come as result of our complete independence as colour specialists and our application expertise built on years of industry experience.
As well as a comprehensive range of GemSperse dispersions, Gemini also provides a number of tailor-made products and toll manufacturing services specifically for pigment manufacturers and large colour users.
To discover the range, please head over to our website. If you require any help or assistance in finding the right product for your application, please do not hesitate to call. Our specialist sales representatives can be reached on 01706 214 751. 

Product Range

GemSperse products are known throughout the industry for quality, innovation and economy. The range has been built upon the knowledge and experience of industry experts, the manufacturing capabilities that come as a result of continual investment in state-of-the-art production technologies, and the freedom the use raw materials from any appropriate source. You can find details on the full range of GemSperse products on the Gemini website.

Paints & Coatings

Gemini’s water-based and solvent-based pigment dispersions can be used to make a range of paints and coatings, including industrial paints, architectural paints and wood stains. Suitable GemSperse products include AD, AX, EP, EX, TX-A, UX and WX. For more information on recommended uses, take a look at our Applications Matrix on the Gemini website.


We offer a range of water-based and solvent-based pigment dispersions for use in the production of inks, including flexographic, screen and digital printing varieties. Suitable GemSperse products include AD, AX, EP, UX and WX. For more information on recommended uses, take a look at our Applications Matrix on the Gemini website.


Gemini’s polyols and plasticisers are commonly used in the production of polymers such as polyurethane foams, flexible PVC, latex, plasticisers and Epoxi Resin Systems. Some of our water-based and solvent-based pigment dispersions, including AD, AX, EP, EX and UX, are also recommended for use with latex and Epoxi Resin Systems. For more information on recommended uses, please take a look at our Applications Matrix on the Gemini website.

Additional Industries

GemSperse products are used across a range of industries for all manner of applications, from agrochemicals, artist materials, soaps and detergents to textile production and printing, seed coating, paper coating and building and construction. For more ways in which our pigment dispersions, polyols and plasticisers can be used, please visit Gemini online or get in touch on 01706 214 751.

Toll Services

Toll manufacture has always been a key aspect of our operations, and we’re pleased to have served all manner of pigment manufacturers, merchants and large colour users across Europe and throughout the world. Gemini employs an expert team of production staff with a wealth of experience in the pigment and coloration industries, who carry out all manufacturing projects in the strictest of confidence. Meanwhile, our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and the environment.

Technical Support

Gemini takes great pride in the exceptionally high standard of technical support that it provides – the kind based on years of industry experience and application understanding. Technical assistance is provided from UK based laboratories and a network of technical specialists throughout the world. A qualified technical sales team provides field support, and our distributor network serves customers in their local areas. Our supporting services include colour matching, research and development, product stewardship and general technical advice.


When formulating aqueous pigment dispersions, we consider all environmental and multicompatibility issues. Our formula consists of the pigment, generally at the highest possible loading; a surfactant, based on nonyl phenol ethoylates; a humectant, made with propylene glycol; biocide and water. We also occasionally include other products such as thickeners and anti-foam agents.

Gemsperse - AD Pigment Dispersions

Based on a broadly compatible acrylic resin, the GemSperse AD range of products are designed mainly for use in water-based inks and latex systems and are specially suited to systems with a high pH.  Our AD range boasts a number of benefits, being surfactant free and a high degree of compatibility.  With GemSperse you can be sure of achieving a strong, glossy finish that is resistant to rubbing.  Visit our website to learn more about the range.

Gemsperse - AX Pigment Dispersions

Based on an acrylic resin system, the GemSperse AX Pigment Dispersion range is ideal for use in water-based flexographic inks, latex systems and water-based paints.  We took the GemSperse AD range even further with the AX range, which is extremely compatible, with excellent rheology, as well as enhanced gloss and transparency.  Additionally, GemSperse AX products offer an increased tolerance to alcohol.  Visit our website for more details.

Gemsperse - BX Pigment Dispersions

If you are looking for an economical and versatile pigment dispersion system for general purpose coatings, the GemSperse BX range is the answer.  Designed mainly for use in lower cost coatings and water-based ink systems, the GemSphere BX range has a wide variety of other uses, due to a high compatibility range.  Have a look at our website to see more about this versatile, cost-effective product.

Gemsperse - EP Pigment Dispersions

EU environmental legislation will shortly come into effect regarding the use of NPE-based surfactants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  That is why we have designed the GemSperse EP range of products, which are NPE-free and VOC-free.  The range has applications across a broad spectrum of industries, providing a good selection of water-based pigment dispersions.  The EP range comes in a wide selection of colours and has already been tested and approved in various industries.  You can learn more about this cost-effective range on our website.



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