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Jeff Sacree founded Gecko in 1993 when he started making surf boards for surfers and retail shops in the Devon and Cornwall area. To help prevent him from getting “ice cream headaches” Jeff developed his first lightweight, heat retaining helmet in 1994. In 1995, Jeff contacted the Royal National Lifeboat Institute who was searching for a lighter helmet to replace the unsafe and heavy motorcycle helmets that were being worn by their crew. Over the space of the next three years several models were trialled and tested until the Gecko Marine Safety Helmet MK5 was born and created the first Marine Safety Standard in Europe. The MK5 helmet was lightweight, offered excellent protection and was suitable for use with existing equipment and didn’t increase in weight in salt water.

This breakthrough allowed Gecko to expand and since then it has developed subsequent models, always looking for ways to improve safety and comfort whilst remaining lightweight. Our latest model the Gecko Marine Safety Helmet MK11 is our first to be made using injection moulding and is our safest model yet as well as being able to offer an increase in the range of sizes on offer.



Gecko Helmets have been sold in nearly every country worldwide and we have distributors in over 20 countries. We are continually researching and looking for new helmet designs to be used in an array of applications.

Open Face Helmets

Our MK11 Gecko Marine Safety Helmet (GMSH) is light weight, comfortable to wear and offers excellent protection. We have produced this latest model based on feedback gained from our previous models and current users. Our range of Open Face Helmets come in a choice of eight colours including matt black and are widely used by international emergency and maritime security services as well as the  military. They are also extremely popular with private users who want added safety and comfort whilst at sea. Safety is a top priority for us and our helmets pass both British Standards Institute PAS 028 (Marine Safety Helmet) and EN 12492 (Mountaineers Helmet).

Full Face Helmets

Our full face version of the popular Gecko Marine Safety Helmet (GMSH) is regularly commissioned by sports users across a range of disciplines. This helmet offers the maximum level of protection against all kinds of extreme weather conditions and is ideal for small, fast crafts. The helmet is available in six plain colours and seven patterned designs. The helmet is extremely comfortable to wear and as with the Open Face version it comes with a 15mm thick foam comfort pad to cushion the head, which can also be removed if you prefer. There is also a removable ear blanking unit that offers protection against natural elements and external noise.

Cutaway Marine Safety Helmet

The Gecko Headgear Cut Away Helmet has all the same benefits as the MK11 Gecko Marine Safety Helmet but has added features that include the attachment of ear defenders/communications, which are ideal for users who are wearing it in loud marine environments.  It also offers the option of either half visor or goggles and has a 3 point strap assembly that ensures a better fit and reduces the risk of rotation. The helmet is available in eight plain colours.

Surf Lid

The Surf Lid has been designed with the extreme sports enthusiast in mind, such as surfers, wind surfers and kite surfers, who love to spend a lot of time in the water no matter what the weather conditions are like. The Surf Lid prevents wearers experiencing an “ice cream headache” by offering them warmth and comfort regardless of the water temperature. The helmet comes in a choice of five plain colours and seven patterned styles and features the Gecko logo on the front.

The Cap

Weighing just 200 grams in its pure carbon form, “The Cap” was designed by Gecko for added safety during sailing and is a fusion of our Marine Safety helmet range. It has been styled to be discreet as a baseball cap yet with the protection of a bump cap and it boasts our patented inflatable liner found on all our helmets. Our goal in the manufacture of the “Cap” was to afford the user maximum protection whilst keeping them aware of their surroundings. As the Cap is so streamlined it can easily be tucked up inside when not in use.


Gecko supply a range of visors that can be fitted to all of our Gecko Marine Safety Helmets, which offer added protection against adverse conditions. Our visors are available as Long Visors, Short Visors, Full Face Visors or Cutaway Visors and are specific to the helmet. The visors can be finished in a clear, smoked or tinted finish, with a clear visor offering 97% UV protection, with the smoked and dark offering 100% UV protection. The visors are manufactured from Lexan Polycarbonate and they adhere to the BS4110 Eye Protectors for vehicle users highest impact requirement.

Helmet Comms

The Gecko PTT Marine Comms System offers both head protection and the ability to stay in contact via VHF radio with team member and colleague on land, sea or air. The system fits to the Gecko Marine Safety Helmet with a push-fix attachment. The Comms System is water resistant and features a noise cancelling microphone making it ideal for use in very loud areas. As the earphone is specially tailored to speech bandwidths, it provides a clearer transmission and needs less volume. The unit is lightweight and can be adapted to a range of radio options there is also the choice to have it fitted with with or without the Press To Transmit (PTT) Switch and to the option to have a double speaker.


In addition to our range of helmets we also stock a wide selection of accessories to complement your helmet and provide added comfort and warmth during wear. You helmet can be customised using either our Retro Reflective Strip or with the name of your organisation. For a little bit of added cosiness on those very cold winter days we provide a selection of fleece items including a skull cap, neck warmer and balaclava and we also carry Oakley H2O goggles for when a visor isn’t a suitable option. We also stock our Sea Comm, which allows the user to wear communications headset system without a helmet, ideal for colleagues working on land. There is our useful Gecko Grip which will securely attach a torch or other bullet shaped objects to the side of your Gecko Open Face and Full Face helmets. To keep your helmet safe when not in use we have a strong, durable, heavy duty storage bag.

Communications at Sea with the Gecko Headset

The Gecko PTT Marine Communications System attaches to the Gecko Marine Safety Helmet to give reliable head protection and enables users to maintain communication on land, sea or air via VHF radio.  Lightweight and water resistant, the Gecko Communications system has a noise-cancelling microphone, making it ideal for use in very noisy environments.  The earphone is specially designed to speech bandwidth, providing clearer transmissions.  The headset is available with or without PTT (Press to Transmit) switch and is available for use with a wide range of radio options.  You will see on our website a list of compatible radios.  Other connections are available – just let us know your make of hand held radio and we will give you a quote.

David Clark Communications

We are pleased to offer communications solutions from David Clark for our open face and full face marine safety helmets.  We offer a choice of wireless and wired systems.  The 9900 wireless system offers full freedom of movement along with clear communications.  Typical applications include workboats and recreational power boating.  The 9800 wired system is renowned for quality communications and is suitable across a wide range of workboats.  The 9500 wired system is ideal for use on all sorts of workboats, including harbour patrol vessels, ‘go-fast’ boats, customs and border patrol vessels, as well as military craft.


Added protection from the elements can be achieved with our range of visors, designed to be attached to Gecko Marine Safety Helmets.  The visors are made from Lexan Polycarbonate, a substance which meets the highest impact requirement of BS4110 Eye Protectors.  Our visors are available in clear and dark versions, with the clear visor offering 97% UV protection and the smoked and dark visors providing 100% UV protection.  Have a look at our website for the full range of visors.

Gecko Grip

We designed the Gecko Grip to hold accessories of many different shapes and sizes, such as flashlights and bullet cameras.  The Grip features a very flexible gripping system and can hold bullet shaped objects between 10 and 30mm.  Fitting the Grip onto Gecko Open Face and Full Face Helmets, utilising a push to fit system, is easy.  This versatile device looks wherever the operator is looking, thanks to its adjustable vertical angle.  You can attach up to two grips at a time.  See the Gecko Grip on our website.



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