GEA Farm Technologies is a well-known and respected supplier of quality milk products and services to the farming industry across the world. With manufacturing and distribution centers based in ten locations across the world, GEA Farm Technologies has fantastic logistics. As one of the top two leading producers of milking, cooling, feeding and herd management equipment and dairy supplies, GEA Farm Technologies uses the latest technology to create products, equipment and various milking systems. Our facilities and capabilities enable us to provide solutions for dairy herds from 5 – 15,000 animals. We have manufacturing and distribution centers based in ten locations across the world for fantastic logistics.

MIone - Robotic Milking Parlour

Mlone is a fully integrated robotic milking parlour designed to free you from time-consuming milking activities. Cows are left to determine their own milking time in a comfortable environment that can be expanded with more stalls as your herd grows. After just a short period of time your animals will become familiar with the concept and will regularly go to the stalls in keeping with their own cycle. This allows you to spend more time managing the herd and completing tasks that must otherwise come a lot further down your to-do list. 

Location of cow teats is facilitated by a 3D-direct camera system which is extremely accurate and safe. Find out more about our multi-box robotic milking parlour system by visiting GEA Farm Technologies online.


The Houle Super Pump is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to homogenise and pump manure with a low chopped straw content. A robustly constructed drive line, impeller and oil-cooled gearbox give it an incredibly long service life, while a rotating agitation nozzle with an anti-swirl design ensures the highest levels of efficiency. 


The Super Pump is capable of distributing up to 666m³ of manure per hour. 


Find out more by visiting GEA Farm Technologies online. 


Building Blocks of Milking

At GEA Farm Technologies, we have been working with customers and specialists for more than 80 years in order to develop new technologies, pulsation and gentle, low vacuum milking solutions. We offer individual clusters from our modular system along with our positioning aids to help achieve an even weight distribution of udder quarters. Various pulsation options are available: pneumatic or electronic, with or without stimulating pulsator and automatic cluster removal. To complete the building blocks of milking, we offer top quality vacuum systems which have been expertly designed and created to provide a consistent and stable vacuum. Please head over to our website to read more.


GEA Farm Technologies offer two types of top quality cooling tanks:

  • TCool – The Milk Tank Series: tanks in this series are available in a range of sizes and customers can choose between the Standard Version Basic, Comfort Version Expert and Premium Version Expert XG+ packages. The TCool range also features intelligent cooling and cleaning functions.
  • PCool – Open Type Milk Cooling Tank: tanks in this range can accommodate milk quantities from 320 litres to 1950 litres. Tanks are made from stainless steel and can also be installed with a calf feeder system.

For more information regarding our cooling solutions, please visit our website, or call us directly at GEA Farm Technologies with your enquiries.

GEA Farm Services

At GEA Farm Technologies, we are pleased to boast a fantastic team of specialists who work closely with customers to analyse and test animal, equipment and farm hygiene in order to recommend and offer advice on suitable farm equipment. Alongside the supply of equipment, GEA Farm Technologies also carries out installation checks and supplies genuine spare parts for consistent, reliable milk production. If you would like to find out more about our farm services, please give us a call at GEA Farm Technologies.

GEA Farm Equipment

GEA Farm Technologies offers premium quality farm equipment from slurry management equipment to livestock housing equipment. Whatever your farming requirements, we are sure to be able to help.

  • Feeding: our automatic feeding systems have been expertly designed to achieve high levels of efficiency, productivity and success.
  • Livestock Housing Equipment: range includes cubicle divisions, cow mats, feed fences, drinkers and more.
  • Slurry Management: range includes transfer pumps and agitators, PTO pumps and agitators and spreaders.

Please visit our website to view the range in full, or contact us directly at GEA Farm Technologies with specific requirements.



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  • Houle Superior slurry handling systems.
  • Royal De Boer Livestock housing equipment including cubicles and cow mattresses.
  • WestfaliaSurge

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