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Garford Farm Machinery Ltd has been specialising in the development, manufacture and supply of weed control products and farming equipment since 1986. This family run business has been creating and developing innovative farming equipment since their first commission from the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Garford Farm Machinery operates under the logo ‘advanced technology for progressive farming’ and their recognised products are now used not only in the UK but also throughout the world’s agricultural market.

The Garford Farm Machinery product portfolio includes the Victor sugar beet harvesters, Robocrop InRow weeders and guided hoes, inter-row cultivators, Weedfoil weedwipers and hooded sprayers. Garford is also the UK distributor of the Matrot range of premier quality farming equipment including sprayers, sugar beet harvesters and vertical knife dividers. Garford Farm Machinery can also supply an extensive range of spare parts for both Garford and Matrot machinery as well as offering servicing, including inspections and reports, on Garford and Matrot equipment. For more details on our extensive range of products and services please visit the Garford Farm Machinery website.

Robocrop InRow Weeder

The Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder uses innovative Robocrop video image analysis to source individual plants and then mechanically eliminate weeds from both the inter row and the crop row between plants. The InRow Weeder has been specifically designed for crops such as cabbage, lettuce and celery but is also extensively used on any crops with regular plant and row spacing. This high performance equipment offers speeds of up to three plants per second per row and the disc profile and synchronisation maximises the cultivated area; the cultivated against uncultivated area can be better than 98%. Full specifications of the Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder are available at the Garford Farm Machinery website.

Inter-row Cultivators

Our Inter-Row Cultivators offer the benefit of being custom built to suit client specifications and an extensive range of shares are available including traditional duck foot A share, flat A shares and L blades. We also offer our specially developed Slash blade that provides excellent plant foliage clearance with no ‘slip by’. Our Inter-Row Cultivators offer one row to 12mtr hydraulic folding capabilities with the Garford pressure ram as standard on most models. Front or rear mounted hoes can be specified (guided by the driver or second operator) or our Robocrop precision high speed guidance system is an option. More details including our full range of crop protection shields and discs are available at the Garford Farm Machinery website.

Weedfoil Weedwiper

The Garfield Weedfoil weedwiper is the ideal solution for the transfer of systemic herbicide onto weeds growing above the crop. The Weedfoil weedwiper is a height dependent chemical applicator and the inverted aerofoil-shaped, saturated pad has been specifically designed to ensure a large contact area for the weed to wipe over. This large pad area ensures that a large amount of liquid can be transferred onto the weed and there are two adjustable height wheels providing precise pad height alteration. Garfield Farm Machinery also offers a Precision Weedfoil model specifically designed for younger vegetable crops; features of this model include remote pad height adjustment, CCTV monitoring and hooded sprayer units between individual beds.

Band and Hooded Sprayers

Our hooded sprayers offer total weed kill between rows  without the need for soil disturbance. Our hooded sprayers feature band widths of between 10cm and 60cm with two hood size options and special swivel action. The Garford hooded spray units can be utilised individually or in conjunction with soil engaging crop protection shields. Full spraying systems with tank capacities of up to 400 litres can be utilised with our hood sprayers as well as front mounted tanks for larger capacities. Our range of inter-row cultivators or hooded sprayers can be used in conjunction with band sprayer nozzles to allow row spraying. A downloadable band and hooded sprayers brochure is available at the Garford Farm Machinery website.

Victor Sugar Beet Harvesters

High output with superior economy are just two of the major benefits of our Garford Victor sugar beet harvesters. The Victor sugar beet harvesters are available in 3, 4 and 6 row models; used in conjunction with a 135hp tractor, a six row harvester will achieve the same work rates as a self-propelled six row harvester but with dramatically decreased running costs. Our harvesters are designed for use with 4wd 80hp to 150hp tractors and feature devices such as skew bar toppers to ensure decreased beet losses as well as spiroll cleaners for clod, trash and soil extraction with little root loss. Visit the Garford Farm Machinery website to view full specifications of our Victor sugar beet harvesters.

Vicon Unicorn Precision Drill for Beet

Garford Farm Machinery supply equipment known for their innovative techniques and when the Vicon Unicorn sugar beet drill was introduced it revolutionised beet drilling. Our company has a long history with this product dating back to the 1990s and the Vicon Unicorn is now the leading sugar beet seeder available on the UK market. This product features an electronic drive system, which when introduced enabled dramatic improvements over traditional beet drilling equipment including the capability to produce tramlines in sugar beet crops. The latest Vicon model offers isobus compatibility keeping it up to date with the advanced technology used in today’s agricultural market.

Robocrop Guided Hoes

Our crop imagining system is recognised as the best available on the market. The Robocrop grid matching technique allows for highly accurate row following even on narrow row cereals and multi-line rows. Our system can view large areas of multiple crop rows with image analysing of 30 frames per second and hoe direction can be adjusted via the hydraulic sideshift featuring anti-backlash action. Garford hoes can successfully cope with speeds of up to 12km per hour as well as having been specially adapted to extreme speeds. Other features include special pressure rams to ensure soil engaging components keep working, improved penetration in hard conditions and the ‘no slip by’ of weeds adjacent to the row can be achieved with Garford Slash blades.

Spare Parts and Service

Garford Farm Machinery understands the importance of keeping equipment running to peak performance in order to ensure that downtime does not occur. We offer an extensive spare parts service for both Garford and Matrot equipment as well as stocking parts for Unicorn sugar beet drills. Our skilled service engineers will also carry out services and repairs on Matrot and Garford equipment at our factory or at customer premises. Our skilled service engineers can also undertake pre-season and post-season equipment examinations, which includes full equipment inspections and detailed reports of repairs or any spare parts that may be required.



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