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Gammadot Rheology Testing and Consultancy specialises in the supply of first class rheology and materials characterisation services and support to clients in a range of industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, construction and defence.

Our fantastic range of services has been developed upon the skills and knowledge developed during two decades of providing rheology and materials characterisation support to the plastics and rubber industries.

Gammadot Rheology was established in 2006 and provides a range of testing and consultancy services tailored to suit specific customer requirements. Whether you require the application of rheology for quality control, failure analysis and process optimisation issues, or to provide accurate materials data for flow simulation software packages such as Moldflow, Sigmasoft 3D and Moldex 3D, we have the facilities and capabilities to meet your needs.

Please give us a call with your requirements to find out more.

Capillary Rheometry

Capillary rheometers are highly instrumented ram extruders featuring highly accurate ram speed and temperature control, pressure drop measurement and capillary die geometries. At Gammadot, we use Celsum Technologies’ ACR 2100 Series Precision Capillary Rheometer to carry out viscometry measurements across shear/ extensional rate ranges relative to polymer processing. This fully computerised instrument is capable of measuring viscosity data at shear rates in excess of 250,000 1/s. The ACR 2100 enables us to provide the required viscosity data for applications such as injection moulding/ extrusion flow simulation and discriminating processing problems such as melt fracture, die swell, slippage flow, shark skinning and more.

Rotational Rheometry

We also provide top quality rotational rheometry services. We use a Reologica StressTech HR reseach spec. high resolution controlled stress rotational rheometer and a Reologica Viscotech controlled stress rotational rheometer to carry out a range of rheological tests from constant rate viscometry to oscillation strain control as functions of deformation rate, time or temperature. Our rheometers feature a wide selection of modular cone and plate, plate-plate and coaxial cylinder measurement systems which enables us to characterise materials ranging from highly filled, high molecular weight polymers to low viscosity solutions, oils and pastes, and weakly structured materials.

Cure Rheometry

Our highly skilled and experienced team provides first class: Isothermal Vulcanisation Studies as a Function of Time, Pre and Post-Cure Strain/ Frequency Sweep Measurements, Variable Temperature Analysis and Compound Quality Control/ Formulation Trials.

 Our refurbished Monsanto R100 Oscillating Disc Rheometer is used to carry out routine rubber cure rheometry measurements for contract testing. The temperature control systems of the machine now features digital temperature controllers and data is collected via a bespoke Gammadot data logger software system for swift analysis and comparison of data sets.

Using the Alpha Technologies RPA2000 Rubber Process Analyser, we are also able to provide in-depth compound investigations. 

Brookfield Viscometry

Various Brookfield Viscometers are available for simple, shear viscosity testing or measurements to historical standards necessary within the paint/ ink industries, adhesive and medical sectors. Our Brookfield Viscometry Suite features: LV/ RV 5xHBT viscometer ranges, Full range of RV/ LV spindles, Small Sample Adaptor including Hot Melt Adhesive Coaxial Cylinder, UL Adaptor for Accurate Low Viscosity Measurements and Electrically Heated Thermosel System.

Melt Flow Rate

Melt Flow Index (MFI) or Melt Flow Rate (MFR) is one of the oldest and most commonly used rheological quality control tools. The instruments are available in a range of shapes and configurations to suit different application requirements although all models are basic forms of the capillary rheometer. Here at Gammadot, we use a Ray-Ran Melt Flow Rate instrument for providing measurements in accordance with the ASTM standard D1238-04 Procedure A for MFR and ASTM Standard D1238-04 Procedure B for determination of MVR. Please get in touch to find out more.

PvT Characterisation

PvT data is used to describe the way in which the specific volume of a material varies with pressure and temperature. We measure PvT behaviour using a high pressure dilatometer system developed by Rapra Technology Ltd. This technique features a stainless steel bellows test cell with mercury as the containing fluid. The volume changes, related to changes in temperature and pressure are monitored via a displacement transducer. The containing fluid enables samples to be characterised in solid and liquid form and measurements are made over a range of temperatures and pressures. PvT information is essential in flow simulation software for accurate prediction of shrinkage and warpage.

Materials Characterisation

Here at Gammadot, we have more than 20 years experience characterising standard and novel grades of materials for flow simulation trials. We offer a wide range of testing services that have been created to provide accurate materials data for various finite element flow simulation software packages such as Moldflow and Sigmasoft 3D. In 2009, we were pleased to be awarded the ‘approved laboratory’ status for the provision of materials characterisation data for Moldex3D. We typically measure: shear viscosity Vs shear rate, specific heat capacity, ejection and transition temperatures, thermal conductivity, PvT behaviour, room temperature and melt density and more.

Moulding Services

We use a top quality 10inch, square platen electric/ hydraulic moulding press for in-house moulding of test pieces for measurements such as PvT, thermal diffusivity and room temperature density. This equipment is also used for additional services such as small scale contract moulding and compression/ transfer mould commissioning trials. We also work with the Moore press which features a 50 tonne maximum pressure range and a temperature range of ambient to 400 degrees C. This enables us to mould commodity/ engineering thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomeric compounds. Please get in touch to find out more.



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