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G T Factors Ltd is a family run business with over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality cargo restraint equipment. We stock an extensive range of products, including lashing straps, lifting products and a variety of cargo securing components. We understand the importance of solutions which are not only effective and reliable but also safe and therefore we have invested in in-house testing equipment, ensuring our products meet our high standards. It's worth noting that we meet the relevant standards for straps and lifting slings, EN12195-2 and EN1492-1 2000 respectively. Furthermore, we also prize quality, and have met and maintained the ISO 9001 quality standard.  

When it comes to customer service, only the best will do. We value our customers and therefore we are always on hand to go that extra mile if we can, whether that be with advice, bespoke solutions, testing or rapid delivery. If you have any questions about our products, services or company, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team and they will help in any way they can. 



Cam Buckles - Visit our website

Our selection of cam buckles is suitable for use with various types of applications. The range features: Cam Buckle 25mm 250kgs, Plastic Cam Buckle 25mm 200 kgs, Cam Buckle 25mm 400 kgs, Cam Buckle 25mm 700 kgs, Cam Buckle 25mm 800 kgs, Cam Buckle 35mm 600 kgs and Cam Buckle 50mm kgs. Full product details are available to view on our website along with images. Please contact us at GTF to order. We hold large amounts of items in stock at any one time in order to meet orders quickly and efficiently.

Over Centre Buckles - Visit our website

Our selection of Over Centre Buckles come as separate items or alternatively we can sew them into straps.  They are available in the following sizes: 25mm, 35mm and 50mm.

Plastic Buckles - Visit our website

We are pleased to now be able to offer Ratchet Buckles that are fabricated from polycarbonate.  They are available in a range of colours and we hold stocks of blue and green ratchet buckles.  We are able to provide yellow and red buckles on request.

Ratchet Buckles - Visit our website

Here at G.T. Factors Ltd, we supply a wide selection of ratchet buckles ranging from 25mm mini ratchet buckles to 75mm heavy duty ratchet buckles. They are supplied in a range of colours and can be made from either stainless steel, be epoxy coated or supplied as standard. Our ratchet buckles are also used to form our range of various cargo straps. They are tough, durable and designed to be simple to use. We also provide our customers with a bespoke service whereby we can tailor-make bespoke straps to meet specific requirements. Please contact us for further information.

Stainless Steel Ratchets Buckles - Visit our website

We also provide a small but effective range of stainless steel ratchets. These ratchets are designed to be incredibly tough and feature different properties to suit different industry applications. Our stainless steel ratchets range from 25mm 700kgs to 50mm 4000kgs breaking strength. We also supply 316 stainless steel products for marine applications as well as 304 stainless steel ratchets. Alongside the range, we also supply a selection of stainless steel hooks.

Winches - Visit our website

Our range of winches, includes a variety of high quality, durable products. Customers can choose from both barrel and trailer winches, with options to suit different applications and weights. Models include, the BW20050 barrel winch, TW5050 trailer winch and TW65200 trailer winch.  It's worth noting that we also offer the RS-28 rachet spanner for use in conjunction with our winches. For more information on this range, including technical details, please feel free to visit the website. 

Rachet Straps - Visit our website

We offer an extensive range of rachet straps with a variety of sizes available, including 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm. From small, to heavy duty, one part endless or two-part with end fittings, we have options to suit every customer. It's also worth noting that we can provide a variety of different straps, including carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic. We understand the importance of products which are not only high quality but also tailored to the job at hand, therefore we also offer completely bespoke rachet straps, made with specific requirements in mind. 

25mm Ratchet Straps - 900kgs - Visit our website

Our 25mm mini ratchet straps are available in 3m, 5m and 7m lengths.  They can be supplied as either a one or two part system.  Our mini ratchet straps are made from polyester webbing and manufactured to EN12195-2 specifications.  Should you be after something unique, such as different coloured webbing or your company name and logo printed onto the straps, we can provide you with bespoke straps made to your exact requirements.

35mm Ratchet Straps - 2000kgs - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer several options in our range of 35mm ratchet straps.  You can choose from lengths of 3m, 5m and 7m.  Stock straps are made with blue webbing, but other colours are available, if you prefer.  Select either a one part system, with no end fittings, or a two part system with end fittings sewn on.  Alternatively, we can provide bespoke straps made to your specifications, so if you would like a different length, colour or want your company name and logo on the webbing, just let us know.  All ratchet straps in this range are made to European standard EN12195-2.

50mm Ratchet Straps - 2000kgs - Visit our website

Our range of light weight 50mm ratchet straps can be purchased in 3m, 5m and 7m lengths.   Straps are colour coded for ease of identification. They are manufactured from polyester webbing and conform to European standard EN12195-2.  You have the option of either a one part endless system or two part system with end fittings.  If you are after a different colour or length or would like your company name and logo printed onto the straps, we are happy to provide a bespoke service to your specifications.

50mm Ratchet Straps - 4000kgs - Visit our website

GTF 50mm 4000kg ratchet straps are typically used in applications such as the transport industry.  They are manufactured in the UK to the European standard EN12195-2 and are made of polyester webbing.  These ratchet straps are available as either a one part endless system or a two part system with your choice of a wide range of end fittings.  You can order the straps directly from stock.  However, if you would prefer something more individual, we offer a bespoke service and can provide you with any length required.  If you would like your company name and logo printed on the webbing, we would be happy to do this.

50mm Ratchet Straps - 5000Kgs - Visit our website

Our range of 50mm, 5-ton (5000kgs) ratchet straps are manufactured to the European Standard EN12195-2. The ratchet straps themselves are utilised within a variety of industries, including shipping, trains and haulage. Alongside, our standard straps, we can also offer completely bespoke solutions with a choice of different sizes and colours, as well as the option of a printed customer name or logo. For more information on this range, please don't hesitate to visit the website. 

50mm Ergonomic Ratchet Straps - 5000Kgs - Visit our website

The 50mm ergonomic ratchet strap offers a different experience when compared with the standard strap. The main difference is a longer handle allowing for a high-tension force when you pull the handle down. The straps themselves have a lashing capacity of 25000kgs and are manufactured to the European Standard EN12195-2. It's worth noting that both the fixed ends and adjustable ends are marked with key information, including length, capacity, manufacturer's name and the batch number. 

75mm Ratchet Straps - 10000kgs - Visit our website

Our 75mm 10,000kg heavy duty ratchet straps are widely used in the transport and shipping industries.  Made from polyester webbing, they are manufactured in our Eastbourne factory to comply with European standard EN12195-2.  We use high quality webbing to ensure the reliability and durability of our 10,000 ratchet straps.  Stock ratchet straps are available in lengths of 8m, 10m, 12m and 14m.  However, if you require a different length or would like your company name or logo printed on the webbing, let us know as we are happy to provide a bespoke service.

Endless Ratchet Straps - Visit our website

Endless straps are different to standard straps in their design, as they are one-part systems and don't have any end fittings or attachments. Our range of endless ratchet straps are manufactured with UV resistant, high tenacity yarn. Customers can choose from a variety of strap sizes, ranging from 25mm up to 75mm. We also offer completely bespoke solutions, with options available for any length or colour. To find out more about this range, don't hesitate to visit our website. 

Stainless Steel Ratchet Straps - Visit our website

We offer an extensive range of stainless steel rachet straps, with sizes including 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. Stainless steel is highly resistant to a variety of corrosives, therefore making it ideal for use in a number of industries, including fruit, dairy and paper, just to name a few. It's also worth noting that our straps are manufactured using high tenacity, UV stabilised black polyester. Alongside our standard products, customers are reminded that we also offer completely bespoke rachet straps, made with specific requirements in mind. 

Cam Buckle Straps - Visit our website

The main benefit to utilising cam buckle straps is they are hand tensioned and therefore goods are protected from damage. We manufacture a variety of different cam buckle straps with different sizes, colours and fittings available. Customers can choose from a range of sizes, including 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. It's worth noting that, alongside our standard cam buckle straps, we can also offer completely bespoke options, designed with specific customer requirements in mind. More information can be found on the website. 

Corner Protectors / Edge Protectors - Visit our website

Corner protectors are used in conjunction with straps and can protect cargo from banding damage, as well as protecting the straps themselves from sharp edges. As well as offering this protection, corner protectors also help to stabilise the cargo, preventing movement or damage during transit. We offer a variety of different protectors, with sizes to suit every requirement. For customers who are looking for an environmentally friendly solution, we stock cellulose/polythene corner protectors, manufactured using recycled paper and plastics. 

Cargo Restraint End Fittings - Visit our website

We offer an extensive range of cargo restraint end fittings, with options to suit every application. The range includes delta rings, anchor plates, press steel hooks, wire hooks, plastic coated hooks and round rings, just to name a few. Popular fittings are compatible with webbing of sizes including 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm but customers are reminded that we can also manufacture completely bespoke fittings, if required. If you'd like to find out more about any of our products, don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Lifting Slings - Visit our website

We also supply a wide range of lifting slings. These are made with re-inforced, becketted eyes as standard, with a PVC laminated lifting sling label for protection. Are webbing slings are made from high tenacity polyester yarn to EN1492-1:2000 and our round slings to EN1492-2: 2000 with a safety factor of 7:1. Each of our yarns is colour coded for the user to recognise the associated safe working load limit as show in our chart.

Mounty Applicator - Visit our website

Mounty applicators are multi-functional tools, offering a wealth of benefits. The Mounty applicator allows users to apply and remove edge protectors, as well as untwist and salvage straps. Not only does this reduce loading time by half, it also improves safety as workers can use it whilst standing on the floor, negating the need for platforms. The standard applicators have a length ranging from 1.2m to 2.4m but longer extendable poles are available, if required. Full technical information can be found on our website. 

One Way Lashings - Visit our website

One-way lashings offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional ratchet and straps. Considering that many load restraint equipment is never returned, a cheaper option can help to save a lot of money in the long-term. There are further cost savings to one-way lashings as they can be supplied in large continuous batches and cut to size, reducing any waste. To find out more about this range, don't hesitate to visit our website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via phone or email. 

Webbing - Visit our website

Our range of 25mm polyester webbing is designed for cargo straps and lifting slings. Items within the range are supplied in standard lengths of 100meters or can be cut to meet specific requirements. The cargo restraint webbings meet the requirements of the European and British standards of EN12195 and BS5759. The sling webbing meets EN1492-1. Our webbing is supplied in a range of colours including blue, black, green, orange, red, olive drab, yellow and white.

Marine Lashing - Visit our website

GT Factors Ltd supply a comprehensive range of equipment for marine lashing.  These include the 20,000kg and 12,000kg elephant hooks used on ships for fitting into elephant foot lashing pods.  Also in the range is a 28mm ratchet spanner; 65mm 20,000kg swivel hook and 65mm 20,000kg trailer winch.  You can see the full range and further details on our website.

Car Transporter Fittings - Visit our website

We provide a large selection of end fittings for car transporter straps. These can be either single or double pronged wire hooks that fit into the car transporter decking, drop forged swivel hooks to fit underneath the car, or plastic grip pads to grip onto the tyre. Alongside the range, we also provide a complete range of 35mm and 50mm ratchet buckles and webbing. We are also pleased to offer full sewing and testing services via our facilities at our Eastbourne factory to enable us to create and manufacture straps to suit your intended usage. Please contact us for further information or your requirements.

Snap Hooks - Visit our website

We have a wide range of Twisted and Flat Snap Hooks that suit 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm webbing.  They are available in pressed steel, wire and drop forging.

Wire Hooks - Visit our website

We house an incredible stock of approximately 250,000 hooks at any one time. This range is designed to meet the requirements of all types of industry applications. Examples of our range include hooks for side curtain vehicles, hooks to fit into the decking of car transporters, hooks to fit into box vehicle tracking, single pronged hooks, or hooks to fit onto the chassis or rave of lorries. It may be incredible to think that out of these 250,000 hooks you still may not find the hook you are after. In this case we also provide a bespoke service whereby we manufacture hooks to meet your specific requirements. We have manufactured many bespoke hooks for customers based around the world.

Pressed Steel Lashing - Visit our website

Our pressed steel one way lashing or one trip straps can be used as an alternative to cargo tie downs. These one way straps are less susceptible to thieves and eliminate the need for carrying multiple cargo straps. Our range includes one way buckles 35mm 1500kgs, one way buckles 35mm 1600kgs, and one way buckles 50mm 2000kgs. We also supply one way buckles from wire and drop forging. Please view our range of webbing suitable for use with our one way strapping.

Crane Pads - Visit our website

Here at GTF we supply a fantastic range of crane pads. These are manufactured from black, regenerated 1000 grade polyethylene and are light in weight for ease of use. Our crane pads are supplied with rope handles as standard and are tough and reliable for long term use. They have particular resistance to vertical pressure and provide high resistance to impact in order to protect the road or pavement area where they are placed. Our standard range of crane pads measure 40cm x 40cm. Please contact us at GTF for further information and prices.



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