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G.T. Bunning & Sons, of Norfolk, is an established manufacturer of rear discharge manure spreaders. We supply domestic and export farming communities with this essential agricultural product. And we offer this product with over a century of service to the farming industry – with our unchanging motto of "built it strong, keep it simple" guiding us for all these years.

We have sold our rear discharge manure spreaders to clients in the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Spain. Our products have operated in temperatures ranging from minus-40 degrees centigrade to plus-40 degrees and in diverse challenging conditions.

Lowlander Mk4

We offer the Lowlander Mark 4 range of manure spreaders, with a body width of 1,500mm and standard augurs, capable of holding between six and fifteen tonnes of manure and heaped to a range of maximum heights, from six metres to nearly sixteen metres. Please visit our website to see the full product line and for full technical details of each product.

HBD Spreaders

Our three models of Lowlander Mark 4 manure HBD spreaders are suitable for farmers and contractors who need two horizontal beaters with a canopy and two large-diameter spinning discs. These products, which have heavy-duty manure capacities of up to more than sixteen tons and can hold manure heights of over sixteen metres, are ideal for industrial-scale manure and agricultural work. Please visit our website to see the full product line and for full technical details of each product.

Lowlander 150 HD MK2

We supply the heavy-duty and vertical auger Lowlander 150 HD Mark 2 manure spreader. This product comes with a fully welded construction, capable of holding more than seventeen tonnes of manure, a gearbox protected with a shearbolt and augurs protected by a rubber cushioned drive, and a range of other features. Please visit our website for full technical details of this heavy-duty manure spreader.

Lowlander 150 Heavy Duty Mk2 HBD

The Lowlander 150 Heavy Duty Mark 2 HBD can carry more than seventeen tonnes and over seventeen cubic metres of manure. The hardened boron shredding blades assist in the shredding and spreading of the manure in farming fields. A high torque hydraulic motor also makes this work proceed quickly. And a range of other features combine to make this a heavy-duty medium-sized product ideal for farmers and contractors operating on a large scale. Please visit our website for full technical details of this heavy-duty manure spreader.

Lowlander Widebody

Our Widebody range of Lowlander manure spreaders are built for large-scale farming with high volume requirements for manure spreading work. The Widebody line has a body width of 1,830mm – that is a wide load – and can carry fourteen to a massive thirty-five tonnes of manure. Please visit our website to inspect the full range of Widebody spreaders – with all of the heavy-duty features that are standard across our manure spreaders line of products.

Lowlander Widebody HBD

We also supply the Lowlander Widebody with heavy-duty disc spreaders – these are ideal for industrial-scale farming and for operators who need to spread large quantities of a diverse range of materials with more accurate spread patterns. These have the same 1,830mm girth of the Widebody range and the heavy-duty carrying capacity. The extra features includes spinning parts designed for a more precise spreading system and toughened for a range of manure products. Please visit our website for full technical details on the HBD line of Widebody spreaders.



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