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G & P Cases have been providing cases to industries around the land from our Swindon factory for almost half a century. If you need a box, case or pallet made from plywood or softwood, we can meet your specific requirements through the expertise and professionalism that has made us accredited members of Timcom, the UK’s timber packaging and pallet confederation.

Plywood, timber and their moulding into cases of the highest quality are the heart of our trade. Through the use of CNC machinery, the basic components of your product are crafted into the box you’ve requested. Our experienced designers and foam engineers ensure that your cases and protective materials within them will safeguard their contents while in transit or at your premises.

Whether you want a single item or a batch of hundreds, G & P Cases offer onsite visits from our assessor to discuss the details of your brief. On completing your order, we can even deliver its individual parts, and assemble, package and safeguard the finished boxes. Our familiarity with ISPM 15 regulations on timber export means you can rest assured we’ll always do things the right way. With G & P Cases, the correct box for your business is just an email, phone call or website visit away!

Composite Cases

If you’re after a slightly less expensive method of packaging which still represents a sturdy containment option for bulky and weighty items, then you should consider our extensive range of composite cases. These are composed of a variety of materials (which usually include cardboard and wood), and are particularly appropriate in situations where the contents are in a more secure or weather-proof environment, such as the conveying of units for refrigeration. One popular choice in this range has a base made of plywood or timber, a corrugated sleeve and a lid (either corrugated or plywood). The perfect fusion of durability and lightness!

Plywood Battened Cases

Our highly versatile plywood battened cases come in all sorts of sizes, and can be used for products as diverse as aviation and motor parts and equipment for the medical, chemical and espionage industries. The cases are composed of sheet materials (such as plywood and OSB panels) connected by timber battens. As well as reinforcing the case, the battens help to link its panels into one unit. A two- or four-way base finishes off the case, which is then topped with a battened lid. All cases come with the option of foam lining and reinforced sleeves for enhanced protection of your contents.

Softwood Cases & Crates

Do you regularly send heavy consignments by sea or water? If so, a softwood case or crate is a particularly appropriate container for this method of transport. While a crate has open boards and a case is completely boarded on every side, they are both made with timber sections specifically chosen to complement the freight in question. A choice of fortifying materials are available to give your cases and crates protective lining and additional support.  Check out our website for a gallery showing softwood crates designed for the valve sector, a one-tonne-capacity hardboard-lined crate and many others!

On Site Packing

Sometimes it may be difficult, inconvenient or impractical for you to send your products to our units before they’re packed. Whether it’s because of product size or due to security and confidentiality issues, we’ll be delighted to come to you! G & P staff will put your cases together and place equipment where you want it under your own informed supervision. Recent clients who have taken full advantage of on-site packing include manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment, shippers of valves, and exporters to the gas fields of Turkmenistan. An excellent service which can make things a lot whole easier and hassle-free for you!

Bespoke Cases

As well as our regular selection of cases, we also offer a tailored service that will give you the exact case you want. We design and make bespoke wooden cases for every possible use. Among our most interesting recent commissions have been for the aviation sector, including one box big enough to transport a whole aeroplane and another reusable crate which conveyed landing equipment for Boeings. However, regardless of your type of business or industry, we have the know-how to produce the ideal wooden container to protect your precious cargo for the whole length of its journey.

Warehouse Containers

G & P’s wooden warehouse cases have long been a favourite choice for those working in storage and removals. In circumstances when metal containers may be too heavy, our wooden variety will be exactly the right weight. Frequently deployed for external storage by both private customers and industry, they are highly suitable for transport by articulated lorry and shipping. Our warehouse containers are made from Russian birch plywood, while their timber battens and four-point entry bases make it possible to stack them even when completely full. The integration of industry-standard clips into the boxes’ design makes multiple usage a viable option.

Pallets & Collars

When lifting items with any type of loading vehicle, pallets are invaluable as a supportive base. G & P produce small quantities of pallets as bespoke orders. Examples of these are our heavy-duty pallet for aircraft parts and landing tools, and a more scaled-down variety which we created for moving glass windows. If you need a collar to complement your pallet, we’ll be happy to provide that too! These collapsible frames with hinges are available in softwood as a standard item or in plywood by special request. They’re so simple to store – just put them down flat to keep space taken up to a minimum!

Reusable Cases

Most of G & P’s wooden boxes and cases have the potential to be reused over and over again. We deliberately avoid using screws or nails when possible. Instead, our incorporation of catches, clips and hinges into our designs allows the removal of panels without causing harm to the case’s fabric. Our portfolio of reusable cases includes clipped cases which carry robotics in the fight against terrorism, plywood cases whose protectors on handles and corners make them ideal for transporting sensitive equipment for the oil sector, and riveted pallet boxes with bases and lids that envelop the sleeve.

Plywood Riveted Cases

Plywood riveted cases have always enjoyed huge popularity among G & P customers. Their key advantage is their delivery to you in lay-flat form, which means they need less storage space than conventional pre-assembled cases. After plywood panels have been riveted to steel corner strips, a base and lid completes the case. Assembly is simple, and the finished items are sturdy for stacking and perfect for distribution by any method of transport (especially by air). Clients with product ranges as diverse as security paper, batteries and diesel engines all use our plywood riveted cases to ship their wares.



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