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Hertfordshire based, Fumair Ltd, specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of top quality laboratory fume cupboards and complimentary equipment including extract systems, LEVs, fume treatment systems, airflow monitors and energy-saving control systems.

Fumair was established more than 40 years ago and provides expert services to some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Our first class installations can be found in nearly all of the UK’s major universities, research establishments and teaching hospitals. While our extraction and control systems form a major part of our services we have also built great relationships with other leading manufacturers which enables us to provide complete package solutions from lab fit-outs through to large scale VOC treatment plants.

Please follow the link to our website to find out more about Fumair and our excellent services. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at Fumair and we will provide all the information and advice you may need.


Fume Cupboards

Our high quality fume cupboards are designed and manufactured in the UK using locally sourced materials where possible. Our products provide users with class leading performance and safety and feature unique GRP moulded components (B Range and M Range). Our range of fume cupboards includes:

  • B-Range: manufactured from top quality GRP for use in the most demanding of applications.
  • M-Range: general purpose, fume cupboards suitable for everyday laboratory use.
  • SD-Range: ducted fume cupboards designed for school and educational use. S
  • R-Range: re-circulating model designed for school and educational use.
  • R-Range: re-circulating filtered fume cupboard for mobile or fixed installations.

Airflow Monitors & Control Systems

Fumair manufactures a fantastic range of airflow monitors and control systems that have been expertly designed to improve performance, safety, reliability and energy efficiency of the equipment they serve.

  • Fumair FlowMaster: features a large, high-intensity LED dot-matrix alphanumeric display, 3-digit display of average face velocity with scrolling messages for clear, concise description of events and key presses, multiple programmable inputs and outputs, 2 programmable spare buttons and more.
  • Fumair FumeGuard: features a high intensity coloured LED scale representing airflow, audible and visual alarms for airflow failure, sash overheight and mains failure, self test key, keypad lock facility and more.

VAV (Variable Volume) Controls

Our top quality variable volume controls (VAV) have been expertly designed and created to reduce production costs by reducing the amount of air extracted by a fume cupboard. We supply and install VAV control systems with our new fume cupboard/ laboratory installations as well as to existing cupboards. Alongside the controls we also offer a range of ancillary equipment that is designed to maximise energy savings. Items include: auto sash closure devices and reminders, supply air and room pressure controls, VAV bleed braches and dampers and extract manifold systems. Please contact Fumair to find out more about our VAV products and installations.

Fume Extract Ductwork & Fans

Here at Fumair our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers design, supply and install top quality extract systems in accordance with BS:EN14175, HVCA DW/154, BB:88 and other industry relevant standards. We use a range of materials such as uPVC, fire retardant polypropylene, stainless steel or GRP laminate and use readily available circular duct where possible or fabricate duct in-house where necessary to suit irregular shapes and sizes. We also supply and install extract fans choosing from a range of centrifugal, bifurcated or in-line extract fans that best suit the installation.

LEVs, Ventilated Hoods & Arms

Fumair also offers a wide range of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) solutions including localised fume extraction arms and bench top fume hoods. Please contact Fumair to find out more.


  • Design: Fumair provides complete design services taking into consideration the positioning of fume cupboards and LEVs, materials of construction, method of operation and route of the extraction system.
  • Installation: our installation team installs equipment on sites based in the UK. We are proud to design and install equipment ourselves with the of sub-contract labour. This enables us to guarantee the high standards of our work.
  • Testing and Maintenance: services include commissioning new or modified installations, face and duct velocity testing, filter saturation and DOP testing, visual inspection and reports, rebalancing of extract systems, fan belt replacement, and more.
  • Dismantling and Disposal: we have the skills and experience needed to remove and dispose of redundant fume cupboards.

Energy Saving

Running costs of fume cupboards include the energy required to extract air from the fume cupboard, the energy required to replace and condition air extracted by the fume cupboard and the energy required to power the fume cupboard sockets, alarm panel and lighting. Various methods can be used to reduce energy including: Reduced Hours of Operation, Reduced Face Velocity, Reduced Sash Opening, Inverter Driven Extract Fan, Multi-Speed Control System, Sash Height/ Activity Alarm, VAV Control System, Automatic Sash Closure, and Extract Systems (Individual or Combined). Please visit our website or contact us at Fumair for further information regarding energy saving opportunities.

Fume Cupboard Decontamination and Disposal

Removing and disposing of redundant fume cupboards and extract systems is as critical as installing new fume equipment. The risk that your equipment has been contaminated means that special measures are necessary for removal. Asbestos is one risk in older installations – so Fumair has specialist contractors to remove asbestos-ridden fume cupboards in a sae way. Other factors include rebalancing fume cupboards left installed, the speed of extract fans, and other issues. Testing and reselling are also important considerations. Please see our website for details.

Fume Cupboard Testing and Maintenance

Fume cupboards need regular testing – it is a legal requirement. Performance, efficiency and safety all need to be tested with fume cupboards and other LEV equipment. Fumair offers extensive fume cupboard and LEV testing, as well as preventative maintenance and servicing, in keeping with COSHH, BSEN 14175, BS 7989 and BB:88 standards. Our own full-time testing engineers can be deployed for maintenance work across the UK. Our service includes laboratory and school fume cupboard testing and maintenance, commissioning new or modified cupboards, face and duct velocity testing, site containment testing, and many other forms of testing. Please see our website for details.

Fume Cupboard and Fume Extract Installation

Our installation services for fume cupboards and other fume extract equipment offers two advantages over our competitors. We use our own full-time engineering staff to install products across the UK; and we design, manufacture and install our own solutions and complete systems, from fume cupboards, to extract systems, and control systems. Other companies subcontract but design and manufacture work, and installation work, which makes for a diminished customer experience. Please see our website for details.

Fume Cupboard and Laboratory Design

Modern laboratories require a complex design process with specialised equipment – fume cupboards and LEVs are critical. The positioning, construction materials, operation methods, and the extract system routine, all need careful thought. Our knowledge, expertise and skill can help you achieve the exactly correct fume extraction solution for your laboratories. We comply with COSHH, BS:EN 14175 and other relevant standards while also offering consulting and advice on other issues such as energy efficiency, reliability, and maintenance. Please see our website for details.

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Fumair offers a number of chemical storage cabinets – ideal for standing beneath our laboratory fume cupboards or other benching equipment. We make our storage customers with a welded white polyester-coated steel construction. And we include a removable multi-position shelf. The cupboard has a lockable hinged door and a ventilation point for connection to our extraction systems. A range of optional extras include fire dampers, drop trays, door grills, and other features. We also offer fire-rated cabinets rated for 30, 60, or 90 minutes, built to comply with EN14470-1. Please see our website for details.



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