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Wiltshire based, Full Circuit Ltd, specialises in the design and supply of electronics and software to clients in a range of industries. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years, during which time we have provided top quality, reliable services to national and international clients.

We work closely with clients in order to achieve solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. All services are customised to suit the nature of the project and customer specifications.

Our services include bespoke electronics, bespoke software, consultancy, retail software and more. We have a fantastic success rate in achieving effective and accurate ‘first-time’ designs. Our Employee Costing page enables clients to calculate the costs of an employee compared to our fixed costs in order to see the costs benefits entailed.

Please read on and/or visit our website to find out more.

The Full Circuit Service

Here at Full Circuit Ltd, we provide customised electronics, software and consultancy solutions. Our services are carried out to incredibly high standards and we work closely with clients throughout the process to ensure the most effective solutions are achieved. The quality of our work is evident in our ‘first-time’ design success rate which we strive to achieve at all times. We are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable services that meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. Please give us a call at Full Circuit Ltd to with your requirements and/or to find out more.

Core Expertise

We provide an excellent range of services in order to achieve outstanding project solutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Analogue: such as LC filters, gyrators etc
  • Power Electronics: such as switch mode and linear power supplies
  • Digital:  such as embedded micros, VHDL IP and obsolete component substitutes
  • Simulation: Pspice
  • Railway Electronics: such as track circuits, ATO, ATP and interlockings
  • Railway Simulation: such as track circuits and traction interference on AC or DC traction.
  • Software: such as embedded assembler, C, C++ and web design.

Please visit our website to find out more.


Our contracts are usually offered at a fixed price which means clients are fully aware of costs from the outset. Each project is assessed and a quote given to reflect the scale of the job. We provide quotes free of charge and there is no minimum contract period.

Please give us a call at Full Circuit Ltd with your requirements and/or to find out more. All of our services are offered at competitive prices and delivered to incredibly high standards.

Project Highlights

Please visit our website to view some of our project highlights.

Examples include:

  • FS2600: a new track circuit designed to overcome compatibility problems and featuring analogue design, filters and innovation.
  • 9902: features VHDL, obsolete component replacement and miniaturisation.
  • LED Regulator: high power density, analogue design and innovation.
  • VLM optimisation: embedded software, real time, assembler, code optimisation and innovation.
  • GB222821: features fail safe isolated voltage detector and analogue design.

Each project is described in depth but please do contact us at Full Circuit Ltd with your enquiries or to find out more.

Client Comments

Please also visit our website to read some of our client testimonials.

Retail Software

The Full Circuit Ltd website highlights a range of software that is free for individuals but available to companies for a fee. A selection of commercial software demos is also available online. These can be unlocked upon registration to enable all features. We provide full support and free updates to registered users.

VHDL TestBench Tool

The VHDL TestBench Tool has been designed and created to provide users with low cost and flexible complex patterns. The programme has the ability to read source VHDL to get signal names, write a complete test bench file, write a test vector file and plot the test vectors. The programme reads from your source and generates a functional test bench file. All of the tests are in the vector file and can be changed and checked quickly and easily. The programme is flexible and users are not limited to DUT signals. Other variables can also be added. Please visit our website to read detailed information regarding the VHDL TestBench Tool

Pspice Tips

Full Circuit Ltd provides a range of online Pspice tips including:

  • Importing Pspice Schematics and Plots into MS Word
  • Copying Schematics
  • Known Lossy Transmission Line Problems
  • Plot Zoomn Causes Blue Screen Crash
  • Parts LED Modelling Bug
  • PSpiece (Spice) Helper Software

Each section features detailed information, however, if you would like further advice or assistance, please contact us at Full Circuit Ltd and we will be happy to help.


Please visit our online Mailroom and complete the form to contact us with your comments and enquiries. Once your message has been received, we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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