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FT Transformers Ltd is a UK leading manufacturing of power transformers, line reactors, chokes and power supplies. Based in Birmingham FT Transformers Ltd, formerly known as Forrest Transformers, was established in 1937. It is renowned for its innovative and reliable products and services.

Here at FT Transformers we largely provide services to industries including railways, automation, industrial, aviation and offshore. We are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured and are approved by Network Rail at both Class I and Class II. Our products are also tested and approved to relevant national and international standards by test authorities including BSI, DNV, Lloyds, Nemko, TIV, VDE and more.

At FT Transformers we are continually researching and developing our products and services in order to meet and surpass the demands of the industry. Our talented and dedicated team enables us to provide the industry with exceptional services.

Please follow the link to our website to find out more about FT Transformers and our capabilities. If you require further information about our services or would like specific technical advice, please call us at FT Transformers and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, please complete our online enquiries form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Ex-Stock Control Panel Transformers

Please visit our website to view our range of ex-stock control panel transformers. Our control transformers are expertly designed and manufactured to incredibly high standards in accordance with EN61558-2-2 (BS3535, VDE 0550/0551). Control transformers in the range feature:
  • Multi-tapped standard input voltages 220 / 230 / 240 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 440V, 50/60Hz.
  • Standard output voltages, See table below
  • Safety Class 1
  • IP00, Screw terminals to IP20 (Cable Cage)
  • Minimum 3KV flash tested
  • Dip impregnation
  • Ambient temperature 40°C max
  • Insulation Class B
  • Mounting brackets to DIN 41307,
  • Nylon Brushes Fitted for lower core-loss and higher efficiency

Please see full technical specifications on our website.

Custom Built Control Panel Transformers

We also supply a wide selection of custom built control panel transformers. Our highly skilled team designs and manufactures transformers to meet specific customer requirements or European standards including BS EN 61558-2-2 and BS EN 61558-2-6. Our Premier Range features isolating and safety isolating models that meet BS EN 61558-2-4 & BS EN 61558-2-6 as well as universal fixings that are terminal shielded to IP20. Our Silver Range features units built in accordance with BS EN 61558-2-4 and BS EN 61558-2-5 and feature universal mounting with fixing points clear of bobbin, terminal block connectors up to 1.5kVA and stud connection from 2kVA to 6kVA.

Fixed Power Point Transformers

Please contact FT Transformers with your fixed power point transformer requirements. We custom design and manufacture fixed power point transformers to meet specific customer requirements. Transformers can be suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and are available with various primary and secondary voltages. They may be supplied with MCB or fuse protection and standard BS EN 60309 sockets or other fittings to suit customer specifications. Please contact our friendly team at FT Transformers with your project requirements or for further information and advice.

PCB/Chasis Mounting/U Clamped Transformers

FT Transformers offers an excellent range of high quality PCB/chassis mounting/ U clamped transformers. The range features open type transformers wound on double or single section bobbins with flying lead, pin or solder tag termination. All units are manufactured from high quality materials in order to be tough and robust for reliable use.

Single Phase Transformers from 7.5kVA

Our single phase transformers are custom built by our experienced technical team to meet the most demanding operational, safety and reliability requirements. Using high quality materials our single phase transformers are designed to meet British, European and other international standards. Enclosures and fittings are also available to complement this range.

Three Phase Transformers

Our three phase transformers are also custom built using high quality materials in order to be tough, robust and reliable. They are manufactured to meet British, European and other international standards. Enclosures and fittings can also be supplied.

Line Reactors, DC Chokes & Inductors

FT Transformers has developed a fantastic range of line reactors, DC chokes and inductors. The range features various iron and air cored reactors that have been expertly designed and manufactured to suit specific ranges of drives. We also offer custom built input and output line reactors, interbridge reactors, DC link and swinging chokes.

Drive Application Components

Please contact us at FT Transformers to find out more about our drive application components. We have worked alongside many leading drive and control manufacturers to design and create specific ranges of wound components for use with drives. We offer a complete range of doublewound transformers with single or dual secondary (loosely or closely coupled) outputs where isolation from input circuits or high reactance is required. Where isolation is not required we also offer polygonal transformers which can still offer a level or reactance in the region of two to three per cent into the circuit.

Special Application Components

FT Transformers manufactures large filtering reactors used in wind turbines. We also supply a wide selection of dry type transformers to national and international standards that are used for industrial applications such as drive, rectifier and furnace applications. Class H insulation materials are used in parts where the transformers see elevated temperatures. These materials can withstand temperatures in excess of 300 degrees C. Transformers are also available for shipboard use, submersibles and military applications and can be designed to meet the requirements of BS3399, Lloyds, DNC and other marine specifications.

Transformers for Railway Signalling

Please visit our website to view images and technical details regarding our Single Phase Railway Signalling Transformers and Three Phase Railway Signalling Transformers. If you require further information, please call us at FT Transformers and we will be happy to help.

Motor Starting Transformers

Please also follow the link to our website to view images and technical details regarding our 3PH 3300v 50hZ motor starting transformers.

Oil and Synthetic Liquid Immersed Transformers

FT Transformers developed the Euro-Design range of oil filled transformers more than 40 years ago featuring lid mounted open bushings and corrugated tanks. Following major companies favouring the Angle-Design using bolted radiators and air filled cable boxes, these are also available up to 50MVA at 650kV BIL power distribution.

Specialised Wound Components & Specialised Enclosures

Alongside our range of dry type, cast resin and oil filled transformers we also design and manufacture bespoke specialised wound components including air and iron cored reactors, shunt reactors, current limiting reactors, damping reactors, tuning reactors, arc-suppression reactors, DC smoothing, inter-phase and inter-bridge reactors. We also offer transformers and reactors for motor starting applications. All items can be housed in protective enclosures from IP21 to IP65.

Cast Resin and Dry Type Transformers

We manufacture power distribution and converter transformers up to 25MVA rated 36kV. A large number of our cast resin production s are for the converter supply sector where 12, 18 and 24 pulse systems converter current sharing is important and good couplings between shared secondary windings are required. We cover the complete spectrum of winding configurations to meet low ripple DC network requirements.



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