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Based in Crawley, Sussex, Frontier Pitts is a leading and well respected provider of perimeter security equipment with over 90 years experience in the industry.  Over the years our range of services has expanded and now includes,  design, site surveys, manufacture, installation, civil and electrical services, maintenance, spares, repair or refurbishment and full project management.

We started a tremendously successful Research and Development program in 2004, which we have continued with and that has lead to the creation of the Frontier Pitts BSi PAS 68 Anti Terra range.

We are accredited by many national companies in addition to being on the Government Approved Suppliers List. For the last 20 years we have held the ISO 9001, having been are audited and qualified by BSi to this standard.

Our 95 team members, including 25 engineers ensure that are customer’s needs are met nationwide, and we continually invest on their ongoing training to make certain that they are providing the best level of service and technical knowledge possible to our customers. We also have offices throughout the world and are a market leader in European and African markets as well as being in partnership with G4S throughout the Middle East and worldwide.


Security Gates

We offer an extensive portfolio of security gates that offer our customers both safety and peace of mind.

Our sliding gates come in a range of models and are available as either automatic or manual gates, with securing apertures of up to 35m.

We can design and manufacture fully cantilevered sliding barricade beams, with secure apertures up to 8m. The barricade beam will not need any intermediate support across the roadway or any ground track


Our hinged and swing and bi-folding gates will be made to suit your needs and our range includes both single and double leaf models.

We also produce a range of successful PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)  anti terra gates.

Automatic Barriers

Our extensive range of selection of barriers are made to suit your exact requirements, whether they are needed for heavy duty or limited use, Frontier Pitts will design and manufacture a barrier to your specifications.

Our collection of automatic barriers includes torque motor rising arm barriers; the FBX Barrier, which is up to 6m, the FB Barrier which is up to 9m and the hydraulically drives HB Barrier.

If you would prefer a manually operated barrier, we often several choices including Garrison Barrier which is up to 6m, the Standard Barrier model, the Road Closer and the 'WagonStopper' or Height Restrictor, all of these models are up to 10m.

Our sturdy and robust PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Anti Terra Barriers  are available in three versions, the Compact Terra Barrier, the Terra Barrier and the Terra Ultimate Barrier. 


For strong and hard wearing bollards, Frontier Pitts can offer both static and automatically rising bollards. Our static bollards come in a range of heights, widths and finishes to fit in with your requests. Our automatic bollards are retractable, hydraulically powered, barricades that lift to a height of 600mm as standard or heights of 450mm and 900mm on request. An effective guard against ram- raiding, as well as offering controlled access for heavy duty vehicles, automatic rising bollards are a cost effective and secure option. 

Additionally, we offer an extensive range of PAS 68 Range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation bollards, with a choice of models that includes, automatic rising, static, shallow depth and removable bollards. 

Road Blockers

To block access and for added security, a simple rising kerb is a fantastic solution. Surface mounted, it requires limited foundations and has a lift height of 300mm and comes in widths of up to 3000mm.

For a superior level of security, our Security Height Road Blocker System is tough and hard wearing, making it perfect for constant use in locations such as banks, embassies, bullion depots, cargo parks, ports and lorry parks. The road blocker is available in heights of 353mm, 533mm or 800mm and widths of up to 5000mm.

For the ultimate in heavy duty road blocking, the PAS 68 range of hostile vehicle mitigation blockers features the Terra Surface Mount Blocker, the Terra Shallow Blocker and the Terra Blocker.



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