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Friction Technology supplies friction components for a range of applications – including transmission, braking, and wear applications – to any and all industries. We manufacture and distribute industrial-quality friction materials and components for your needs. Our state-of-the-art production and warehousing facilities in the Midlands means that we can both produce to order and hold large amounts of stock for quick order fulfillments. And we have more than 150 years of experience in friction technology. Our staff are experts in all aspects of friction – and we are proud to offer products and service that focus on excellent quality and total customer satisfaction.

Brake Bands

We are able to supply every kind of flexible steel brake band – in either woven or moulded material. And we can reline existing components. Our experience supplying many different industries, especially steel and wire industries, means that we can supply long-wearing brake bands with low coefficients and anti-squeal materials. We offer excavated brake bands and rivets brake bands; excavated products are bonded for extra strength, while riveted products are fully lined to ensure proper alignment when fitted. Please visit our website for more details.

Flexible Brake Lining

Our range of flexible brake linings are perfect for drum, shoe or band applications. The moulded roll product allows for optional wire reinforcement to increase durability, while the wide range of friction coefficients is ideal for stopping, holding and tensioning applications; most especially with cranes, winches, forklift trucks, oil drilling plants, lift brakes, trains, and other transport systems. And our flexible woven braking roll, available in rolls up to 38mm thick, is ideal for marine winches or overhead crane applications. The flexible roll can be made with brass, zinc, steel, or copper wiring, comes in flat sheet form and can be used with gear tooth applications, and can be offered in non-metallic versions for food industry use. Please visit our website for more details.

Friction Discs

Our friction discs are made to order to meet your exact needs. Different sizes and geometric configurations are available. And we offer friction blocks for all European and US press applications. Our large stock of flat sheet material – ranging from 2mm thick to 60mm thick – can be turned, stamped, or CNC-machined for your precise specifications. Please contact us for more details.

Industrial Pads

We sell a wide range of industrial pads – based on our long experience of producing and supplying these components to a number of different industries. Our industrial pads can be used for braking, wind turbines, and other heavy industrial equipment. The calliper brake pads are organic moulded pads for medium-duty work; ideal for holding and stopping uses. The organic moulted wind turbine pads are calliper pads for dynamic and static wind turbine uses. And the sintered friction pads are perfect for heavy-duty work. Please see our website or contact us for details.

Injected Moulded Friction Material

Friction Technology can apply injection-moulded friction material to a wide range of relevant industrial uses – from brakes for vehicles, glitches, safety brakes for garden machinery, toothed discs, clamps, brakes for pulleys, and other uses. Our experience means that we can produce these friction materials to withstand the extreme temperatures and other stresses common in high-friction applications. Our friction sheets can be manufactured in thicknesses of up to 16mm, with a maximum length of 4,000mm, and they can be produced in complex toothed shapes. Please see our website or contact us for details.

Kevlar Friction

Friction Technology is always looking for innovations and improvements. And as much as we choose durable and heavy-duty materials for our friction components, these will always wear down; so we are excited by our range of kevlar friction products. Reinforced kevlar gear-cut friction discs offer up to three times the wear life of standard friction products – ideal for tough and taxing environments. Our components are made with 100% Kevlar fibre textile composite brake lining and can be used with winders, re-winders, sheeters, crane brakes, and many other pieces of equipment, and in wet or dry conditions. Please see our website or contact us for details.

Tractor Brake Disc

We stock a wide range of tractor brake discs which include both woven and moulded components. It is worth noting that all of our brake discs are free from asbestos and can be used for both oil bath and dry applications. Customers can view all of the products within this range by visiting the website and downloading our catalogue PDF. If you have any specific queries, feel free to give us a call and we will do everything we can to help. 

Tension Brakes

We can offer a selection of tension brake products which includes brake pads, spares and other components. Our Kevlar tension brakes can provide a multitude of benefits including a reduction in damage to the mating service, a reduction in squeal and they are also easily shaped to fit any brake. Our range of brake spares include friction pads, friction discs, actuator assemblies and hubs. To find out more, feel free to visit the website.  



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Brand & Trade Names

  • Kevlar Friction New friction technology gives big improvements on wear. Kevlar reinforced gearcut friction discs give up to three times the wear life with superb performance ideal for tough environments including power take off, quarry equipment applications.
  • Kevlar Geared Discs Kevlar reinforced gearcut friction discs give up to three times the wear life with superb performance ideal for tough environments including power take off, quarry equipment applications.
  • Kevlar Laminates Kevlar laminated friction materials are stronger, more stable and give a significally longer lasting wear life than conventional materials. Their performance in operation is excellent particulary in multi-disc applications.
  • SF Kevlar Friction Friction Technology Ltd are able to supply a wide variety of specialist friction materials used in many applications throughout many industries. SF Kevlar material is a new material manufactured in high technology processes for quality and consistency.

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