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Freerain is a company that specialises in the design and supply of rainwater harvesting systems. We offer solutions for both the domestic and commercial markets, and we can provide expert advice on all matters relating to rainwater harvesting and recycling, horticultural irrigation, storm-water management and storm-water attenuation. 

The company was set up in 2001 as a subsidiary of the Gusto Group, an organisation that designs, manufactures and supplies a range of products for the construction and manufacturing sectors. At that time the group was in need of a UK specification rainwater harvesting system for a number of sustainable housing developments that it was working on. 

Freerain has been leading the market with high quality rainwater harvesting systems ever since. With the backing of the Gusto Group, we’re able to offer our customers a turnkey service that includes preliminary master-planning, system specification, equipment supply, commissioning and comprehensive after-sales support. 

Installation of our systems is extremely straightforward and can be carried out by tradesmen already operating on site. Although designed for new housing (or commercial property) developments, they can also be retrofitted into existing properties providing certain modifications can be made. 

You can find out more about our rainwater harvesting and management systems in the sections below and on our website. 

Rainwater Tanks

Freerain’s parent company Gusto Group owns and operates the largest rotational moulding machines in the UK, which means we are able to stock large quantities of high quality PE tanks for quick and cost-effective shipment throughout the country. These tanks, which are an essential element in our rainwater harvesting systems, are rota-moulded from a single piece of high strength polyethylene, meaning no on-site assembly is required. They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be fitted with all standard in-tank filters. Gusto tanks are also fully recyclable.

Tank Options and Accessories

Our tanks come with a number of options and accessories. Customers can choose from a range of pumps and filters (to be fitted within the tank’s 600mm diameter dome), and if required a telescopic neck  - which can be extended by up to 300mm and tilted in any direction by up to 5 degrees - can be fitted in place of a standard one. Larger tanks may also be fitted with a second neck. 

Another option is to have your tanks branded. All of our tanks come with an attractive circular cover which can be embossed with the name of your company.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems are becoming increasingly commonplace in commercial and public-sector developments. This is because they have the potential to save the occupants a great deal of money on water bills whilst also helping them to meet their sustainability commitments. Commercial roofs tend to have a very large surface area and can therefore collect large quantities of water. Installation of a harvesting system will not only reduce your reliance on mains supplies but also prevent potential damage caused by the build-up of surface water. At Freerain we do not just supply the equipment: we design and specify a solution, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements. We also provide comprehensive after-sales support. To find out more about our services, please head over to the Freerain website.

Garden Rainwater Harvesting System

Freerain doesn’t just supply equipment for commercial developments; we also offer solutions for the domestic user. Our garden systems offer a convenient way of collecting rainwater so that you can reduce your reliance on mains supplies and save money as a result. You also won’t have to worry about any hosepipe bans, because everything you use can be taken from your own supplies. 

Traditional water butts hold only a fraction of the amount of water that can be held by our tanks, and unlike our tanks they do not tend to have in-built filters to keep your hoses and nozzles free from blockages and your water free from bad odours. 

You’ll find more reasons for choosing a Freerain harvesting system on our website – simply follow the link above to be redirected. 

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Freerain’s domestic rainwater harvesting systems are used by property developers and individual house builders throughout the UK to save occupants money on water bills and to ensure compliance with environmental initiatives such as the Code for Sustainable Homes. With a Freerain system in place a typical household will use around 50% less water.

Installation of our domestic rainwater harvesting systems is easy and can be carried out by trades-people already working on site. Moreover they require very little end-user maintenance, being specifically designed to offer high levels of reliability. 

Visit us online or get in touch to find out more. 

Wholesale, On-selling and Installer Trainer

As one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting systems, Freerain Ltd makes an excellent business partner for plumbers, ground-workers and landscapers looking to expand into this growing market. We offer several wholesale options:

  • The supply of storage tanks only (for you to add your own filters, pumps and controls).
  • The supply of storage tanks fitted to your specification and shipped directly to site.
  • White labelling of the Freerain range of packaged systems and provision of branded installation and delivery paperwork. 
  • Resale of the Freerain range. 

Visit us online or get in touch to find out more about becoming a Freerain distributor. 

Service and Support

Freerain’s rainwater harvesting systems come with a number of options. To ensure you get a system that meets your specific needs, our experts will guide you through these options and make recommendations based on the type and size of the property and how much water you would like to recycle. Where your requirements are a little more unique we can offer a full AutoCad design service. This is just one of a number of bespoke services we provide. Find out more by visiting Freerain online.

Principles of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting refers to the collection and use of rainwater that falls onto the roof of a building. Instead of going straight into the waste stream via the building’s guttering and downpipes, the water is diverted into an above or below-ground storage tank where it is filtered upon entry and stored until required. When needed the water is pumped directly to the point of use or to a secondary tank (header tank or break tank), thus displacing the water that would usually be drawn from the mains supply. The size of the storage tank will depend on the amount of water available for storage (based on the roof size and local average rainfall) and the amount that is likely to be required by the building’s occupants. It is important that the tank is not oversized – this may result in a lower quality of water.

Reasons for Rainwater Harvesting

There are a number of good reasons for installing a rainwater harvesting system, the most obvious being financial and environmental. Less reliance on mains water supplies means less pressure on our reservoirs and less money being spent on utility bills. In many cases the installation of a rainwater harvesting system will help you meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes (or BREEAM for commercial developments). Importantly they also help to reduce localised flooding and will often form part of a wider attenuation and rainwater management scheme. For this reason many planning departments tend to look favourably on projects that incorporate them in their design.

Rain King Rainwater Harvesting System

The Rain King rainwater harvesting system allows you to enjoy all the benefits of harvesting rainwater from your roof without having to make any alterations to the property’s plumbing system (as is often required with the slightly more complicated full domestic systems). Naturally this makes it ideal for anyone looking for a retrofit solution. 

Water is collected in the same way from guttering around the house and outbuildings and is filtered upon entry to the underground tank. When required it is pumped using a submersible pump capable of delivering 4000l per hour (plenty for garden irrigation and car washing). Tanks are available in sizes from 1,800l to 10,000l.  

Above Ground Systems

Our above-ground rainwater harvesting systems are designed mainly for domestic/garden applications such as watering plants or washing cars. These are different from traditional water butts in that they hold much larger volumes without taking up much more floor space and they are typically made with a more decorative top (indeed some of the tanks we use for our above-ground systems are made to look like garden features such as pots and columns). All tanks can be fitted with filters and pumps. To find out more about the options available, please head over to the Freerain website.



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