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Forgetrack Ltd, with headquarters in Hertford, was founded in 1989 to provide software solutions, training and technical advice and expertise to help companies increase their efficiency and profitability through improved project management, the use of better processes and more effective people management.  We specialise in project management solutions based on the Oracle Primavera range of software.  As an Oracle Gold Partner and Oracle Approved Education Provider, we are proud to be a leading supplier of Oracle Primavera software solutions.  We provide a comprehensive range of training courses, delivered either on-site or at one of our state of the art training centres.  As well as training, we offer consultation services and our considerable technical expertise.  Our service teams are highly trained and skilled and completely up to date with project management and portfolio management solutions.  Over 23+ years we have gained a reputation for excellence, helping leading companies make changes, decisions and plans to move forward and improve performance and increase profitability.

P6 Enterprise PPM

Planning, managing and executing projects and programmes successfully requires a software solution that is not only powerful and effective, but also easy to use.  The Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management from Oracle is just that, providing a complete solution to managing projects big or small.  We know that within any team there are members with different skills and responsibilities.  The P6 Enterprise PPM recognises the need for flexibility and accommodates each team member’s skills and needs, by providing a web-based interface that will work for all the different functions in a team, including administration.  Power, flexibility and accessibility mean the P6 Enterprise PPM will help you to reduce resources required and deliver quality projects, on time and on-task.

Risk Analysis

There is no such thing as a project without potential risks, which can delay or even scupper the project.  The secret to avoiding this is to be prepared by identifying and planning ahead for dealing with and mitigating potential risks.  Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis software does just that, identifying scheduling risks.  The programme uses advanced Monte Carlo based analytics and integrates pre-developed and new risk registers.  You want to be sure that you see all the potential risks and build these into your scheduling times with the confidence that you have contingency plans to ensure your project completes successfully.

CostOS Cost Estimating

Accurate and informed cost estimating is vital to any company’s profits, but is often a step that is missed out or glossed over.  The CostOS Cost Estimating software, designed by Nomitech, is an effective tool you can use to ensure a solid basis for planning.  CostOS works with both two dimensional drawings and three dimensional design models.  A useful feature of the software is that it interacts with planning systems (such as Oracle’s Primavera), which means you can instantly see the effect of any changes in project duration or milestones.  CostOS offers effective cost estimating that will be reflected in your profitability.

P6 Fundamentals R8.2 (Web Access)

The P6 Fundamentals R8.2 is a three day course designed for project managers, business analysts, end users and functional implementers.  This is a fundamental course, requiring only knowledge of project management principles.  The syllabus is comprehensive and participants will create a project and then move on to the various aspects of refining, improving and implementing a successful project plan.  Some of the areas covered include adding activities and relationships, analysing and assigning resources, adjusting plans for delays and resource issues and methods of monitoring progress.  Enhanced risk management is also included.  Have a look at our website to see the many areas covered.

P6 Professional Fundamentals R8.2

This three day course is aimed at project managers, end users, functional implementers and business analysts, all with a knowledge of project management principles.  A lot is involved in the duration of a project and this course looks at all the stages involved, starting with planning and moving through to completion.  Participants will learn about adding activities to plans and effectively assigning resources.  Delegates will come away with a sound understanding of planning and scheduling and, in addition, will be introduced to advanced project analysis methods.  Take a look at our website to get an idea of the comprehensive syllabus.

P6 Planner/Scheduler Basic

Our P6 Planner/Scheduler Basic three day course is designed for users new to Oracle’s Primavera P5 or P6.  Participants will have fundamental project management training and familiarity with Windows.  By the end of the course, delegates will have learned how to use Primavera P6 to take a project all the way through from creation to completion.  The very comprehensive syllabus offers a full overview of the Primavera P6 solution, as well as an understanding of project planning concepts.  Participants will gain a working knowledge of project creation, scheduling and resource and cost planning through ten hands-on workshops included in the course.  Please see our website for all the areas covered.

501-Risk Analysis(Pertmaster)

The three day advanced Managing Risk in Primavera Risk Analysis course is designed for end-users, project managers and business analysts.  Fundamental project management training and a familiarity with Windows is required.  This thorough training on the Primavera Risk Management solution offers participants a solid understanding of the basic concepts of quantitative risk management.  With the emphasis on results, the third day will be a hands-on workshop in which delegates demonstrate the application of the techniques they have learned.  At the end of the course, attendees will know how to assess risks by looking at project schedules, costs and available resources.  They will be able to interpret risk analysis and communicate the data to team members, management and stakeholders.  Participants will gain the ability to apply risk management solutions to achieve better, more efficient project management.

Services - Overview

At Forgetrack Ltd, we offer a wide variety of services designed to make sure you reap the full benefits of the Oracle Primavera solution.   We have a range of training options, which can be delivered on-site or at one of our Oracle approved training centres.  Our highly trained and skilled service teams have up to the minute expertise in project management and portfolio management methodologies, as well as organisational change management.  Further, we offer integration services to allow you to link your Primavera solution to other enterprise systems and can provide technical checks to be sure your Primavera solution is in prime condition.  Have a look at our website to see our comprehensive range of services.

Portfolio Management

Oracle Primavera P6 Project Portfolio Management is used to carry out a range of processes such as prioritising, planning, managing and executing projects, programmes and portfolios.

The programme features:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Standard Project Templates
  • Capacity Planning
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • P6 Analytics plus Trending
  • And much more. 

It enables role-specific functionality to meet the needs, skills and responsibilities of each team member within the organisation. All project sizes can be managed with this programme and different levels of project complexity can be easily addressed. Please head over to our website to find out more.

Contract Management

Oracle Primavera Contract Management is widely used to ensure construction projects run as smoothly as possible. It enables document management, job cost and field controls solutions to ensure projects are carried out efficiently and within set budgets.

Benefits of Oracle Primavera Contract Management include:

  • Visibility into contractor performance.
  • Timely payment for completed work.
  • Project team collaboration.
  • Streamline field communications and document administration.

To ensure your construction project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please visit our website to find out more about Oracle Primavera Control Management, or contact us directly at Forgetrack Ltd for more information.

HMS Time Control

HMS Time Control is a timesheet software system designed to meet a range of user requirements.

Benefits of Time Control include:

  • 2-way link with P6, downloads resource assignments to the timesheet and uploads actual hours, resource and activity back to P6 following approvals.
  • Enables project and non-project staff to enter timesheet data.
  • Enables project team collaboration.
  • Automated email reminders for missing timesheets
  • And much more.

TimeControl software can be easily linked to other management tools such as Microsoft Project, Oracle’s Primavera and Deltek as well as other finance, HR or payroll systems. This system can increase business productivity and improve return on investment.

Integration Solutions

Various Oracle integration options are available which enable Oracle’s Primavera Project Portfolio Management solutions to run with other applications such as Oracle’s E-business Suite, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle’s AutoVue and SAP.

Our integration solutions offer a range of benefits including:

  • Complete alignment between organisational strategy, project execution and results.
  • A clear oversight of all project costs and financial management.
  • Governance over project related decisions.
  • A single source of information regarding the organisations projects, programmes and portfolios.

Please head over to our website to find out more about our integrated solutions, including Oracle PPM Integration Pack for Primavera P6 and E-Business Suite, and Oracle PPM Inegration Pack for Primavera P6 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.



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