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Based in the West Midlands, First Choice Assembly provide PCB products and services to a wide range of different clients and industries. Our products include surface mounted PCBs, conventional or hybrid PCBs, all of which are made to our client's precise specification. We can be seen as a extension to your own PCB assembly and manufacturing facility or as a company that you use when and if you require it. All of our products are manufactured to extremely high standards and are subjected to inspection using AOI. Clients who would prefer to assemble their own components can purchase bare PCBS from us, which can be an extremely cost effective solution. 

We can guarantee a responsive and efficient approach to business, from the initial quote, all the way to finishing and despatching products. 

PCB Assembly Services

A problem with many PCBs is that they are not suitable for surface mount assembly or they have component issues in SMT. It is for this reason that we offer a PCB assembly service, completed by our high skilled team of assembly operatives. Our team are responsible for soldering, component insertion and the cropping of parts before assembly. We can also coat any parts by dipping or spraying them or mask off any parts which do not require a coating. For more information on our PCB assembly services, please visit the website.

Surface Mounted PCB Assembly Services

As electronic component packages advance and become smaller, we must invest in newer and more sophisticated equipment to keep up. We have three lpulse pick and place surface mount PCB assembly machines which are capable of a combined placement rate of 36,000 components per hour. The entire process is highly sophisticated and leads to the production of a faultlessly assembled, printed circuit board. For more information on any of our AOI equipment, please visit the PCB quality section of our website.

Printed Circuit Board Prototype Service

As manufacturers ourselves, we understand the importance of fast and effective prototyping. It is for this reason that we offer a high quality prototyping service which allows customers to prove their designs before they are put through mass production. We also understand the importance of keeping costs low and offer a set fee PCP prototype service, using bare PCPs with no added extras. For more information on our prototyping services, including costs and variations, please visit the website.

Bare PCB Supply

Thanks to our many Eastern contacts, we have a wide range of bare PCPs which are available in different volumes and types. Just some of the types of PCP we can offer include single sided, double sided, multilayer, metal backed and flex rigid. We also offer a wide range of finishes including electroless nickel, hard gold, immersion gold, OSP, silver and tin/lead. If you provide us with your Gerber file and specification we can give you a competitive quote on the price of the overall batch.

Cable Assembly Services

Although we have experience of making wiring looms and cabling, we prefer to recommend our partner company, Brucom Ltd. Brucom specialise in automated larger batch cable forms and can offer a wide range of products, from a cut wire all the way to wiring looms. To find out more about Brucom's cable assembly services, you can visit our website where you will find the link. On their website, customers can choose from a range of standard cabling or if necessary request the manufacture of bespoke cabling.

Final Box & Case Build Services

As well as just supplying assembled PCBs and bare PCBs, we have a great deal of experience with the wiring of the final box build of finished products. We offer a complete service to finish off a product build, this can include simply soldering wires to the PCB, assembling it into the box and encapsulating it with resin or even more complete tasks like the wiring of complete cabinets. We have supplied many industries with finished PCB products and so have a wealth of experience in final packing.

Key Markets for PCB Assembly & Manufacture

We have many years of experience in providing PCB products and services to a wide range of industries and have gained a unique insight along the way. There is a demand for PCB products across numerous market sectors and many have specific requirements which should be kept in mind. Just some of the industries we have supplied PCB assemblies to include security, power supply, medical equipment, retail, automotive, lighting and control and white goods.

Supply Chain Management of PCB Components

We operate with a number of trusted vendors who supply us with our printed circuit boards and components. As we have built up strong relationships with these vendors, we believe we can offer our customers incredibly competitive prices for high quality products. Due to RoHS laws, many PCB components are now obsolete which can cause problems. In conjunction with our vendors, we can assist to locate obsolete or allocated printed board components, completely free of charge.



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