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Fireprotect (Chester) Ltd have over 30 years experience manufacturing and supplying bespoke thermal insulation products.  We offer a wide range of insulation solutions, encompassing ceramic, non-ceramic, Intumescent, insulation and coating and adhesive products.  We specialise in thermal insulation products and nothing else, so all our considerable experience and expertise goes into making sure our customers’ needs are met.  We supply high quality products and are very keen to ensure our customers get exactly the solutions they are looking for.  When a customer has specialised or unique requirements, we can adjust products across our range to precisely suit individual needs.  The list of industries using our services is long and includes, for example, fire protection systems, glass and glazing, fire doors and fire escapes, plumbing, Formula One, lighting and the automotive and aerospace sectors, as well as others, both big and small.  At Fireprotect the emphasis is always on quality and service and, above all, making sure that all our customers always get the thermal insulation products that suit them best.

FCL Ceramic Glazing Tape

FCL ceramic glazing tape is made from ceramic fibre paper and has a self-adhesive coating and removable backing paper, making it easy to shape and quick to install.  The paper is stable at temperatures up to 1260° C and boasts lasting flexibility.  Available in thicknesses from 1mm to 6mm and widths from 8mm to 610mm, our ceramic glazing tape is ideal as a bedding material for fire resistant and high temperature glazing systems, as well as for use in gaskets, fire doors, automotive and aerospace functions and much more.  See our website for more detailed information.

FCL Glazing Tape

FCL Glazing Tape is strong and very flexible, with low thermal conductivity and a temperature stability of up to 1200°C (applies to paper only, not removable backing tape).  The tape can provide solutions across a wide range of applications, from high temperature and fire resistant gaskets, lighting, stoves and fire doors to the automotive and aerospace industries, to name a few examples.  The tape ismade from body soluble fibres and special binders and can be used in applications where Health and Safety regulations restrict the use of ceramic tape.  You can learn more about this tape on our website.

FCL Intumescent Tape

Made from graphite based intumescent paper, FCL Intumescent Tape is reinforced with fibres classified for thermal insulation applications up to 1000° C.  Our tape is very easy to shape and install and does not require water or weather sealing.  Ideal for use in glazing systems, protecting vertical timber surfaces and door furnishings, and further applications.   The tape is available in various widths of 10mm to 50mm and we can supply specialised widths on request.  Thicknesses range from 1.0mm to 4.0mm.  Have a look on our website for much more information.

FCL Black Glazing Tape

FCL black glazing tape is made from very high quality body soluble fibrous materials to provide superior insulation properties.  The tape can be easily cut to size and is lightweight and flexible with thermal stability up to 1200°  C.  An added benefit is that there are no Health and Safety restrictions on the use of our black glazing tape, so it is ideal for use where H&S restrictions prohibit or limit the use of ceramic tape.  Applications include high temperature and fire resistant gaskets, fire doors, lighting, automotive and aerospace use and many more.  See our website for more information and specifications.

Bespoke Products

We offer a wide range of products and, generally, customers have no difficulty finding what they are looking for.  However, there are times when adjustments are needed to suit a customer’s unique requirements.  We are happy to do just that, having the expertise, equipment and materials needed.  We have  designed heat shields and systems to F1 teams, JCB, Massey Ferguson and more, so if you are looking for a solution tailored to your needs or would like help or advice with a design project, our expert designers will work with you to provide the perfect bespoke product.  You can be assured that complete confidentiality is maintained at all times.

FCL Protect-a-Pad

Made of high quality body soluble felt and fire resistant silica cloth, the FCL Protect-a-Pad provides insulation to prevent damage to paper, paints, plastic and other materials when using a brazing torch.  The low thermal conductivity of the materials used in the pad means that heat is reflected rather than transferred.  It’s quick to cool down with only approximately 20 seconds cooling time required after normal brazing operations, after which the pad can be easily moved by hand, if required.   See our website for more information about the FCL Protect-a-Pad.

Intumescent Sealant

When a flexible sealing solution is needed to fill gaps and movement joints, Lorient Intumescent Sealant is ideal.  The sealant expands when exposed to fire, thereby producing a hot smoke seal.  However, it remains flexible in day to day use, allowing movement and flexibility where it is required.  The sealant can also contain sound.  Providing a high level of safety, the sealant is fire tested in accordance with BS476 Pt. 20:1987.  More information is available on our website.

FCL 100 Coating

FCL 100 Coating is hard yet flexible and resistant to both oil and water.  A 500 hours salt spray test resulting in minimal failure illustrates the durability of this coating, which is based on a water based vinyl acrylic copolymer.  The FCL 100 Coating is environmentally friendly, having low levels of toxicity and fume emission and being solvent free.  The coating carries Lloyd’s Register of Shipping BS467 parts 6 and 7 Certification, as well as other certifications, and is capable of Class 0 surface spread of flame.  Find out more on our website.

FCL 007 Adhesive

The FCL 007 water based adhesive can withstand temperatures up to 1000° C in its dry form, making it ideal for use as a high temperature adhesive for ceramic fire blanket, paper and board.  It is perfect for use in high temperature in laminates and for bonding most high temperature substrates.  The FCL 007 Adhesive is environmentally friendly and solvent free.  There is no need to pre-treat the surfaces prior to adhering and the FCL 007 can be easily applied by brush or by spray.  A slow drying time allows fitters to make adjustments as necessary.  Visit our website for more details.

Kaowool Boards

Kaowool Boards™ are vacuum-formed boards designed for use in applications where more rigidity is required than that offered by blankets.  Such applications include expansion joints, hot-face lining for kilns and furnaces, lining combination chambers in boilers and more.  We supply Kaowool Boards™, which are made from refractory fibre compositions to provide self- supporting rigid boards.  Our range of boards has a classification temperature of between 1200°C and 1600°C.  The boards are easy to cut and shape, with good abrasion resistance, as well as resistance to thermal shock.  See our website for more detailed information about Kaowool Boards™.

FCL FS30 Strip Sealant

The FS30 Intumescent Strip Sealant has undergone extensive testing showing it can resist the passage of fire and smoke in timber doors and screens for 30 minutes and holds the BWF Certifire Scheme No CF297 to validate this.  The sealant is easily and quickly applied and can be treated with paints and wood stains.  This cost effective solution is available in a choice of white or mahogany and measures 3mm thick, 12mm wide and 15m long.   More information about this product is on our website.

FCL Kaowool 1260 Paper

For use where high temperature insulation is needed, Kaowool 1260 Paper is made from high purity Alumina-Silicate fibres and has a temperature classification of 1260°C, dependant on application.  The many uses for this insulation product include insulating thermal breaks and gaskets, expansion joints and thermal barriers for vehicles, to name a few examples.  The product is tear resistant and highly flexible.  Our advanced production techniques allow precise control of both thickness and density.  There is more information on Kaowool 1260 Paper on our website.

FCL SW Plus Paper

This insulating paper is produced from Superwool Plus fibres, with a small amount of organic binder and has a classification temperature of 1200°C (ENV 1094-3).  With a high degree of flexibility and resistance to tearing, it is ideal for laminate composites, die-cutting, rolling and folding and similar applications requiring additional processing.  Superwool Plus Paper is very safe to use and exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under EC directive 97/69 and further exonerated from any use restriction under annexe V number 7.1 of the German hazardous substances regulation.  Find out more about this flexible insulating paper on our website.

FCL Protect-a-Shield

Protect-a-Shield is made of fibrous ceramic paper with a low-toxic adhesive.  The shield is reliable and effective, remaining stable at high temperatures up to 1000°C.   It can be placed on horizontal, vertical or curved surfaces and is easy to use and to install, whether you wish to shape, cut or wrap.  Another advantage to Protect-a-Shield is that it can be repositioned up to 15 times.  The product is available in sheets up to 600mm wide and 1m long and is also available in board form.  Visit our website to learn more about Protect-a-Shield.

FCL Fiberfrax Blanket

We supply a range of Fiberfrax® Durablankets® in various combinations of chemistry, density and thickness, offering many different and effective thermal management solutions.  The applications for these lightweight needled blankets are many, including removable insulating blankets for field stress relieving welds, high temperature, pipe, kiln and furnace insulation, fire protection systems and reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines, to name just a few.  The Fiberfrax® family of blankets are made from refractory ceramic fibres and are notably flexible and durable.  If you are after the best insulation performance you need look no further.  The list of benefits of this product is long, including high tensile strength with low shrinkage, high resilience and low thermal conductivity and much more.  Find out more on our website.

FCL Webbing and Ladder Tape

Our glass webbing and ladder tape is designed for use in hose and cable protection, jointing and seals.  The tape has medium thermal conductivity and will withstand temperatures up to 550°C.  Lightweight yet strong, glass webbing and ladder tape is resistant to oils, most chemicals and solvents.  The durable tape is not affected by bacterial growth and will not rot.  More information is available on our website.



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