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While environmental issues and 'green' solutions have only come to be seen as important recent years, we at Filcris have recognised the need for environmentally friendly solutions for over two decades. Seeing that the world was fast running out of raw materials, the Went family set up Filcris with the intention of supplying recycled plastic products as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to using brand new materials. In doing so, we pre-empted the worldwide phenomena of being 'green'. 

Filcris has always been passionate about utilising the materials that are already available, rather than exploiting the world's natural resources. This enables us to offer a cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications, including landscaping, signage and highways. As an ISO accredited company, we design, build and install quality recycled plastic solutions, wherever you are in the UK. Quite simply, we love what we do, and we are always looking for new challenges and business partnerships. Our customised designs are both stylish and functional, and recycled plastic offers numerous advantages over other materials: It is ultra-durable, meaning it will last for many years with no maintenance requirements - It won't be long until you're making a return on your investment. Recycled plastics will also remain splinter free, meaning they can be used for applications that involve human contact such as picnic benches, handrails, decking and children's furniture. It is also vandal resistant in comparison to other materials: neither knives nor spray paint can do much damage. Most importantly, recycled plastics are the environmentally friendly choice of material.

Our standard products include decking, signage and boardwalks, but we can also find a creative solution for animal habitats (tern rafts and otter holts etc), turf posts, fishing platforms and much more. It's no wonder why we have worked with the National Trust, the RSPB and other wildlife trusts. Our recycled plastics are also used for Engineering and Highway projects (bollards, street signs and ground reinforcement), education establishments, leisure services, and housing developments. To complete an already excellent service, Filcris also welcomes your bespoke requirements for furniture and decking. So if you need a partner for cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions, make Filcris your first choice!


Our recycled plastic lawn and path edging is long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Lasting typically for up to 40 years, recycled plastic edging not only looks attractive but will stand up to wear and tear. It is completely flexible allowing users to follow all shapes of lawns or paths. Various edging planks and stakes are available in different sizes to suit various design requirements. Our recycled plastic edging is a fantastic alternative to other conventional types. It is extremely resilient to the elements and is easy to install. Manufactured from milk flagons and other packaging our recycled plastic edging helps to reduce the impact of waste plastic on the environment.


We supply various items of furniture manufactured from recycled products that are suitable for industrial or domestic requirements. Examples of the range include:

*Seating and benches: 3 Seater Park Benches, Tree Seats, and Backless 3 Seater Benches.
* Picnic Tables: 2 Sided Picnic Tables with Disabled Access, 2 Sided Picnic Tables – Full Size, and 4 Sided Round picnic Tables.
* Accessories: Engraved Plaques, Extended legs, brackets, heavy duty ground anchors, and steel driving pins for ground anchor.
* Children’s Furniture: Sandpit with removable lid in chocolate brown.

All items can be ordered quickly and easily online via our secure ordering system.

Garden Products

We also provide a range of high quality, recycled gardening products. We manufacture raised beds in various sizes, black garden walkway tiles, recycled food grade HDPE barrels (holds 210 litres plus lid hole and available in grey, blue or black), and plastic black water-butt taps – quick release. Please visit our website to view prices (please note that all prices exclude VAT and carriage - full delivery details are available) and to order securely online. Our team is on hand to answer any queries you may have before placing orders.


The tough properties of our recycled plastic makes it an ideal material for manufacturing street signs and interpretation boards which need to withstand wear and tear. Our range of signs includes Interpretation Boards (handmade interpretation boards and lecterns), Street Signs (wall mounted, post mounted, engraved), and Bespoke Signage (wall mounted polycarbonate signs, post mounted polycarbonate signs, way-markers, park signage, engraved). We also supply a high quality graffiti remover. Please note that our sign range is not available to order line. Please call the team at Filcris with your orders or enquiries.


We manufacture hollow planks, hollow posts, sheet and miscellaneous items such as post caps, steel liners and capping channel which are typically used in sections. We'll take on any challenge, so why not give Filcris a try for all your landscaping requirements. Please visit our website for specifications.

Garden Railway products

Over the years, our recycled plastic products have been used in garden railway systems. That's why we now dedicate a page on our website for products that we feel are perfect, and it's also why we have designed and produced brand new products especially for garden railways. If you would like more information on our Ladder Framed Track Bed methods, please visit our website, where you'll find a detailed case study of how our products have been used.

Wildlife Products

It is fitting that we produce environmentally friendly products for environmental purposes. Wildlife charities such as the National Trust and the RSPB use our creative plastic solutions for a range of purposes. We can produce otter holts, tern rafts and nest boxes all made from recycled plastic. As a splinter free, low maintenance material, recycled plastic is a perfect choice of material to use in wildlife applications.


There is no end to the range of products we can supply using recycled plastics. We even reform plastics into high-quality adhesive tapes for mounting and structural glazing. We offer single sided black or grey PVC tapes, as well as Techniflex acrylic tapes. For more information on our tapes and prices, please contact us directly.

Ground Reinforcement

Recycled plastic is the perfect material for ground reinforcement. Because it is ultra durable and does not rot, you will not need to constantly remove surface material (such as gravel or turf) to maintain or replace it. We'll deal with projects large or small, for industrial, commercial or domestic applications. Our Ecogrid systems are fast and easy to install, and are typically used to control erosion on slopes, to hold back banks of soil, and to create parking and access areas. Ecogrid S50 grass reinforcement grids are a strong and beautiful parking solution, and our heavy duty variety of Ecogrid can bear the weight of a fire engine. We also offer turf guards as a stylish option for controlling and presenting turf formations. Our ground reinforcement systems have been used by the Highways Agency for over 20 years!


Local Authorities use Filcris as their solution provider for dipping platforms and fishing platforms/pegs. Robust and durable, our platforms are guaranteed to last the test of time, making your investment a cost-effective one. We'll take on any challenge, manufacturing a custom-made platform in accordance with your requirements. For more information on how we can help you find an efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly platform, please contact us.


Recycled plastic is the superior choice of material for boardwalks. Because they are splinter free, plastic boardwalks are ideal for beaches or other areas where people might walk barefooted. This is why local authorities and environmental agencies have trusted Filcris to supply their boardwalk solutions, instead of using wooden boardwalks which are potentially dangerous - not to mention the fact that wooden boardwalks are liable to rot and are more vulnerable to vandalism. You won't have to replace or repair our boardwalks, meaning you'll quickly make a return on investment when choosing Filcris over wooden boardwalk suppliers. Decking, posts and handrails are all manufactured from reformed plastic.


Filcris has supplied a wide range of plastic decking solutions for domestic, industrial and public properties. So why choose recycled plastic decking? Well, isn't it obvious by now? It will last a lifetime, requiring no maintenance and producing no splinters. This makes it the safest, most cost-effective choice, and just as importantly, it is environmentally friendly. We have been designing recycled plastic decking for over 20 years, always finding a custom solution for our client's needs. So why not see if we can help plan YOUR decking systems?



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Brand & Trade Names

  • BGI Expanding foam sealant tape.
  • Butyl 10 Series High performance sealant for bonding and sealing, including water tank sealing
  • ECOGRID Ground re-inforcement products
  • Normount Double sided mounting tape.
  • Norseal Single-sided sealant tape.
  • QuickCloche Quick assembly garden cloches.
  • Thermalbond Double sided structural glazing spacer tape.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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