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Fike UK is part of Fike Corporation, a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered products for Fortune 500 companies and businesses.  Fike designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of pressure relief devices and explosion protection systems such as bursting discs, explosion vents, flameless venting devices. 

All our Active Explosion Protection systems are regularly serviced by fully qualified Fike personnel to ensure that your process is fully protected against the effects of dust explosions. 

Fike’s bursting/rupture disc devices offer an affordable, fail-safe solution to problems such as blocked discharges, thermal expansions, runaway exothermic or endothermic chemical reactions, loss of purge gas or coolant. 

All Fike bursting disc devices meet or exceed industry standards for performance, reliability and quality. 

The variety of explosion suppression, isolation and detection and protection equipment and services we offer, enables us to protect a complete process or a single pressure relief valve, and allows our customers to create cost effective protection systems which are tailored to their precise needs. 

Bursting Discs

Over-pressurisation can lead to disaster. It can cause injuries, equipment damage, business interruption and downtime. That's why it's a good idea to make a cost-effective investment in a pressure relieving solution. Bursting discs (also known as rupture discs or bursting disks), are designed to ensure a leak-tight seal within a vessel or pipe until the internal pressure rises to a certain predetermined level. To prevent damage caused by over-pressurisation, the bursting disc will rupture when this level is crossed. All of our bursting discs, holders and pressure relief devices are compliant with global code regulations and are designed to meet or exceed performance, reliability and quality requirements.

Explosion Venting

When you need effective, affordable explosion venting solutions that are ATEX certified, Fike is your natural choice of supplier. Explosion venting is one of the most effective forms of passive explosion protection. By providing a planned pathway for expanding gases to escape, our systems offer overpressure protection from industrial explosion hazards. Potentially life-threatening situations and industrial equipment damage are therefore avoided. What's more, our vents are practically maintenance free, making them a cost-effective solution to explosion protection.

Flameless Explosion Venting

It's often the case that process equipment might need to be located indoors, making passive explosion ventilation difficult or impossible. That's why Fike has designed, developed and built flameless explosion venting solutions, allowing you to protect equipment without relocating process machinery and without the need to use expensive explosion vent ducting. Our FlamQuench systems extinguish the flame from the vented explosion and prevent it from exiting the device where it could potentially cause secondary explosions and put personnel at risk.

Explosion Isolation

Comprehensive explosion risk management should always include methods of preventing business downtime, minimizing equipment and facility devastation, and most importantly, protecting staff. Fike has developed explosion isolation systems that detect and mechanically or chemically obstruct flame pathways, stopping the spread of explosions to other areas of the process. Mechanical explosion isolation utilises specially designed valves which close within milliseconds of explosion detection. Chemical explosion isolation is achieved by the rapid discharge of an explosion suppressant chemical. To find out more about how these devices work, please visit the Fike website, where you'll also find our other ranges of great explosion protection products.

Fire Detection Products

Fike offers a comprehensive range of quality fire protection products which utilise the most innovative technologies but which are still convenient to install and operate. They include: 


  • The Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Protection System – a digital, p2p, bi-directional fire detection and control system to be used with fire alarms, clean agent suppression installations, carbon dioxide suppression installations and watermist and sprinkler installations.
  • SHP-PRO Conventional Fire Detection and Fire Protection System – A complete fire protection package with an easily configurable system. For use in a range of industries.
  • Linear Heat Detection – a versatile, cost-effective fire detection product that’s suited to harsh environmental conditions and applications where maintenance is made difficult by the conditions.
  • Early Warning Air Monitoring Equipment    


Pressure Relief Products

Overpressure conditions can damage equipment, inflict personal injury, interrupt business and create lengthy downtime. We offer inexpensive solutions in the form of high quality bursting discs and bursting disc accessories. Bursting discs, sometimes referred to as rupture discs, are designed to provide a leak-tight seal within a pipe or vessel until the point at which the internal pressure rises to a predetermined level. The bursting disc ruptures when this level is reached, preventing equipment damage and reducing the risk posed to personnel safety. Fike supplies a full range of bursting discs, holders and pressure relief devices which are all compliant with global code regulations.

Oilfield Products

Our engineers at Fike UK have extensive experience in the design and production of bespoke pressure relief devices for organisations in the oilfield industry and our products have helped to shape numerous drilling, completion and production operations.  Our engineers work with clients to establish their exact requirements and then design bespoke devices to suit the application in mind.  Pressure relief devices that we can manufacture include: pressure activation devices, hydraulic tubing drains, hammer union bursting disc holders, CPD bursting discs and power generation products.  Full details of these, along with images, can be found on our website.


Fire Suppression Products

Fike UK offers a comprehensive choice of fire suppressant products for an extensive range of applications from industrial and commercial to special hazard applications.  Proud to have been a leader in the fire suppressant market for over 55 years, Fike’s fire protection systems are very user friendly, safe and highly effective.  Our team of experts will work with you to ascertain your organisations individual requirements and recommend the most suitable systems.    Our fire suppression product range includes: PROINERT® Inert Gas Fire Suppression System, ECARO-25® Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, FM-200® Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, Fireraser® Small Space Fire Suppression System, Co2 Fire Protection System, MICROMIST® Fire Suppression System. 


Testing / Laboratories

Fike UK is equipped with state-of-the-art explosibility testing facilities, not only for our own use, but also for the use of other companies who need to test their own products and identify the risk of explosions.  Our highly-skilled technicians, engineers and combustion scientists take care of the testing for you and work to stringent standards to ensure accurate results are achieved.  We offer our clients a full testing service which includes use of a full-scale explosion test site with professional support and R&D capabilities.  Please contact us to find out more about this facility and to discuss your individual requirements.




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