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Eurotech Ltd was founded in Italy and from the beginning has had a strong international focus.  Headquarters remain in Italy and we now have locations throughout Europe, North America and Japan.  With our roots in the field of embedded computers, we have developed into an award supplier of energy efficient supercomputers that meet the most challenging requirements or our customers all over the world.  Our customer base is widely varied, including industry, universities, research centres, governments and many more.  Our philosophy is based on technical excellence to help you achieve excellence.  We continue to help our customers improve their competitiveness by integrating state of the art computing and communication technologies with new, effective solutions.  What Eurotech offers is world class innovative designs and spectacular performance, which is why we are leaders in energy efficient supercomputing.  Digital technologies are emerging and changing at a phenomenal rate and our customers want to make the best possible use of technologies.  It is our job – as well as our mission – to help our customers cope with this continuing evolution and make use of the most cost effective, energy efficient and productive computer solutions across the board.  We will work with you to provide you with the best solutions.

High Performance Computers

Eurotech Ltd are proud to provide award winning, energy efficient supercomputers, meeting the most challenging computational requirements and installations.  We recently achieved the top two places in the June 2013 Green500 list, with our Aurora supercomputer.  Our world-wide customer base includes universities, research centres and governments, to name just a few.  Our parallel machine designs leverage Eurotech’s long history of scientific collaborations to produce outstanding world class green supercomputers of unprecedented computational ability and efficiency.  We strive always to enable your excellence with our technical excellence.

Aurora HPC Systems

We offer the Aurora product line of various configurations to suit your application and installation requirements.  Choose from the large supercomputers made up in 19” cabinets with liquid cooling; mid-size up to 128 nodes with liquid cooling or heat exchangers; or small systems up to 16 nodes, also liquid cooled with various rugged enclosures.  The Aurora range provides massive computational performance in a small footprint, with budget sensitive solutions producing up to 50% energy savings.  Designed for ease of maintenance, the Aurora offers scalable configurations and are compatible with many existing architectures.  Aurora supercomputers are available for use in mobile and harsh environments, with rugged designs for the most demanding applications and tested to MIL-STD-810F levels.

Devices and Systems

We provide devices that are application ready or ready to use across a range of the most challenging requirements.  Our devices meet rugged military and industrial regulations, providing reliable world wide solutions.  Solutions include portable, wearable small devices, as well as wireless communications support, satellite, cellular and WiFi support.  Our range of stationary devices and display panels offer integration into systems through both wired and wireless communication.  Our embedded data collection and computing platforms are network enabled.  You will appreciate the faster time to deployment with our systems and devices.  Simplified development result in lower risk and greater added value.

Portable Mobile Devices

We offer a range of rugged handheld mobile computers and wrist wearable computers, running on Windows CE OS and based on the 10W power PXA architecture.  We have a wide range of wired and wireless communications options, including GPS, barcodes, RFID and Zigbee.  These devices service many different applications including supply chain, industrial and security.  Our Zypad wearable barcode ring scanner automatically enters data into the Zypad computer.  You will see that our range offers a comprehensive array of portable mobile solutions to suit your needs.

Boards and Modules

We offer both CPU boards and single board computers.  All our boards and embedded modules provide high performance, with state of the art architecture available in many standard form factors and are available with or without integral operating systems.  As always our aim is technical excellence and customer satisfaction so we offer customer support in various languages and can make custom boards to your specific requirements.  Have a look at our website to see the full range of boards and modules available

Development Kits

We supply various development kits to suit a wide range of requirements.  Integrated touch screens and displays are available on some, whilst others have connections to external devices.  You can choose your operating system using multiple OS keys or picking from a list of supported selections.  Using our development kits you will reduce time to market by eliminating driver development time and OS integration work.  Our kits are available with a wide range of high performance embedded processors and embedded operating system of your choice.  Have a look at the selection of development sites on our website.

Software and Services

We offer what we like to call an ‘Internet of Things’, which is smart objects communicating effectively with each other to build distributed systems that use purpose built devices and sensors.  Our solutions combine hardware, firmware and operating systems, leaving our customers to focus on their core activities.  We assist you to cut time to market and deliver scalable, cost effective projects.  Eurotech’s programming environment, Everywhere Software Framework (ESF), integrates the complexities of low level operations into high level constructs, thereby reducing development time and easing code portability requirements.  Our ‘Everywhere Cloud’ works with ESF to allow devices to send and receive data.  Starting with a few test devices it is possible to scale up to tends of thousands without any changes being necessary.

Industry Solutions

Eurotech offers a multitude of top quality market specific projects, including a wide range of platforms for use in industry, transport and the military.  We provide the benefit of a qualified unit immediately available for integration into new and existing projects and systems.  Our solutions allow a faster time to market as well as offering cost reductions, as products are pre-qualified to international standards and customer requirements.  At Eurotech we design boards to reduce certification problems.  With very low EMF emissions, lower power consumption and heat management our boards ensure swift and trouble free integration into your projects.



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