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Established in 1996 and based in Sussex, Euroby Ltd are providers of high-quality environmental waste equipment. We have offered expert solutions to a wide range of different industries, from municipal waste and pharmaceuticals, to beverages and food. Whether it's applications involving processing or waste management, we have a proven record of helping businesses to boost efficiency, increase effectiveness and save money. We can design, manufacture, commission and maintain waste management systems, ensuring that each of our customers receives a solution which is not only effective but also completely tailored to their requirements.  

As well as a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products, we also offer specialist services, such as maintenance, repairs and servicing, all carried out by highly trained, experienced technicians. Obviously, customers can purchase products directly from out range but we can also offer rented solutions, such as mobile dewatering and mobile lime stabilisation services.  

We strive to provide products and services which are environmentally friendly, including components which boost efficiency and general business practices which put the earth front and centre.  

Please don't hesitate to visit the website for much more information on everything we have to offer, as well as some history on the company itself. If you have any specific questions or you'd like to work with us, contact us directly and our friendly customer service team will help you in any way they can. 



Centrifuges - Visit our website

Our range of high-tech centrifuges have been designed with reliability and sustainability in mind. With both dewatering and thickening applications, these components can be used across a variety of industries. The decanter centrifuges feature a continuous 2-phase separation of solids and liquids, making them ideal for applications with sludge, suspensions with granular solids or in the clarification of liquids. Alternatively, our seperator centrifuges offer a higher degree of separation efficiency and are therefore better suited to applications with micro particles.   

Filter Presses - Visit our website

Utilised in specialist applications, we offer a range of filter presses with different sizes available. The components themselves are manufactured by TEFSA and we offer a comprehensive service, including supply, installation and maintenance. No matter how small or large, we work closely with our customers in order to offer the ideal solution. As well as brand new equipment, we also provide used filter presses, which have been refurbished and are available at a competitive price. Don't hesitate to visit the website to find out more. 

Filter Press Plates - Visit our website

Our range of filter press plates and membranes offer exceptional quality, at an affordable price. Customers can choose from a variety of options, including standard recessed and membrane inflation. It's also worth noting that our plates can be supplied with cloth wash and cake discharge systems. The plates themselves are compatible with all filter press manufacturers and can even be retrofitted. As well as our standard solutions, we also offer filter press plates as replacements or upgrades for existing components.   

Belt Filter Presses - Visit our website

Thanks to a low energy and polymer consumption, belt filter presses are an attractive option for those looking to save money. It's for this reason why belt filter presses are particularly suited for municipal and industrial use. As well as being cheap to run, these presses are also simple to operate, with minimal input requirements. We understand the importance of a tailored solution and therefore we offer bespoke presses, manufactured with specific size, performance and pricing in mind.   

Belt Conveyors - Visit our website

Belt conveyors are an important component, utilised in a variety of different industries, from construction and power to food, fodder and soil. We offer a range of different belt conveyor systems, with different options to choose from. These systems benefit from programmability, adjustable belt speeds, rotation sensors and swivelling wheels for ease of movement, just to name a few. To find out more about our belt conveyors, including full technical information, don't hesitate to visit the website.   

Lime Stabilisation System - Visit our website

Manufactured in-house, our lime stabilisation systems can be offered as complete self-contained units or as individual components. We understand the importance of accuracy, therefore each system benefits from weighing facilities, as well as automatic lime dosing control. As with many of our products, our lime stabilisation systems are adaptable and can be retrofitted when necessary. For example, we can adapt these systems to fit in to smaller, more compact spaces, without affecting performance.   

Polymer Preparation Systems - Visit our website

The FlowMix® MD is a sophisticated and comprehensive machine in the preparation of polymer solutions. The station itself is single-stage and offers continuous operation in the dissolving and dosing of liquid polymers. The FlowMix is powerful but compact and can therefore save space in any environment. Users can also expect accuracy in the exact metering of the polymer, as well as an economic approach to polymer- only using what is required. Full technical details on this system can be found on our website. 

Used & reconditioned Machinery - Visit our website

We offer a range of used and reconditioned sludge and dewatering machinery. Although used, all of this machinery is put through rigorous testing and servicing in other to guarantee it's working at its best. Customers can visit the website to view an up-to-date list of all of the used machinery we have to offer. You can also contact us directly if there is something specific that you're looking for and we can try to help you.   

UK Mobile Dewatering Equipment - Visit our website

Our range of mobile dewatering machinery offers an effective and cost-conscious solution for the processing of even the most difficult materials. Whether it's sewage, water, food, pharmaceutical, animal or biofuel applications, our expert operators have the experience and equipment to provide a complete solution. It's worth noting that our thickening decanter centrifuge, filter belt and belt press machinery can offer throughputs of between 5m3 and 120m3/hr. If you'd like more information on this service, don't hesitate to contact us directly.   

Mobile Lime Stabilisation Services - Visit our website

We can provide mobile lime stabilisation units, with operational personnel, on a rental basis or even for purchase. Importantly, the units themselves comply with HACCP requirements, ensuring health and safety is at the forefront of operations. When purchasing a mobile lime stabilisation unit, we can ensure that we offer a solution which is not only effective and reliable but also tailored to you and your specific requirements. If you'd like to find out more about this service, feel free to check out our website.   

Edible Fats / Oils - Visit our website

Centrifuges play an important role in the processing of edible fats and oils. Whether it's the extraction of palm or olive oils, the processing of animal and fish waste, the extraction of oils from algae or the production of biofuel, the use of centrifuges is vital to many different industries. We offer high quality, reliable centrifuges, designed and manufactured to offer the best possible solution. Feel free to visit the website for more information on all of the products and services that we have to offer.   

Beverage Production: High Quality And Improved Profitability - Visit our website

Many of our components are utilised in the manufacture of beverages, offering maximum yield, without affecting quality. Whether it's the manufacture of fruit juice, vegetable juice, beer, wine, coffee and instant coffee, our mechanical separation technology plays a vital role. These solutions offer a wealth of benefits, including cost reduction, avoidance of fluctuations, energy saving, low space requirements and a hygienic build, just to name a few. If you'd like to find out more about us, feel free to visit the website.   

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Food Industries - Visit our website

When it comes to the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, our dewatering and separation machines are utilised in countless applications. In food alone, an effective, reliable and safe provider of centrifuges, separators, filter presses and belt presses are a requirement in so many processes. These include algae harvest, the manufacture of soya milk and soya proteins, the manufacture of lactose and casein, the drying of okra and the manufacture of wheat starch, just to name a few. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, applications such as the separation of plastics for recycling, the dewatering of PVC and the dewatering of suspension polymers are also key.   

Dewatering and Thickening of Municipal Sewage Sludge - Visit our website

The processing of sewage within treatment plants and the overall water industry requires a specialist approach. Fortunately, we have over 30 years of experience within this application and can provide a comprehensive solution in the dewatering and thickening of sewage slurry. We also continue to work closely with suppliers in the development of more effective and efficient equipment and machinery. If you have any questions about our water treatment products and services, feel free to get in touch with us directly.   

Industrial Waste Water, Minerals and Oil - Visit our website

Oil processing often creates industrial waste and this can have a hugely damaging effect on the environment. Fortunately, the use of decanters, separators, 3-phase centrifuges and filter presses allows for a greener alternative. Applications such as tar separation, processing of oil sludge, processing of ore and minerals, processing of sand washing water and gravel wash water, can all be completed with environmentally friendly practices in mind. Furthermore, decanters are a key component in the steel industry as they allow for the cleaning of exhaust gases and wastewater in a variety of industrial applications.  

Centrifuge Maintenance & Repairs - Visit our website

The maintenance and repair of machinery is vital to continuous operation, long-lifespan and helps in avoiding costly downtime. We have a specialist service and repair workshop, offering expert services by highly trained, experienced technicians. Whether it's installation, commission, servicing or repair, our team can help. Our professionals can work with every type of decanter centrifuge, from a variety of different manufacturers. If you'd like to book one of these services or if you have any specific queries, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team directly.    

Filter Press Maintenance & Repairs - Visit our website

Routine servicing and preventative maintenance protects against potential equipment failure and therefore avoids the cost of downtime. Whether it's press installation, or other connected equipment such as feed pumps and dosing systems, we can provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Should the worst happen, we can also offer emergency breakdown maintenance, ensuring that your machinery is back up and running as soon as possible. Tor request a repair, you can visit our website.    



Registration Number: 03260621
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Registered at Companies House:8 October, 1996 (27 years and 6 months ago)
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