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Euroby is a leading UK waste equipment supplier and rental provider based in Sussex. The company was established in 1996 and provides a wide selection of equipment for the processing of sludge, effluent, minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, drink, fish oil and nutraceuticals. Euroby has worked with many companies and utilities during the years helping them to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness of waste management programmes and reduce costs.

Various waste management supplies are available to purchase or hire from Euroby, including decanters, belt presses, filter presses, filters and separators.  

Alongside our rental and supply equipment, we also provide first class support services, including:

  • Centrifuge servicing and repairs – for Flottweg machines and other types of decanter centrifuges such as Alfa Laval, Bird, Humboldt KHD, Sharples, Pieralisi, Westfalia, Guinard, Andrits and more.
  • Filter press maintenance and repairs – our service engineers are on hand to assist with installation, commissioning, service, repair and refurbishment of filter press products and processes.
  • Mobile lime stabilisation systems – various units are available for rental or contract work.
  • Technical support – various support services are available to assist with the installation of new, used and refurbished equipment. We also provide 24-hour maintenance and after sales support.

Please read on and/or head over to our website to find out more about our products and services. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at Euroby to discuss your project requirements and we will be happy to help.


Edible Fats / Oils - Visit our website

Here at Euroby, we are pleased to supply top quality centrifuges for the extraction of oil and fat, and for manufacturing biofuels. Centrifuges are used for a range of industry processes such as: the extraction of olive oil, refining of press oil, recycling of animal carcases, processing of fish and fish byproducts, manufacturing of biodiesel and more. Our tailor-made Flottweg decanters and separators are used to optimise extraction processes making them as effective and economical as possible. Our highly experienced team works closely with customers to deliver first class waste extraction solutions.


Beverage Production: High Quality And Improved Profitability - Visit our website

We also supply an excellent range of equipment for various applications in the beverages industry. Flottweg decanters, separators, Tricantor® machines and belt presses are commonly used for the manufacturing of fruit juice, beer, wine, coffee and more.

  • Manufacturing of fruit juice – we provide top quality mechanical separation equipment to help achieve an economical and effective production method.
  • Manufacture of beer – our mechanical separation equipment helps to optimise the yield and achieve consistent quality.
  • Manufacture of wine – our decanters and separators play a crucial role in the production of quality wine.
  • Manufacture of coffee – our mechanical separation technology is also used to increase quality and yield in the processing of coffee.

Please visit our website to find out more.


Chemicals, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Food Industries - Visit our website

Our waste equipment is used for a range of applications in chemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Examples include:

  • Manufacturing Foodstuffs – such as for the production of wheat starch, soya milk or soya proteins.
  • Chemicals, petrochemicals and white, industrial biotechnology – our Flottweg decanters and separators are used to treat liquids, separate liquid blends, classify or dewater solids and extract constituents.
  • Separating Plastics – our centrifuges are used for the separation of plastics and for plastics recycling. The Flottweg Sorticanter® is excellent for separating different types of plastic.
  • Pharmaceuticals – we supply the Sedicanter® for dewatering concentrated algae to 22 – 225% solid content.

Please get in touch, or visit us online for more information.


Dewatering And Thickening Of Municipal Sewage Sludge - Visit our website

Here at Euroby, we have many years of experience when it comes to dewatering and thickening sewage slurry. Working closely with our supplier, Flottweg, for many years, we are pleased to offer the Flottweg C series of decanters designed specifically for sewage treatment plants. This new generation of environmental centrifuges provides industries with excellent performance results and is characterised, as always, by Flottweg’s high standard of quality. We also supply Flottweg’s OSE decanter for thickening sewage sludge, The HTS decanter for dewatering sewage sludge and various other types of equipment for the dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge.


Industrial Waste Water, Minerals and Oil - Visit our website

We are also experts when it comes to processing industrial waste water, minerals and oil. We provide environmentally friendly solutions via our Flottweg decanters, Tricanter®, separators and systems. Our systems are used for a wide range of processes such as the processing of sand washing water and gravel wash water, cleaning and processing of tar in coking plants, processing of oil sludge from ponds and lagoons, and more. Our Flottweg decanters are also used worldwide in the steel industry for cleaning exhaust gases and wastewater in steelworks. Please get in touch to find out more about our waste equipment and services.


Submerged Air Filtration Systems - Visit our website

Our Intelligent Submerged Air Filtration Systems (I-SAF and SAF) effectively and efficiently reduce BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) in both municipal and industrial applications.  We can provide above and below ground units in a wide range of configurations and materials.  Reliability is a key word when it comes to our SAFs as there are no moving parts in the tank and operator involvement is minimal.  With the diffusers having a design life of 15 years and the kiosk thermostatically controlled, you can rely on our robust systems for a long and trouble free working life.  We can supply the control system to your individual specifications.  Our Intelligent Submerged Air Filtration System (I-SAF) delivers the proven capability of providing high quality biologically treated effluent, but with the significant difference that it includes energy saving devices which result in power savings of over 50%.  The I-SAF is available for both rental and purchase.





Centrifuges - Visit our website

We are proud to be the UK agent for Flottweg SE, who are known across the world for unbeatable quality, reliability and consistent cost-effective results.  They have been developing and manufacturing centrifuges for more than 60 years and many Flottweg machines remain in use for decades.  Flottweg centrifuges are used all over the world to produce metals, chemicals, pulp and paper, food, power and petroleum products and to purify drinking water as well as treating wastewater.  We supply a range of Flottweg centrifuges, all of which are described in detail on our website, so do have a look.

Belt Filter Presses - Visit our website

We are pleased to supply the renowned Tefsa range of machines, specifically designed for municipal and industrial use, with more than 2000 units sold globally.  Tefsa’s range of belt dewatering systems deliver on economy; decreasing energy bills and polymer consumption, whilst maintaining high levels of performance and dependability.  Very little operator input is required.  Clients can choose from very small right through to the largest installations.  Further we supply Flottweg belt presses, which are designed specifically for food grade processing.  These machines reflect Flottweg’s unbeatable worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and durability.  All are made entirely of food grade stainless steel ensuring the high standards of hygiene that are demanded in food grade processing.  There are a number of applications for these belt presses including extracting juice from fruit and vegetables, dewatering brewer grains, extracting from algae and herbs and more.  Capacities range from 1 to 40 tons per hour of raw feed materials.  You can learn much more about our belt filter presses on our website.

Filter Press Plates & Membranes - Visit our website

Filter presses are used in a wide range of process industries to enable efficient dewatering of most types of sludge, achieving a high level of dry solids.  We supply, install and maintain units to our customers’ specific needs.   There is a great deal of versatility, as our TEFSA units are available in many different sizes, from small 500mm units to large 2 meter x 2 meter systems.  You can choose from side bar and overhead designs and we have available a range of plate types and materials.  There is also choice when it comes to operating systems, which can be hydraulic, air driven or electro-hydraulic, along with auto plate separation, assisted cake discharge and plate/cloth washing systems.  What’s more, we can often supply used and refurbished machines.  Have a look on our website where you can see more details and examples of typical membrane and chamber filter plates.

Lime Stabilisation Systems - Visit our website

Our lime stabilisation systems are manufactured in house and are available as compact self-contained units or as individual components.  This affords adaptability for different site requirements and planning restrictions.  This versatility is further enhanced by the fact that the systems can be retrofitted into areas with limited space or other constraints.  Each system will precisely measure the amount of burnt lime that is to be mixed with the sludge cake.  You can be certain of maintaining the correct lime dosing levels, as this function is controlled automatically.   Euroby lime stabilisation systems provide the accuracy and versatility you need.

Belt Conveyors - Visit our website

We are pleased to offer a superior quality sludge cake belt conveyor system that boasts a very high level of reliability.  The system is particularly suitable to the water industry, but is also capable of conveying most granular materials and cake.  We are an appointed distributor of the highly considered Easikit range of modular trough and roller belt conveyors.  Modular in design, conveyor lengths can be made in very short lengths to long continuous runs for use in diverse applications.  Our conveyor belt systems provide speed as well as flexibility and, most importantly, they are effective and reliable.  You can opt to buy or rent and all systems are supported by Euroby’s service and maintenance.

Sludge Drying - Visit our website

We can offer stand-alone equipment right through to turnkey plant delivery.  Our belt dryers offer a high quality granulated final product.  Various sludges are dried to d.s. contents of 65% to 95%, using an uncomplicated and energy efficient process.  Enhanced dewatering is offered by the Centridry® process which combines mechanical dewatering and thermal drying in one compact machine.  Simple in use and with a safe fully automatic operation, the Centridry® system processes municipal and industrial sludges with an incoming d.s. of 2% to 7% to rapidly produce fine grained sludge granulate with 60% to 90% d.s.  Have a look on line to see a detailed description of the process involved.

UK Mobile Dewatering Equipment - Visit our website

You can benefit from our large fleet of mobile and semi-mobile dewatering and thickening decanter centrifuge, filter press and belt press units.  Our fleet contains only the best robust equipment, with an emphasis on high quality and reliability.  Our fleet of mobile centrifuges are all up to the minute, using the most efficient modern technology to provide our customers with effective solutions.  We are constantly updating and expanding our dewatering fleet.  Our expert and experienced engineers and technicians can be available on a 24/7 basis and are supported by a huge stock of essential spares.  We can take on the most difficult projects and supply within a very short timescale.

Centrifuge Service and Repairs - Visit our website

We all understand that good equipment maintenance is key to productivity, efficiency and long working life.  The renowned manufacturer, Flottweg, known for quality and service have a specialist service network operating globally providing customers with superior service and repairs as well as essential spare parts.  As a part of this network, Euroby service engineers and technicians are extremely well qualified and experienced, able to tackle any sort of installation and repair and maintenance of Flottweg centrifuges.  The Euroby service department is designed to suit our customers’ needs.  Our skilled staff combine skill and knowledge to ensure our customers receive superlative service whenever and wherever it is needed.

Filter Press Maintenance and Refurbishment - Visit our website

We fully appreciate the importance of good equipment maintenance and offer a complete range of technical support for all types of filter presses.  We support our customers with a staff of highly skilled and experienced engineers who are qualified to work on any kind of installation, repair, service, refurbishment of filter press systems.  Further, we aim to imorive the reliability and efficiency of our customers’ equipment, wherever that is possible.  We know that you cannot afford to wait when repairs are required, so our engineers are always ready and will promptly carry out repairs either in the field or, when necessary, at Euroby Service Department’s West Bromwich workshop.  You can rely on Euroby for the best possible maintenance, repair and refurbishment service.

Mobile Lime Stabilisation Services - Visit our website

Our mobile lime stabilisation units are available for rental or contract work.  Often used along with Euroby mobile dewatering units, they ensure accurate measurement to maintain the correct lime dosing levels.  All our mobile lime stabilisation units are accompanied by skilled and experienced personnel.   Our equipment is fully compliant with HACCP (Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements to ensure safety.

Technical Support - Visit our website

We are proud of the technical support we provide to our customers.  We offer full turnkey capability designed individually to meet each customer’s requirements.   The service can include design, manufacture, installation and commissioning as well as service and repair.  Diagnostics and maintenance programmes are available, as well as plant operation and machine rental and training.  We provide a full range of maintenance and technical support for all our products.  We install new, used and refurbished equipment and offer 24 hour maintenance and after-sales support.  We understand that you cannot afford unnecessary down-time, so we work within a tight timeframe.  Euroby also supplies operational services.  Our highly experienced and skilled operators can man your equipment for up to 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  



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