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Enplus Solutions is a recently formed subsidiary of Duraflex Agency, a business with many years experience in the global materials market. This experience has enabled the development of an innovative range of environmentally responsible products such as recyclable, degradable and compostable carrier bags and plastic cups. These products provide viable solutions to some of todays prominent environmental packaging issues. Enplus Solutions is dedicated to providing a product range that allows our customers to meet all aspects of the "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" initiative, a key issue in the quest for environmental sustainability. Contact EnPlus Solutions » Environmentally Responsible Products Three core products - Bioskin, Enplus Rock Paper and "Plastics for the environment" (p4e) offer environmental product solutions for those wishing to improve the sustainability of their activities, without compromising on quality. Bioskin - This range compromises of Ingeo PLA coated cups, these provide a high quality, environmental alternative to plastic cups. Enplus Rock Paper - Our innovative "tree free" paper bag, an alternative to plastic bags, which helps save trees! Looks like paper - performs like plastic. p4e - This range of reusable, oxo bio-degradable plastic bags reduces plastic waste in the environment without compromising on quality. We constantly seek innovative, sustainable solutions to crucial environmental issues, so our product range will soon be updated with new environmentally responsible solutions. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and discovering how our products illustrate our commitment to " Reuse, Reduce, Recycle " - for the benefit of the environment.



Registration Number: n/a
VAT Number: GB926 5765 88
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 2-5m
Parent Company: Duraflex Agency
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  • Bioskin Reuse - Bioskin PLA cups are high quality, therefore can be washed and reused. Reduce - Bioskin paper cups are compostable - compostability helps reduce landfill waste. Recycle - Bioskin plastic cups are recyclable - no paper waste. Say NO to landfill with Bioskin cups - a high quality alternative to plastic coated cups! Coated with Ingeo PLA, our cups are fully recyclable in the paper chain, compostable to EN13432 standards and bio-degradable. Manufactured from wholly renewable, non-toxic, natural resources, this cup matches the functionality and quality of conventional plastic coated cups while surpassing them environmentally. Produced with 95% paper from managed forests and 5% plant-derived Ingeo PLA resin, these cups are a genuine environmentally responsible alternative and are compostable to EN13432 standards, yet remain waterproof and greaseproof just like conventional products
  • Enplus Rock Paper Reuse - Rock Paper Bags are multi-use and ideal for reuse. Reduce - Rock Paper Bags represent an 80% reduction in plastic usage compared to traditional plastic bags. Recycle - Rock Paper Bags are recyclable in the paper and plastic chains and can be used as a CaCO3 filler. These innovative bags are strong, durable and provide an ideal replacement for expensive, environmentally un-friendly laminated plastic bags. Made from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% HDPE, these bags have low energy and carbon footprints, presenting a unique environmental solution to controversial plastic bags. Recyclable in the PE recycling chain, this product degrades naturally in landfill. It is also "tree free", offering an alternative that helps preserve our forests for the future.
  • P4E "Plastics for the environment": the functionality of conventional plastic, without causing harm to the environment! Reuse - p4e products are reuseable over a finite period. Reduce - p4e products reduce the amount of long-term plastic waste in the environment. Recycle - p4e products can be recycled and are made from recycled plastic polymers. Our range of oxo-degradable plastic carrier bags have the strength, versatility and durability of traditional plastic bags, but aid in reducing the volume of plastic waste in the environment. These products bio-degrade into water, CO2 and biomass residue within 3-5 years, without premature degradation. By reducing the amount of persistent plastic waste in the environment, these products provide a feasible solution to problems associated with the disposal of plastic, in particular carrier bags. We use the world-renowned d2w additive in our p4e products, ensuring that you can be safe in the knowledge that you are investing in an innovative, eco-friendly product.