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For the last decade, Enigma Translation Ltd have provided the finest translation services in more than 70 languages. We draw on the expertise of highly trained linguists from around the globe in order to meet all your business requirements.

We can translate anything you like, whether it’s your technical paperwork or marketing collateral, your corporate website or annual financial reports. Our existing clients include The Carphone Warehouse, Barclaycard International and Alstrom Power. However, we don’t only deal with companies and organisations, we’re also delighted to accommodate private individuals who need translation assistance. From Afrikaans through Hungarian to Welsh, we’ll match you with the best-qualified specialist in your language and subject area to ensure that your translation is accurate and technically correct. The extent of our professional network guarantees the fastest possible turnaround of your brief – sometimes even within one day of receipt. Check out our website to see what we can do for you!

Technical Translation

With the ever increasing specialisation of industries and their associated jargon, translation into other languages represents a distinct challenge. Enigma Translation will appoint a translator with extensive qualifications in the source language and native speaking skills in the target language. Furthermore, they’ll have detailed experience in the subject area in question. We have expertise in sectors as diverse as IT, chemicals, metallurgy and aerospace. Our company database keeps a record of each client’s particular terminologies and in-house terms for long-term consistency within projects. We can also translate highly complex tender documents (including annotated flow charts and sketches).

Legal Translation

It goes without saying that translating legal documents with complete accuracy is of the utmost importance. Regardless whether the subject matter is a birth or marriage certificate, business contract or evidence transcript, the possible implications of incorrect translations are unthinkable. Your Enigma translator will be source language-qualified, a native speaker of the target language and a specialist in the relevant legal area. From civil, criminal, family and commercial law to international, employment and property statutes, we’ll preserve the exact legal sense and precise linguistic nuances to ensure an exact rendering of the meaning of your source document.

Marketing Translation

You’ve invested a great deal of time and resources in preparing your company marketing material, so the last thing you want to do is give them to an inappropriately qualified translator. If the appointed translator is actually from the scientific or legal sphere, they may not convey the precise content, sense or tone of voice which you’re trying to get over to your customers. A translator supplied via Enigma will have a wealth of relevant experience in the marketing area and will be a native speaker of the language to be translated into.  Emails and press releases, newsletters and brochures – they’ll all read as if always written in their mother tongue!

Medical Translation

Medical translation is one of the most specialised forms of translations, and it is essential that translators have a comprehensive knowledge of and experience in the exact branch of medical knowledge. Our translators are wholly qualified in the language of source, speak the target language at native-speaker level and are totally conversant with the medical subject in question. We provide translations in radiology, oncology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, paediatrics, alternative therapies, dentistry, veterinary science and public health amongst others. Whether it’s for medical textbooks, patient information leaflets or multinational health websites, Enigma will bring the facts safely through the language barrier.

Financial Translation

With the globalisation of the business world, it’s critical that you understand the communications you receive from overseas markets – and of course, that they understand you too! Enigma financial translators are familiar with every facet of personal finance, business and economics, with knowledge of stock and property markets, taxation, banking and insurance. They’ll be completely qualified in the original language and a native speaker of the language being translated into.  No matter whether you’re embarking on a career as an international entrepreneur or advertising for tenants for a foreign holiday home, Enigma will find a translator with the right head for figures for your assignment.

Website Translation

All self-respecting businesses these days have their own company website. Offering your readers the option of languages in addition to English will increase your possible target audience and improve the likelihood of your site’s visitors ordering from you. When you commission Enigma to translate your website, we’ll assign a professional who’s thoroughly cognisant of the source language and speaks the target language with native competency. They’ll also be fully experienced in the field of website language translation, so will appreciate the particular demands and intricacies of writing and tailoring content for a web environment.

Interpreting Services

As well as translating the written word, we also provide a range of interpreting services. These can be particularly useful in legal contexts, such as when attending court or a tribunal, meeting with lawyers or interacting the police. Of course, interpreters are often valuable in many other situations when non-mutual languages are an issue. Enigma Translation can assist with simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation, and you can be assured that the interpreters provided will preserve the strictest confidentiality about the conversations they have translated. Contact us today by phone or email to find out more about these services.



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