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For the last 30 years, Enercon Industries Ltd has been a global leader of induction foil sealing systems in both cap and capless form; in addition we also offer surface treating systems technology. We operate from our well equipped European Headquarters based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and out trusted distributors supply our products throughout Europe.

We ensure that when our products leave our factory they have been manufactured to the highest standard and that they comply with all current legislation and CE directives. Our equipment is not only state of the art and of a superior quality but it also offers a costs effective solution to your induction cap sealing needs.

Enercon are committed to environmental issues and try where possible to reduce green house emissions and all of our machines are environmentally friendly.

We are able to provide our customers with a research and resource library to help ensure that they receive the best possible operating window that include quick response analysis and cause and effect training amongst other benefits.

Enercon has established enduring relationships with all leading closure, liner and container manufacturers that enable us to support the equipment on line for the duration of its life.

Induction Cap Sealer Machines

Enercon Industries offers various options in induction cap sealing machines. The primary function of an induction cap sealer is to create a hermetic seal that will prevent leaks, preserve product freshness and ensure that it is impossible to tamper with the packaging. Enercon can provide induction cap sealers, manual cap sealers as well as options for sealing containers without caps. Our engineers have years of experience working with customers around the world on their cap sealing operations and are able to offer solutions that allow for continuous, reliable cap sealing time after time. Furthermore we are able to provide our customers with a high degree of technical support and our cap sealers are widely considered to be one of the best on the market.

Super Seal™ Max Cap Sealer

The fastest cap sealer on the market, the Super Seal Max Cap Sealer, has been manufactured to handle all of the hardest packaging industry tasks. Durable and reliable, the Super Seal Max Cap Sealer, automatically compensates for variations in cap, liner and container tolerance. Enercon can help you achieve maximum productivity whilst only using the minimum amount of energy, by letting one of our expert team match your precise needs with one of our exclusive sealing head designs.

Super Seal™ Touch Induction Sealer

An industry first from Enercon, the Super Seal Touch Induction Sealer features a new industry advancement; the inclusion of an interactive touch screen sealer which offers top level productivity attributes. The touch screen interface is easy to use and has multiple language options available, with supervisory password protection and recipe management included as standard. Additionally the Super Seal Touch Induction Sealer has integrated cap inspection and remote connectivity options that only add to its superior performance capabilities making it and essential piece of manufacturing equipment.

Super Seal™ Linear Top Belt Sealer

Especially made for containers that are not fitted with the necessary torque needed for non contact induction sealing, the Super Seal Linear Top Belt Sealer from Enercon will make sure that the level of pressure between the sealing area and the liner remains consistent. Integrated into the system is the Enercon Super Seal series cap sealer that provides all the sealing power and reliability needed for continued induction sealing. The Super Seal Linear Top Belt Sealer can work on conveyor speeds of up to 40 metres per minute.

Sentri System

The Sentri System is a detection device especially for Induction Sealing machines, it is able to check for missing foil or high cap signals and has sensors designed to recognise if a bottle has stalled or if there is a backlog. The system is simple to set up and use, with a display unit keyboard and an on screen information message that has a built in reject counter. The timer functions can match all conveyor speeds and are fully adjustable, as is the output signal to the operator rejects system. The hardworking and durable Sentri also comes with the option to fit visual and audible alarms if required.

Corona, Plasma and Flame Surface Treaters

Enercon can offer a full surface treatment service in corona, atmospheric plasma and flame surfaces. The treatment promotes strong surface adhesion in a large selection of films as well as a wide range of other 3 dimensional objects. The systems allows the treated surface to be cleaned, etched and functionalised which enables the surface to be used for applications such as printing, coating, laminating, bonding, painting and decorating. Our team of specialists are able to offer advice and assistance where required as to the most suitable treatment for your needs.

Super Seal™ Contact: Direct Foil Capless Sealing

Using Enercon’s Super Seal Contact Sealing technology, we are now able to provide capless induction sealing. This type of sealing offers all the same benefits of traditional induction sealing but uses 80% less energy than conduction hot plate systems as well as reducing your company’s carbon footprint with less Co2 emissions. It also allows for a 50% reduction in foil thickness. This hugely energy efficient technology can be easily retro fitted into your existing production line. The system also enjoys a significantly reduced level of maintenance when compared to its contact heating plate counterparts.

Auto Junior Table Top Cap Sealer

For semi automatic induction, the Auto Auto Junior Table Top Cap Sealer is a table top induction sealer that is ideal for low production volumes. The cap sealer has been fitted with guides to enable the machine operators to see exactly where they should position the container guaranteeing that they are always in the correct place. The unit also comes equipped with a digital timer which will perfectly time each and every process and also enables the operator to see when the task has been completed and when the sealer is ready for the next container.



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