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EMKA UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of EMKA – a world leader in the development, engineering and design of modular closing systems, and a well-renowned global supplier. We are a privately owned company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative electronic locking modules, locking systems, locks and latches, compression locks, keylocks, toggle latches, hinges, handles, rod controls, air conditioning products, stainless steel products, sealing profiles, window and door units and accessories. We specialise in supplying products to the electrical and electronic, HVAC and industrial enclosure industries. 
At EMKA, we have approximately 1350 employees all over the world, with 25 subsidiaries. We have manufacturing plants in Germany, France, Bosnia, China, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as a Technology centre in Germany. We manufacture, develop and assemble state of the art products for specific applications, and our Dispatch department guarantees on-time delivery directly to you, no matter where you are in the world.  
We always strive to provide our valued customers with the best, most cost effective and reliable solution, backed by a comprehensive support service. It is our belief that the EMKA product line is the most innovative and comprehensive in the industry today, and our creative Design team are continually improving our product range to offer more choice and better designs to add to our existing range. We also offer competitive pricing and short lead times for most items, which makes us the number one choice for many companies worldwide. Below you will find an overview of some of our key products, but for detailed information please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.  We can also send you specific product information, our latest catalogue, or we can arrange a visit to your site by one of our representatives to discuss anything in more detail. 

Quarter Turns

At EMKA, we specialise in manufacturing and supplying quarter turns for specific uses. Our range includes small and medium sizes, standard sizes, three piece and other versions - such as compression latch and wing knob. We can also supply a full range of accessories, including rotation prevention, dishes, rods, rod guides, dust caps, leading ramps, hook lever locks, and much more. 
A full colour downloadable brochure is available on our website, which outlines each product with exact dimensions and variations and accessories available. Please click on the link to visit our website to download your copy now.

Rod Controls

Our comprehensive range of rod controls include screw-on programme or weld-on programme options, depending on your requirements. Our choice of latches for screw-on programme include heavy duty latches, 3-point latches and inserts, handles and adaptor systems. For weld-on programmes, we can provide heavy duty latches, one and two point latches and hooked latches, rod controls, 3-point latches for profile cylinders, inserts and handles, rod controls, pressure tight systems, 90-degree rod pivot with ring handles, profile half cylinders and lever locking systems. Why not browse our brochure for specific details of each available product – please click on the link to be taken to our website to download our latest brochure.

Locking Systems

EMKA are world leaders in the design, engineering and development of locking systems. We have a wide variety of locking systems available, each of which offer different benefits and designs – such as emergency opening, electronic unlocking or manual, modular locking, assembling inside or outside of the gasketing, and many more options to suit your needs. Our locking systems include a wide variety of swinghandle options, as well as lifthandle, profile half cylinders, and additional products such as rod controls, bearing brushes, cams and more. We have a selection of fully comprehensive brochures available to download, including a locking systems overview, rod guides, and unique information for every product choice available. Please click on the link and download your copies today.


Our hinges can be separated into hinges for prominent doors, hinges for flush doors and aluminium profiles, pin hinges or other various hinges for different uses. 
Our comprehensive Hinge Overview give detailed information of all the options available, and clearly demonstrates which hinges are concealed or not, whether they are for in-line cabinets or not, whether they are screw on or weld on and the material, so that you can make the correct, informed choice of the exact product you require. Please click on the link to download your copy, and to browse each hinge section individually. Our dedicated customer service team will be happy to assist you if you cannot find what you are looking for.


EMKA design and manufacture a full range of gasketing and accessories, including closed cell sponge rubber, edge protection, window rubber profiles, EMC gasketing materials and sealing systems. Our range encompasses standard gasketing in various sizes, as well as self-gripping gasketing in a choice of designs and edge protection in a variety of sizes. 
We have a detailed EMC gasketing material guide, which outlines product dimensions and compatibilities, and can be downloaded for free. Please click on the link to view or download a copy today.


Choose from bow-style handles in different sizes, or tube handles, hinged pattern handles or pull handles, as well as handles of variable length for full flexibility. We also offer hinged pattern handles with leaf spring, or insert piano wire torsion spring, chest handles, counter plates, and uniquely shaped handles. Made from different materials and coming in a wide choice of sizes, styles and finishes, look no further than EMKA UK for all your handle requirements. Please click on the link to download our latest brochure in full.

Aluminium Windows

We manufacture outstanding quality aluminium windows, either with or without frames, as well as innovative EMKA PROflex windows and aluminium doors. Our aluminium windows come in a choice of thicknesses and sizes, and our aluminium doors come in two different styles to achieve the look and finish that you want. Our intelligent EMKA PROflex windows also come with our without a frame, and come either pre-assembled and ready to fit or in a kit for self assembly. They offer a superior seal and insulation, and can be frame mounted, with locks, and in different styles and sizes. Please click on the link to download a brochure from our website, or contact us directly if you would like any more help.

Stainless Steel Program

Our stainless steel programme incorporates locks, hinges and other items, and offers strong, superior quality that is durable, long-lasting and gives a classic, stylish finish. Our stainless steel locks include quarter turns, compression latches, safety quarter turns, quarter turns with our without masks, with cylinders, as well as quarter turns for padlocks, quarter turns for hygienic areas, stainless steel rod controls, stainless steel escutcheons, heavy duty latches, bearing brushes and stainless steel handles and swinghandles.  Our stainless steel hinges for prominent or flush doors include screw-on hinges, hinges with captive pins, 180 degree hinges, concealed hinges, and adjustable hinges.  Other complimentary stainless steel products include bow-type handles, telescopic cover stays and stainless steel door stops.  Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for and we will be happy to help.

Toggle Latches

EMKA are proud to offer a full range of toggle latches to fit your exact requirements. Our range includes wire toggle latches, flexible wire toggle latches, rigid wire toggle latches, toggle latches with links, spring loaded toggle latches in various sizes, special toggle latches, adjustable toggle latches in a selection of sizes, and catch plates and back plates in a wide variety of designs.
Please view our toggle latch and hook programme brochure, or view each individual category in more detail, by clicking on the link to visit our website.

Air Conditioning Applications

Our air conditioning applications are made from heavy duty latches, which come in a choice of heavy duty latch with mild steel shafts, lift and turn latches, heavy duty latches for outside the door, pull, with quarter turn and 180° hinge. We also design and create a full range of accessories to compliment the heavy duty range, and we have a wide choice of sizes and styles available. Download our air conditioning programme today, by clicking on the link to visit our website, and discover which option is best for you. Or you can contact us directly through the website, if there is anything you would like any help with when searching for the correct product.

ELM Electronic Locking Monitoring Systems

At EMKA, we know how important security is when it comes to locking systems, and we can offer ELM security systems or stand alone solutions. Our electronic locking and monitoring systems are highly sensitive, and can give peace of mind to all businesses. Choose from our different forms of electronic locking systems, which come in different sizes, complexities and styles and with different formats of sensor. From simple and cost effective designs to fully integrated systems and combinations, we will have a product to suit your unique requirements and budget.
Our stand alone solutions include keypads, combination handles, and related accessories to give extra security to certain areas. Please download our latest brochure to compare the benefits of each security solution, and how it would best work with your business.

ELM Security System

Our integrated ELM Security System comes in a choice of sensor module, handle module for 8 handles, handle module for 2 handles, latch modules, single point latches or latch modules for 2 single point latches. The operating modules have a choice of keypad, proximity modules, GSM modules, combi handle and keypad, locking system unit with reed contact or single point latches. Each module comes in basic or standard 19”, box encapsulated versions or kit components.  Sensors can detect everything from movement to humidity, temperature and smoke. Please download our latest brochure to compare each available model.


Our miscellaneous products include locks, latches, keys, cover stays, door stops and accessories – such as panel mounting devices, cable shunting rings and drawing pockets, as well as commercial vehicles and fixing materials – including nuts, circlips, and vibration-proof screws, for all your requirements.  We are dedicated to offering superior quality products with excellent customer service at all times, so if you cannot find what you are looking for our experienced team will be able to help you.

Certifications and Accreditations

EMKA are a leading worldwide manufacturer with an enviable reputation for quality, innovation and attention to detail. We hold DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 certifications, as well as certification in relation to non-conflict materials, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, for your peace of mind. We are the trusted manufacturer for a large number of multi national companies, and our standards of safety are second to none. If you would like to find out more, please click on the link to view our certificates, or complete the online form for a free call back.

Environmental Responsibility

At EMKA, we are committed to respecting the environment as well as providing leading innovation. We are environmentally conscious and we want to limit the use of natural resources as much as possible in order to be a responsible manufacturer. To lessen our impact upon the environment as well as improving our business processes, we have installed solar energy plants on the roof to heat water, closed coolant circulation in plastic manufacturing, begun re-processing of water for the production processes, modernised our heating systems to more efficient technologies, and reduced temperatures at night times and weekends. 


Here at EMKA, we aim to act globally whilst thinking locally. We want to have a presence and be on hand to assist in a wide variety of countries, which is why we regularly organise global trade fairs in order to highlight the advantages of EMKA in all fields. The fairs are staffed with competent team members who are there to answer any questions you may have, as well as demonstrating our innovative products. Our fairs are taking place all over the world, including in Romania, South Korea, Poland, Finland, China, Japan, the UK, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, India, Italy, the UAE, the Netherlands and Turkey. Please click on the link to view the dates, fields and locations of our upcoming exhibitions.



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