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We are a leading manufacturer of electric furnaces and ovens for a wide range of industries including aerospace, electronics, medical, nuclear, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals. We provide a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke electric furnaces and ovens, and we have developed many innovative solutions for complex thermal processes. Our products are in use in laboratories, educational institutions and industries all over the world. We understand the importance of good customer relationships and communication. Our team of highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced designers, engineers and technicians focus on fulfilling our clients' requirements with a "hands-on" approach to projects and customer liaison. From the beginning, we have focused on technical innovation, best practices, and continual structured product development and improvement, as well as mutual partnership with our clients and suppliers. Our policy is to design and manufacture our products to comply with, and when practical, exceed all applicable regulatory requirements. We aim to minimise wastage of materials and resources as much as possible, and we continually assess the environmental impact of our operations.

Custom Design

Thanks to their close involvement in a variety of demanding process applications over many years, our engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience with industrial furnaces and ovens. This enables us to design custom-tailored and cost-effective solutions to suit our
customers' specific requirements. We can modify standard equipment or design custom systems.

Some of the custom furnaces we have produced include a 1500 deg C horizontal/vertical split furnace for reaction tube heating in gas cracking research and a 1000 deg C rotary retort furnace for minerals research. Custom ovens include a 400 deg C corrosion-resistant and gas-tight oven for Barium Bromide production and a 600 deg C batch processing oven for thermionic valve glass envelope annealing.


We offer an extensive range of laboratory and industrial chamber furnaces and laboratory tube furnaces.

Our laboratory chamber furnaces include
• 1200, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700 and 1800 degrees C laboratory chamber furnaces
• 750 deg C air recirculating furnaces
• 1100 deg C economy chamber furnaces
• 1200 deg C ashing and top loading furnaces
• 1300 deg C rapid heating chamber furnaces
• 1700 and 1800 deg C elevator hearth furnaces
• 2000 deg C vacuum chamber furnace

Industrial chamber furnaces include 1200 and 1700 deg C general chamber furnaces and 1700 deg C elevator hearth chamber furnaces.

Laboratory tube furnaces include single zone and three zone horizontal and horizontal/vertical tube furnaces and 1200 and 1500 deg C vacuum tube furnaces.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

We aim to provide our customers with the best service level at all times and exceed their expectations whenever possible. Service work is carried out by factory-trained, experienced engineers, and all site work is fully insured.

In the UK, we offer replacement parts, accessories and consumables as well as operator personal safety equipment. We can repair or refurbish most makes of furnaces and ovens, either at our factory or on site. We offer an emergency call-out service as well as pre-planned site visits.

We can carry out system safety checks, routine maintenance and furnace temperature surveys, and we perform calibration and accuracy certification testing.


Designed for long-term reliability, Elite ovens and incubators are offered with the choice of forced air circulation or gravity convection.

We offer 100 to 250 deg C high general purpose incubators and 250 to 300 deg C general purpose, high performance and moisture extraction ovens, as well as 400 to 600 deg C high temperature ovens. We also provide heavy-duty incubators and ovens and general purpose drying cabinets.

Many optional features are available, and configurations can be tailored for applications ranging from simple curing and drying processes to rigorous long-term stability testing for advanced materials.


As well as ceramic discs and plates in a wide range of sizes, we offer boats, crucibles and dishes.

Boats are available with or without tail and hole in capacities ranging from 3.6 to 37 ml.

Crucible choices include cylindrical crucibles with capacities from 0.85 to 830 ml and circular crucibles with tapered walls (0.3
- 190 ml) or rounded bases (14 - 80 ml).

Round shallow and rectangular dishes are available in capacities from 1 - 500 ml and 27
- 1400 ml respectively.

1100°C - Economy Chamber Furnaces

There are two different 1100 °C Economy Chamber Furnace types available. The BCF models are designed and manufactured for light-duty general laboratory work and are suitable for a variety of firing applications. The BMF model is designed and manufactured for ashing applications. This model features a pre-heated airflow system and a large chimney to create effective combustion within the chamber. The maximum temperature for all models is 1100°C and chamber capacity varies between 7, 8 and 15 litres between the models. Please visit our website to view full specifications or contact the team at Elite Thermal Systems Ltd for more information.

1200°C - Ashing Furnaces

The 1200°C Ashing Furnaces are available in two different types – BMF or BSF models. Both types have been designed and manufactured to achieve excellent combustion conditions within the heated chamber. This makes these models ideal for applications that require general purpose ashing. The 1200°C range features a pre-heated airflow system for good temperature uniformity, double skin construction for safety purposes, good airflow for effective combustion, and positive break door safety switch to isolate the chamber from the power supply when the door is open. The maximum temperature for all models is 1200°C.

1700°C & 1800°C - Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

We also supply a wide range of 1700°C and 1800°C Laboratory Chamber Furnaces. The chamber capacity of the models varies from 4/ 5 litres up to 27 litres. The 4 litre and 5 litre models are bench mounted while all other models are floor standing. All models come with a choice of either a manual door operation or an electric door operation to suit individual requirements. The 1700°C and 1800°C range features over-temperature protection systems, lockable electric door mechanisms, vertical lifting door operator from heat when the door is opened, double skin case construction for safety.

1300°C - Rapid Heating Chamber Furnaces

Our 1300°C Rapid Heating Chamber Furnaces are designed for general purpose use. These models feature free radiating spiral heating elements retained in low thermal mass chamber wall panels. They have vertical lifting doors to protect the operator from heat when the door is opened, fast heating rates, double skin case for safety purposes, and ceramic liners to help protect against chemical attack, to minimise dusting and to facilitate the use of inert gases. There are four different models in the range with 5, 12, 25, or 42 litre chamber capacities.

1200°C, 1500°C & 1700°C - General Purpose Chamber Furnace

We supply a range of 1200°C, 1500°C and 1700°C General Purpose Chamber Furnaces. These are designed for front loading and have large capacity chambers for greater throughput of production parts. The range of BIF models is available with temperature processing capabilities from 700°C through to 1700°C and they can suit various applications such as sintering of engineering ceramics, metal heat treatments and glass melting and processing. This general purpose range features retorts (ceramic/ metal), gas control systems, independent monitoring probes, loading/unloading systems, and calibration/furnace surveys.

1200°C, 1500°C & 1700°C - Elevator Hearth Chamber Furnaces

We supply various BEB models of 1200°C, 1500°C and 1700°C Elevator Hearth Chamber Furnaces. These models have been designed and manufactured to be tough and robust for long-term use. They feature a bottom loading furnace for ease of use during loading and unloading. The hearth can be fixed or detachable – if it is detachable then a hearth/two trolley system is normally employed to allow one hearth to be unloaded while the other is in the furnace being processed. This system is highly effective and improves production time. Temperature processing capabilities range from 700°C through to 1700°C.

1850°C Single Zone Horizontal Tube Furnace

The 1850°C Single Zone Horizontal Tube Furnace is designed and manufactured specifically for the processing of small samples in temperature processing capabilities up to 1850°C. The TSH185 is a standalone unit in a horizontal format with a 300m heated zone length. It is also fitted with a 40mm O/D maximum worktube. Various other options are available including worktubes, gas tight end seals, radiation screens and insulating plugs, a flowmeter, flammable gas control/ safety system, gas inlet, operator safety equipment, special control systems, a monitor thermocoluple, access/viewing ports and furnace stands and trolleys.

1700°C Single Zone Split Vertical Tube Furnace

The TVH model is available in one standard format. This model has temperature processing capabilities up to 1700°C, a 90mm tube diameter, and a heated zone length of 250mm. We can customize heated lengths and/or tube diameters, however, to suit specific customer requirements. We can also provide worktubes with end seals to allow processing under vacuum or gas atmospheres as well as a wide range of furnace worktubes. Please visit our website to view detailed specification lists and available options with this model.

Custom Ovens

We supply a range of high quality ovens, incubators and drying cabinets. Examples of the range include a 300°C Air Recirculating Oven (for batch reflow soldering of heat sink devices for high power semiconductor applications), 300°C Multi Access Ovens (for timed preheating of high power resistors prior to dip coating with protective materials), 400°C Highly Corrosion Resistant Gas Tight Ovens (for production of Barium Bromide), 600°C Batch Processing Ovens (for annealing of thermionic valve glass envelopes), and 400°C 3 Zone Precision Tube Ovens (for heat treatment of indium waters. Please visit our website or contact the team at Elite Thermal Systems Ltd for further information.

Custom Furnaces

We also supply a fantastic range of custom designed furnaces. Examples of the range include: 1000°C Rotary Retort Furnace (for use in minerals research), 1000°C Special Retort Furnaces (for debinding of metals and ceramics injection moulded parts prior to sintering), 1050°C Elevator Retort Furnace (for sintering of metal/ceramic products), 1050°C Multi Chamber Furnace (for growing single crystal super conducting materials), 110°C 3 Zone Controlled Retort Furnace (for treatments of magnetic steals), 1250°C Chamber Furnace (for special heat treatment of novel spring devices), 1500°C Horizontal/Vertical Split Furnace (for heating reaction tubes in gas cracking research), and 1600°C and 600°C Double Split Furnaces (for use in spin coating of optoelectronic materials).

Crucibles - Circular with Rounded Base

We supply various laboratory ceramics including circular with rounded base crucibles. Alumina and Zirconia models are available  in 14ml, 30ml, 45ml, and 80 ml capacities. Please visit our website to view height, O/Dia and I/Dia dimensions or contact the team at Elite Thermal Systems Ltd for further information.

Dishes - Round Shallow

We also supply a wide range of round shallow dishes. Various Alumina and Zirconia models are available in the following capacities: 1ml, 12ml, 22ml, 35ml, 36ml, 60ml, 80ml, 120ml, 180ml, 280ml, and 500ml. Dishes are also available in bowl shapes, with straight sides or as a semi bowl. Please visit our website to view height and O/Dia dimensions.

Boats with Tail and Hole

Various boats with tail and hole are available. Alumina and Zirconia models are available in 3.6, 5.0, 9.0, 10.5, 12.0, 15.0, 31.0, and 35.0 capacities. Please visit our website to view internal length, length, external height, and width dimensions.

High Temperature Ovens (BAF

We supply three main types of High Temperature Ovens: BAF-400°C (fan heated, temperature range 40°C – 400°C, digital controls and 220/240V-1ph electrical supply), BAF-500°C (fan heated, temperature range 40°C – 500°C, digital controls, digital over-temperature protection and 220/240V-1ph electrical supply), and BAF-600°C (fan heated, 40°C – 600°C, digital controls and digital over-temperature protection and 220/240V-1ph electrical supply). Please visit our website to view our capacity guide or call the team at Elite Thermal Systems Ltd with your enquiries.


Here at Elite Thermal Systems we aim, ‘to provide our customers with the best service level – at all times – and to exceed customer expectations whenever possible.’ It is essential that all of our customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive from us. We provide the same high level of service to each and every one of our customers before, during and after sales. Our service, maintenance and repairs work is undertaken by our experienced and highly skilled and trained engineers. All site work is also fully insured. Our technical team is also on hand to answer all of your queries and to provide advice when needed.

Environmental Policy

We understand the effect that business production can have on the environment and follow measures to meet and exceed regulatory requirements as well as to minimise all adverse environmental effects that our business and production may cause. We follow strategic planning for all new developments and investment decisions to consider the environment and involve and encourage employees in such environmental matters. We are continually assessing and evaluating the impact our business has on the environment and will continue to minimise affects on the environment where possible.

General Purpose (GPI) - Incubators / Steriliser (GPIS) - Wax Incubator (GPIW)

We supply a range of General Purpose Incubators (GPI), General Purpose Incubator Sterilisers (GPIS), and General Purpose Wax Incubators (GPIW). Examples of the range include the GPIW-100 °C (convection heating, temperature range 30°C - 100 °C, hydraulic thermostat controls, thermostat with indicator), GPI-100 °C (convection heating, temperature range Amb +5 °C - 100 °C, hydraulic thermostat controls, thermostat with indicator over temperature protection), and GPIS-250 °C (fan heating, digital controls and digital over temperature protection).

Dish - Rectangular

We also supply a range of rectangular dishes. These are available in Alumina or Zirconia models with capacities including 27ml, 34ml, 60ml, 90ml, 100ml, 105ml, and 140ml. Please visit our website to view height, O/Dia and I/Dia dimensions or contact us at Elite Thermal Systems Ltd for further information.

Crucibles - Circular with Tappered Walls

Our range of circular crucibles with tapered walls are available in Alumina and Zirconia models with capacities including 0.3ml, 4ml, 8ml, 23ml, 125ml, 150ml, and 190ml. Please visit our website to view height, O/Dia and I/Dia dimensions.

Crucibles - Cylindrical

We also supply a large range of cylindrical crucibles. Various models are available in Alumina or Zirconia with capacities ranging from 0.85ml through to 830ml. Please visit our website to view full technical specifications and contact us at Elite Thermal Systems Ltd with your enquiries.

Boats Plain without Tail

These models are available in various capacities from 4.7ml through to 37.0ml. Alumina and Zirconia models are available in various internal lengths, lengths, external heights and widths. Please see technical information on our website and contact our sales team for further information or to order.

1200°C Single Zone - Horizontal / Vertical Tube Furnaces

We are pleased to provide customers with the 1200°C Single Zone – Horizontal/Vertical Tube Furnace for use with most general laboratory thermal processing applications. The TSH12 furnace range incorporates an integral elemental worktube. It has a maximum temperature of 1200°C and is available with a choice of five tube diameters and six heated zone lengths. Other options include worktubes with end seals for processing under vacuum or gas atmospheres, separate worktubes for minimising the risj of contaminating the elemental-work-tube, and the model can be supplied in horizontal or vertical format.

750°C Air Recirculating Chamber Furnaces

BAF air re-circulating furnaces offer outstanding temperature uniformity and benefit from rapid thermal transfer to the load at lower temperatures. They are typically used in annealing, stress relieving, tempering and normalising applications. Maximum operating temperature is 750°C. 


BAF furnaces are available in three standard sizes: 15, 31 and 45 ltr. Larger units can be built upon special request. All units feature a stainless steel liner and MI heating elements which are isolated from the liner. 


1200°C Top Loading Chamber Furnaces

Our VSF top loading furnaces allow easy loading and unloading of awkward loads (heavy samples, tall crucibles, etc.), and benefit from a solid, robust construction with a swing-aside door that keeps the hot door surface away from the operator. VSF furnaces have 4-side heating to provide good temperature uniformity and feature an integrated exhaust port for fume removal. Maximum operating temperature is 1200°C. Optional extras include tinted sight glass and internal monitoring probes.

1200°C & 1500°C Vacuum Tube Furnaces

Our TVH12 and TVH15 laboratory scale high vacuum furnaces offer maximum temperatures of 1200°C and 1500°C respectively. Each system comprises of a vacuum vessel, a two-stage rotary pump, a water cooled oil diffusion pump, backing/roughing and baffle valve (manual), Pirani gauge, Penning gauge and radiation screens. Standard systems are supplied only in horizontal format. Optional features include gas inlets, gas control/safety systems, low vacuum system, 3-zone control and semi/fully automatic vacuum and heating cycles.

General Purpose Drying Cabinets

We offer a range of general purpose, natural convection drying cabinets for multiple applications. They are typically used for drying glassware and instruments. Drying cabinets from Elite Thermal Systems are available in four capacities (113, 226, 540 and 1000 ltr), with optional fan assistance, variable rate extraction and updated temperature features available on the two largest models (540 & 1000 ltr). For more information on our general purpose drying cabinets, please visit Elite Thermal Systems online or contact our sales team on 01858 469834.

1200°C Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

Designed for general laboratory applications, furnaces in the BSF range incorporate hard-faced slab heating elements, and are perfect for treating heavy loads. Their doors are vertical lifting, to protect the user from heat, and have positive break door safety switches to isolate the chamber from the power supply when the door is opened. BSF furnaces also have double skin case construction to assure that safety standards are met, as well as replaceable ceramic hearth tiles.

Optional features include 4 side heating for heavy loads, metal gas tight retorts, and an ashing conversion kit to improve fume extraction and combustion conditions.

1400°C, 1500°C and 1600°C Laboratory Chamber Furnace

Heated by high grade silicon carbide elements, the 1400°C, 1500°C and 1600°C BRF furnaces are thermally efficient and rapid heating – ideal for general purpose high temperature processing applications.

With vertical lifting doors to protect the user from heat, positive break door safety switches to isolate the chamber from the power supply when the door is opened, and double skin case construction, these furnaces are designed with safety in mind.

1700°C and 1800°C Elevator Hearth Furnaces

A compact, bench-mounted unit, the BEB elevator hearth furnace has fast hearth ascent/descent, and is perfect for rapid heating and load transfer applications like glass melting. The BEB furnace is heated by Molybdenum disilicide and Molybdenum tungsten disilicide elements, and has 4 side heating for good temperature uniformity. It can be provided with either an electric or pneumatic elevator drive mechanism, and its instrumentation and control gear is housed in a free-standing console.

Options include ceramic liner for applications involving corrosive fumes and protective atmospheres, and flowmeters for air or inert gases.

2000°C Vacuum Chamber Furnace

The BVT cold wall vacuum furnace is made to operate up to 2000°C in vacuum, neutral or reducing atmospheres, and is heated by high grade graphite elements. It provides the choice of low or high vacuum, and the temperature is measured by thermocouple up to 1800°C and optical pyrometer above 1800°C. To assure the safety of the operator, the top loading swing door is fully interlocked and the BVT comes with a fully automatic fail safe system.

1500°C & 1600°C Single Zone - Horizontal/Vertical Tube Furnaces

TSH15 and TSH16 furnaces can reach maximum temperatures of 1500°C and 1600°C respectively, and each temperature band offers the choice between 3 tube diameters and 3 heated zone lengths. These furnaces are ideal for laboratory high temperature processing applications.

TSH15 and TSH16 furnaces necessitate the use of a separate worktube of a grade that suits the maximum temperature rating of the furnace. Options include a range of end seals to facilitate processing under vacuum or gas atmospheres, radiation screens and a variety of furnace worktubes.

1700°C & 1800°C Single Zone - Horizontal/Vertical Tube Furnaces

TSH17 and TSH18 furnaces use Molybdenum disilicide and Molybdenum Tungsten disilicide heating elements to provide very fast heating rates up to 1700°C or 1800°C. Both models offer a choice of 4 heated zone lengths and a single worktube size up to 75mm I/D by default, though non-standard sizes can be provided if requested.

If you require a more economical alternative to the TSH18, consider the TSV18, which is supplied in a vertical format and is heated by Lanthanum Chromite elements.

These furnaces require the use of separate worktubes, and care must be taken to assure that they match the heating rate of the furnace.

1200°C Three Zone - Horizontal/Vertical Tube Furnaces

Via their three heated zones, furnaces in the TMH12 range were made to provide temperature uniformity along the tube. The default control system involves two end zone controllers which are coupled to a centre zone thermocouple, which allows the temperature of the centre zone to be followed closely. Depending on the degree of accuracy needed for the application, alternative control systems are available with different interzone communication methods.

Options include worktubes with end seals that permit processing under vacuum or gas atmospheres, and horizontal or vertical formats.

1500°C, 1600°C, 1700°C & 1800°C Three Zone - Horizontal/Vertical Tube Furnaces

Furnaces in the TMH range use control of three heated zones to provide good temperature uniformity. The main temperature programmer in these furnaces retransmits its setpoint to the end zone temperature controllers, assuring that all of the zones follow the temperature profile. They also have the facility for local “trimming” of end zone setpoints, to optimise the temperature along the worktube.

TMH15 and TMH16 furnaces can be provided in horizontal or vertical formats, while TMH17 and TMH18 furnaces are horizontal only. TMH furnaces also require separate worktubes that must be selected to match the maximum temperature of the respective model.

1100°C & 1700°C Single Zone - Split Horizontal/Vertical Tube Furnaces

For applications that necessitate in-line heating or rapid cooling rates, we have the THH range of furnaces. THH furnaces come in horizontal and vertical formats, though the THV is vertical only.

The THH11 furnace is heated by high grade resistance wire spirals, and there are a wide range of worktubes available for it. Heated by Molybdenum disilicide elements, the THV17 is capable of fast heating rates and has overtemperature protection as standard.

Knowledge Centre

We have prepared the Elite Knowledge Centre on-line to keep you up to date with all the latest technology we have available.  We supply information that will help you to get the most of our products.  There are training videos, case studies and technical documentation for all our products in the Knowledge Centre.  We also invite you to submit your own case studies outlining your Elite experience.  Have a look at all that is available in the Knowledge Centre on our website.



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