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ELE International is a market-leading specialist in designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality construction materials, testing equipment, and environmental instrumentation. We backup our excellent products with first-class and global technical and application support for our customers. ELE is part of Danaher Corporation, a multinational firm, so we have the resources, knowledge and skills, to help support your business and supply the solutions you need.

Soil Testing

ELE has helped equipped some of the world’s leading geotechnical laboratories for more than 45 years. We have offered tools as basic as field classification tests and as advanced as triaxial systems. And we have made years of investment into developing control and data acquisition tools with user-friendly software. Our DataSystem package, for data acquisition and analysis, offers automatic data recording and analysis (with report generation) for a range of soil testing: CBR, consolidation, shear, permeability, quick undrained triaxial, consolidated drained, and undrained triaxial. We also offer testing tools fine-tuned to our clients needs. Please visit our website or contact us for details.

Concrete Testing

ELE has designed and manufactured a wide range of testing equipment for concrete for more than 45 years. Our tools can be relied on for high-quality testing of concrete, a key construction material, in any construction context; and our equipment has been used by some of the most prestigious building projects in the world. Please visit our website or contact us for details.

Cement Testing

Cement in various forms has been used in construction for centuries – going back to the use of lime as a cementing material by the ancient Romans and ancient Egyptians. Modern cement is produced through a chemical process: raw materials are crushed, ground, and blended, before being heated in a rotary kiln so as to be chemically combined. The material is then ground with gypsum to produce Portland cement. We offer equipment for a range of tests of your cement: chemical, fineness, consistency, setting time, workability, flow, soundness, air content and density, fly ash, as well as mixing, mulling, curing and overall strength. Please visit our website or contact us for details.

Aggregate Testing

Many construction materials – fill materials, inbound paving, asphalt, and concrete – consist of aggregate. Construction aggregate covers a wide category of coarse particulate matter – generally including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic materials. And its very diversity means that aggregate needs to be thoroughly tested. Our aggregate testing equipment examines your material for particle size, shape, and texture, as well as relative, bulk, and compacted densities. Our products also test for soundness, resistance to chemical erosion or attack, and mechanical properties. Please visit our website or contact us for details.

Asphalt/Bitumen Testing

Bituminous materials – Asphalt, or Bitumen in the UK – is principally used in road construction. Asphalt is made up of two main ingredients: aggregate material and a binder agent. Recent advances in analysing Asphalt/Bitumen mixtures have lead to better testing equipment – allowing you to better understand the quality and behaviour of your mixtures. Durability and performance are key measures. We offer a wis range of Asphalt/Bitumen testing equipment. Please visit our website or contact us for details.


The science of the mechanical behaviour of rock is critical in the construction industry. If rock is to be used as a building material then its behaviour and strength need to be fully understood. But in-situ testing of a particular rock’s engineering parameters is expensive and impractical for all but the largest projects. So a cost-effective solution of field test equipment and laboratory testing must be used. ELE supplies a range of equipment for the efficient and cost-effective identification, preparation, and testing of rock, using standard tests and techniques. Please visit our website or contact us for details.



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  • ADR Concrete Machine
  • ADR-Auto Concrete Machine
  • ADU Logger
  • Cumulus Automatic Weather Station.
  • DS7 Geotechnical Software
  • EMS Environmental Monitoring Station.
  • Multiplex Universal Test Frame
  • Paqualab Portable water quality laboratory.
  • Tritest Triaxial Machine