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Registration Number: 07608066
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Registered at Companies House:18 April, 2011 (6 years and 5 months ago)
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EcoAdBlue Ltd and our sister company Ecohaulage Ltd, are based in Kirmington. With over 150 years experience in the transportation industry, EcoAdBlue have firmly established themselves as the UK’s number 1 supplier of AdBlue (Urea) and AdBlue related products. We are able to distribute our products throughout the UK and internationally thanks to our cleverly placed production sites. Our coverage includes tractors, lorries and marine vessels and we offer free delivery nationwide.  EcoAdBlue’s prices are extremely competitive and we are even able to tailor make solutions to fit in with customers exact needs. We can provide AdBlue in a choice of different, approved containers and with or without filling equipment. We can be contacted by phone, email or using our online enquiry form and our knowledgeable and experienced team are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

AdBlue Cans

We are able to supply EcoAdBlue cans in both 10 and 18 litre sizes and in pallets of one to ten, offering the choice to purchase 750 litres to 7500 litres for the 10 litres cans and 864 to 8640 litres in the 18 litre size cans. These handy can sizes are perfect for use on smaller fleets and make useful emergency supplies for drivers who are constantly travelling. Furthermore, the potential for spillage is reduced due to the inclusion of a flexible dispensing nozzle. Please contact us for the best rates on our AdBlue cans.

AdBlue Drums

For small and medium sized fleets, EcoAdBlue supply 200 litre drums in single pallets of 800 litres to 6six pallets containing 4800 litres. We use a controlled environment to fill and seal our drums to ensure they maintain their high levels of purity. In order to make these drums safe and easy to use, we provide all appropriate handling and dispensing equipment. Our online rates for our drums serve as a guideline only and we are able to discuss rates with our clients over the phone to come up with the best deal for them.

AdBlue IBC

Our IBC range is approved by AdBlue and is one of the most popular choices that we currently have at EcoAdBlue. Available as a single pallet in a 1000 litre size, the IBC is a cost effective way of ensuring that you always have ready supply conveniently to hand in large quantities. To aid with the dispensing of the AdBlue, we stock both GS Basic and GS1 Pumps designed to be used exclusively with our IBC unit both deliver 40 litres per minute and are weather proof.

Dispensary Equipment

EcoAdBlue stocks a wide range of dispensary products. Our Hand Pump Drum is suitable for use on the 200 litre drums and provides the most elementary way of extracting AdBlue, whilst the Electric Drum Pump, also for use on the 200 litre drums will deliver 20 litres per minute and is completely weather proof. We also stock basic, OPW and ZPA nozzles for clean dispensing as well as the GS Basic and GS1 Pump for use in conjunction with out IBC unit. In addition we also stock our own EcoAdBlue Tank.


At EcoADBlue we offer our customers a choice of custom built tanks that are all made using state of the art technology at a size to suit your needs, and they are the perfect choice for medium and large fleets. Additionally, we carry  a selection of fully bunded ready made tanks in various sizes of 2500 litres,  5000 litres, 7500 litres and 10000 litres, all with automatic nozzles, digital flowmetres, wireless connection bund alarm and remote level gauge. Tanks can be bought or rented to suit your needs.

Haulage Exchange

EcoHaulage Ltd is our new online service designed to meet all the needs of the haulage industry. It has been created to link UK haulage companies by utilising stationary vehicles and empty back loads to make use of resources and increase revenue. EcoHaulage is hoping to address the current issues facing the haulage industry and help reduce the CO2 levels and lessen the environmental impact that it creates. In addition, EcoHaluage intends to help increase profits for businesses that are having difficulty. EcoHaulage is free to all members of the haulage and transport industry

Marine Urea (DeNOx)

EcoAdBlue has nine advantageously placed manufacturing plants around the world in places such as Brazil and New Zealand. These multiple plants enable us to supply Marine Urea to our customers internationally in a fast turnaround time by using our wealth of knowledge and experience that spans over 150 years. We can guarantee to our customers that their supply of Marine Urea will be waiting for them at their next port location, no matter where that is in the world. EcoAdBlue continually complies with changing Marpol Annex VI Regulations.

Marine SCR Reducer

EcoAdBlue can provide our customers with SCR DeNOx complete systems. With over 160 ships currently equipped with SCR DeNOx products, our SCR systems  have been proven to fulfil the most demanding technical and environmental shipping requirements faced in the industry today. The system can be retrofitted to older ships or built into new ships and will reduce emissions as well as offering a reliable and cost effective way to adhere to all local regulations.


If you've any questions about EcoAdBlue products or services feel free to ask them here.

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  • AdBlue products
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  • adblue suppliers
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