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EB Equipment LTD

" To originate, design and manufacture the ultimate"

We are synonymous with specialized design, development and quality manufacture of a complete range of bulk storage and conveying systems. 

Auger Conveying

Automated materials conveying has long been our specialism.
Our system is unique. It is totally enclosed, ensuring dust free conveying with no risk of product contamination and no requirements for filters. The system operates in a multitude of angles and directions without limitation on distance and with simplicity of design which provides sound, economical reliable efficiency.


We have offered solutions for highways departments and associated business, including storage of process chemicals, contaminated media and cleaning apparatus, including:

  • Storage and out-loading silos for road salt
  • Dissolving- and storage tanks for brine
  • Silos and tanks at water treatment plants for limes etc
  • Process water tanks
Chemical industries 

We offer multi options of GRP tank construction. Mild corrosive substances are well accommodated in GRP tanks produced from general purpose polyester resins such as vinyl esters. The resulting improved chemical and degradation resistant properties perform well in the heavy duty demands of petro chemical storage and the handling of associated petro chemical derivatives.
Vessels can be additionally post cured to further improve the structural properties.

Food industries 

We  give a special emphasis in terms of resin selection. The immensely smooth, seamless finish and the absence of jointing obstructions and other contaminating factors are obvious benefits over steel fabrication and our tanks and silos are natural storage solutions for sugar, salt, flours, molasses, oils and the multitude of similar products.


The storage of synthetic products such as granulated plastics are well matched with glass reinforced plastic. Due to the smooth inner wall, the limited risk of condensation due to the high insulation value in contrast to steel and aluminium silos, and the absence on corrosion such as rust make our composite silos the first choice for the storage of granulated plastic products and re-grinds.


Working with Buschhoff milling plant and equipment we are able to offer turnkey solutions for the storage, distribution and processing for the grain and milling industries.
Whether you require a complete new plant or you just want to add or upgrade your existing system, we can help.

  • Flexible augers,
  • Shafted augers,
  • Elevators,
  • GRP silos,
  • GRP tanks,
  • Modular steel silos
  • Flexi breathable silos



Registration Number: 00650920
VAT Number: GB174 1636 63
Registered at Companies House:29 February, 1960 (61 years and 9 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Fabricator
  • Stockholder
  • Service Providers

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