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Offering a wide range of products from some of Europe’s most renowned manufacturers, E-UK Controls Ltd is one of the country’s leading switch suppliers. We focus on the supply of safety switches, providing a complete range of devices to cover virtually all requirements - from small pieces of machinery to large industrial installations. 

E-UK Controls was set up just over a decade ago to supply the market with quality switches and to provide advice and guidance wherever required. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, with sales increasing year on year as more and more customers become aware of what we can offer - top quality products, affordable prices and a first class service. 

We’ve made buying safety switches and associated equipment easy by making them all available for purchase online. Our web store is completely secure, simple to use and it has all the technical information you need. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we won’t take orders or answer your questions in person - we’re always happy to receive your enquiries by telephone, email or fax. 

E-UK Controls has scoured the European market to find the best products at the best possible price. Our load break switches, fuse switches and changeover switches come from Italian specialists Technoelectric, while our side and front-operated safety switches, countdown timers and appliance protection devices are supplied by Norwesco of Sweden. 

We also offer a full range of plastic and metallic push buttons from Teknic Controls, a variety of connection components from Ouneva and high quality plastic enclosures from Finnish company Fibox. You can find all of our products at E-UK Controls online. 

Safety Switches

Unlike isolator/disconnector switches which simply turn off the electricity supply in no-load conditions, a safety switch is capable of both opening and closing with a load (for example, when a machine is running). Safety switches can be provided by E-UK Controls separately or as complete units that can be connected and mounted in the workplace. There are several types available:

  • Plastic Enclosed Rotary Switches
  • Plastic Enclosed DC Switches
  • Plastic Enclosed Side Operated Switches
  • Steel Enclosed Switches
  • Stainless Steel Enclosed Switches
  • Steel Enclosed Switch Fuses

You can find all of our safety switches listed with details, specifications and prices on the E-UK Controls website. 

Changeover Switches

These switches are used in situations where you need to switch from mains electricity to an alternative power supply such as a generator. The crucial aspect of a changeover switch is that it does not allow you to connect the mains supply and the generator at the same time, and so prevents short circuiting of the system. Switches supplied by E-UK Controls have a central OFF position which ensures the current supply is completely disconnected before the next is selected. There are several types of changeover switch available:

  • Plastic Enclosed Manual Changeover Switches
  • Steel Enclosed Manual Changeover Switches
  • Open Type Manual Changeover Switches

Full details, specifications and prices are available on our website. 

Switch Disconnectors

This type of switch is also for turning off an electrical supply under load. However, these are normally rated for higher currents than safety switches (from 200A to 4000A) and are generally supplied as open-type switches for customers to mount within their own panels. Enclosed versions can be supplied if required (in ABS, polycarbonate, steel or stainless steel). You can find all of our switch disconnectors listed on the E-UK Controls website with further details, specifications and prices.

Switch Fuse Disconnectors

These are load-break switches with a built-in fuse – this saves space and means you do not need to put in separate cable runs (unless of course you already have them in place). Having this setup can also be safer if you need to replace the fuse for a given machine, because you will be able to turn off the current to the fuse using the switch itself. You can find our complete range of switch fuse disconnectors on the E-UK Controls website with full details, specifications and prices.

Control and Signalling

E-UK Controls offers a range of control and signalling products to help connect up switches with the electricity supply and to provide simple controls and visual warnings. Our terminal blocks, cable glands and push buttons can all be found on the E-UK Controls website with further details, specifications and prices. Remember, if you require any help in product selection, you can always call, email or fax us. As experts in the supply of switches, controls and signalling products, we’re well placed to offer advice and guidance.


For the protection of switches we offer a range of enclosures in many different shapes, sizes and materials, including steel, stainless steel, polycarbonate and ABS. All products within this category are rated for different environments and requirements according to the internationally recognised IP code for ingress protection (i.e. they are impervious to moisture, dirt, dust, etc.). Head over to our website to see exactly what’s available. If you require any help or advice choosing an enclosure for your switch or switches, simply give us a call or send us an email using our online enquiry form.


Connectors perform the simple but critical task of connecting cables together. At E-UK Controls we offer several types of cable connector as well as a range of terminal blocks in various sizes and configurations. You can find them all listed on the E-UK Controls website with details, specifications and prices.


To complement our range of switches, controls, signals and connectors we offer a large selection of accessories, including terminal covers, fuse covers, shafts and handles. These can be found on the E-UK Controls website.



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