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e-Tek Solutions Ltd are leading suppliers of EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems for use in retail, hospitality and stock control environments. We provide a range of top quality barcode scanners, touchscreen terminals, cash registers, printers, scales, PDAs and sundry equipment such as receipt rolls and shelf-edge labels. Our aim is to ensure you have the very best EPoS hardware and the most advanced, industry-leading software that makes managing your business easy.

Users of e-Tek products include restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, newsagents and many other businesses from the retail and hospitality sectors. They rely on our systems for all kinds of process tasks - from sales transactions to stock control, label printing to account management. 

More information on our EPoS solutions can be found in the sections below and on the e-Tek website. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your EPoS requirements with one of our expert sales managers, just get in touch on 0845 222 2204. 


e-Retail is our user-friendly, Window-based stock control EPoS solution designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern retailer. Compatible with our complete range of EPoS touchscreen terminals, receipt printers, barcode scanners, customer displays and cash drawers, this powerful piece of back-office and PoS software makes managing stock and processing transactions extremely easy. e-Retail can be installed on any standard IBM compatible computer which runs an Microsoft Operating System. Key features of e-Retail software include:

  • “Real Time” stock control
  • Customer accounts and sales database
  • Goods inwards
  • Stock taking
  • Sales reporting
  • Barcode label printing and barcode scanning
  • Multi-site communications
  • Branch transfers
  • Chip and Pin authorisation

e-Retail is ideal for all kinds of retail operations, including convenience stores, supermarkets and department stores. It is fully configurable and can be customised according to your business needs. 


The development of touchscreen EPoS and stock control systems for hospitality operations is a key area of expertise for e-Tek. We can supply software for a range of applications, including full stock control, deliveries, cashless payment and virtual table planning. e-Rest software is easy to customise thanks to an in-built screen designer application – this allows you to create screens with fully definable button sizes, colours, pictures and functions to suit your business. Meanwhile, the virtual table planning tool means you can set up a seating plan on screen in the shape of your restaurant, helping you to provide a seamless service for your customers. Also integrated within e-Rest EPoS software is a flexible split billing function that allows you to tag items in the bill and reassign them to individual bills. Find out more about e-Rest and its range of powerful functions by visiting e-Tek Solutions online.

Chip & Pin Integration

e-Tek has joined forces with a number of leading hardware manufacturers to provide Chip & Pin solutions which are compatible with many existing EPoS systems. So, not only can we offer you a great range of Chip & Pin devices, but also the software that allows you to integrate them with EPoS devices like cash registers and touch screen displays.  To find out more about our Chip & Pin software solutions, visit e-Tek online or get in touch with our sales team on 0845 222 2204.


We’ve also teamed up with a number of leading wholesale suppliers to link their ordering systems with our e-Tek software. They include:

  • Nisa – Our software allows customers to download the latest changes, special offers, invoices and delivery notes from Nisa, as well as to send sales data to Nisa for rebates and commission. 
  • Costcutter – e-Tek has been providing bespoke software solutions to Costcutter for nearly 15 years. Systems supplied include some of the latest touchscreen technologies and web-based ordering systems that link directly to the Costcutter head office. 
  • Spar – We have been providing bespoke EPoS solutions to Spar since 2007.

If you need ordering software that’s tailored to your needs and which links to a particular supplier, speak to the team at e-Tek on 0845 222 2204. 

E-Fast Food

e-Fast is our rapid EPoS stock control and transaction software system designed specifically for takeaways, bars and fast-food restaurants. Fast, efficient and easy to use, it’s ideal for environments where time is precious and footfall is high. Like our other EPoS software solutions, e-Fast is fully configurable to meet your needs. An integrated screen designer tool allows you to create screens with fully definable button sizes, colours, pictures and functions.  e-Fast also has the flexible split billing function that allows you to tag certain items from the main bill and reassign them to individual bills.

Newsround Solutions

e-Tek’s Newsround Solution has been designed to meet the needs of the modern newsagent. With this powerful but user-friendly software you can:

  • Manage holiday stops and starts
  • Manage customers’ accounts
  • Make instant price alterations
  • Control newspaper stock
  • Automatically generate flexible newrounds
  • Automatically bill customers for the cost of papers and delivery

The Newsround Solution can be fully integrated within the e-Retail system (see above) and may be used either from the till or the back office. 

Touchscreen Terminals

e-Tek offers a range of touch screen terminals from some of the world’s leading EPoS hardware manufacturers, including the likes of IBM, Epson and J2.  They have been selected by us for their exceptional quality, reliability and durability, and have been tested by a number of our clients under some of the most demanding conditions. The range includes the following systems:

  • IBM Pure POS 500 – Offers a unique balance of style, performance and retail-hardened reliability in a compact, space-saving design. 
  • Toshiba A10 – Combines maximum connectivity and simplified cable management within a compact, high quality unit that remains highly affordable. 
  • J2 580 – Offers exceptional reliability and flexibility without compromising on performance. One of the most advanced touch screens on the market. 


Also available in the e-Tek hardware range are several state-of-the-art scanning devices designed for various retail/stock control environments and selected by us for their uncompromising quality and performance. Devices include:

  • MS 7120 – The all-time best-selling hands-free omnidirectional scanner, perfect for convenience retail applications where space is at a premium. 
  • MS 2122 – The most compact 6-sided 360° scanner in the market, ideal for small checkout environments demanding high throughput. 
  • MS 7320 – A highly compact and flexible barcode scanner that has been ergonomically designed to minimise operator effort and increase checkout speed.
  • Voyage Scanner – A handheld, single-line scanner offering exceptional value and performance.

You can find details on our complete range of scanners by visiting e-Tek Solutions online. 

Cash Registers

e-Tek has teamed up with Toshiba to provide its customers with top quality cash registers at highly competitive prices. We also have a number of models from Sharp, Casio and Samsung. Models available include:

  • Toshiba TEC MA-600 – A highly versatile, stylish and compact electronic cash register designed for small-scale general retail and hospitality environments. Features an interactive LCD display and easy to use ‘drop in’ clam shell thermal receipt and journal printers.
  • Sharp XE-A203 – Features one of the fastest thermal printers available (12 lines per second) and has USB connectivity for programming via a PC.
  • Casio PCR-T275 – A personal cash register capable of tracking 15 departments.
  • Samsung ER-380 – A fast, simple, quick and quiet cash register ideal for a range of applications.


e-Tek also offers a great range of receipt printers covering the requirements of most retail/hospitality environments. Models currently available include:

  • Epson TM-U220 – Compact, reliable and optimised for high-speed throughput, the Epson TM-U220 is ideal for the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries.

  • Epson TM T88IV – Offers excellent levels of performance, is easy to use and has a stylish compact design.

  • RP-880 – A highly convenient, fast and compact receipt printer ideal for many retail and hospitality applications.

Full details and specifications can be found on our website.


e-Tek’s hardware range includes a variety of EPoS weighing options:

  • FX 131 Scanner Scales – A compact, ergonomic solution to checkout weighing. This fully integrated machine requires less space at the point of sale and allows for a faster, more convenient checkout process, reducing queues and minimising the strain on staff.
  • IX100/IX202 Label Printing Scales – With integral or tower-style alphanumeric displays and fast-loading thermal printers for producing price labels or fully itemised customer receipts.  
  • FX120 Weight-Only Scales – With tower-style alphanumeric displays (or a choice of other LCD or LED displays) for reading weight values. Can be modular, free-standing or flush. 

Cash Drawers

Cash drawers currently available from e-Tek include:

  • 3S-430 – A highly popular, low-cost unit made with a sheet-steel frame for a high level of security. Available in black or white. Features 4 note compartments with hinged flaps under which other notes/surplus notes can be stored.
  • Posiflex CR-4000 – A robust, high quality cash drawer with 9 coin compartments and 5 adjustable note compartments. 
  • FT-100 – A compact flip-top cash draw with a low footprint but plenty of compartments (5 note and 8 coin). Ideal for situations where space is at a premium. 


e-Tek offers several Chip & Pin devices for secure purchasing, as well as a number of handheld terminals for mobile transactions. All of them are fully compatible with e-Tek EPoS software. The most popular products in our range are:

  • Verifone SC5000 Pin Pad  - With support for EMV smart card transactions, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) and stored value transactions. 
  • Psion Workabout Pro G2 – A flexible yet rugged handheld computer that can easily be upgraded with new software/applications as your requirements change. Ideal for field service applications. 
  • Symbol-Motorola PPT8800 – With superior data capture capability and wireless communications, combined within a ruggedised handheld computer that’s tough, hardworking but lightweight. 


e-Tek aims to provide all the EPoS equipment you need for your business, and that includes a full range of sundries such as till rolls and labels. You can find our EPoS sundries listed on the e-Tek website. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please get in touch – it’s likely we can source what you need from our suppliers and provide it at a very competitive price. Call our sales team today on 0845 222 2204 for more information.

CCTV Products

e-Tek now offers a range of security solutions ideal for retail and hospitality environments. The range includes:

  • Body CCTV Cameras – These conventionally mounted CCTV cameras are capable of capturing high quality images day or night,
  • Dome CCTV Cameras – This style of camera is capable of 360° panning, meeting most security monitoring requirements. 
  • Infra Red CCTV Cameras – Offering exceptional picture quality both day and night. 
  • GeoVision Surveillence System – A PC-based solution for recording and playing back video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance equipment. 
  • Samsung  SDC-425 – With superior image resolution  and a range of advanced features.



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