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We are specialist distributors and suppliers of electrical switch components, including rocker & toggle switches, limit switches, proximity switches, safety switches and microswitches. We also supply inlets and connectors, control gear, timers, indicators, filters, relays, sensors, circuit breakers and fuseholders.

We have been in business for over 40 years, and we attribute our continual and successful growth to our commitment to providing an honest and traditional service, with experienced and dedicated staff. We maintain appropriate stock levels and computerised procedures in order to ensure a smooth-running operation.

We believe in keeping our promises to our customers, and we know that since business is conducted between people rather than between companies, we work hard to establish, maintain and build upon good relationships with our customers as well as our suppliers.

We are BSI Registered and Accredited to ISO 9001:2015 for the stockholding and supply of electrical switches and associated devices.  We are also an MOD approved supplier, registration number 3EVP01.


Manufacturers - Visit our website

E Preston are proud to work with some of the world’s leading electrical component manufacturers and we have worked hard to ensure our customers have access to an extensive choice of high quality items in order that we are able to cater to all requirements and applications.

A full list of manufacturers we represent include:








Amphenol ICC


PMA Cable Protection







BDC Electronics



BEI Sensors










IEC Lock






Johnson Electric

TE Connectivity


Johnson Motor



Kraus & Naimer

Thomas & Betts






Turck Banner


Mean Well


Eaton Commercial Switches


Walton Bee

Eaton Henemann



Entrelec (TE Connectivity)


Wieland Bamberg








Battery Holders - Visit our website

We can offer a variety of different battery holders from a range of different suppliers such as Bulgin. Whatever the battery size, capacity or mount type, we have the product to suit your needs. For more information on all of the battery holders we stock please visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly and they will do everything they can to help. 

Cables / Wiring / Conduit Systems - Visit our website

We are distributors of a range of cable and wiring products, including:

  • Cables
  • Conduit Systems
  • Flex Circuits
  • Wiring Accessories

We can offer these products from manufacturers such as Adaptaflex, Amphenoll ICC, Helukabel, MK, Parlex, PMA Cable Protection, Scolmore, TE Connectivity, Thomas & Betts, Turck Banner, Walther and Wurth. If you have a specific component in mind and would like our assistance in helping you source it don't hesitate to contact us directly. You can also visit the website for further information on all of our products. 


Circuit Protection & EMC Filters - Visit our website

We offer circuit protection and EMC filters from ABB, Bulgin, Bussman, Chint, Heaton Heinemann, ETA, Furse, Littelfuse, MK, Moeller, Schaffner, Schurter, Siemens, Sunon and TE Connectivity.

Circuit protection products available include:

  • Circuit breakers
  • RCD’s
  • RCBO’s
  • Electronic timers
  • Thermal circuit breakers
  • Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Magnetic circuit breakers
  • Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Moulded case circuit breakers
  • Filters
  • EMI filters
  • Fuses (auto, blade, ceramic, electronic, glass, industrial and semiconductor)
  • Fuseholders
  • Fuse Links and LV Fusegear
  • Pulse transformers
  • RFI Suppression Chokes
  • Powerline Filters with IEC inlets
  • Singel Phase Filters for Chassis and PCB Mounting
  • Bus bars
  • Earth & lighting protection
  • Surge protection
  • Distribution boards and enclosures

Please visit our website or contact us if the component you require is not in the above lists, as they are not exhaustive.

Connectors / Plugs / Sockets / Terminals - Visit our website

Our wide range of connectors and terminals includes products from Amphenol ICC, Bulgin, Camdenboss, Entrelec, Essen, Hylec, IDEC, IEC Lock, Mennekes, Molex, Omron, Salzer, Schurter, TE Connectivity, Thomas & Betts, Turck Banner, Walther and Wieland.

Available components include:

  • "Buccaneer" IP68 sealed connectors
  • General purpose connectors
  • Plugs
  • Sockets
  • Appliance couplers
  • ATEX Zone 2 approved hazardous area connectors
  • Cordsets
  • Data connectors (ethernet, firewire, SMB, USB, mini USB)
  • Distribution units
  • IEC connectors
  • IEC power inlets
  • IEC power inlet modules
  • Industrial multipole connectors
  • Inlet / outlet connectors
  • Mating connectors
  • Miniature connectors
  • Modular terminals
  • PCB board connectors
  • Power inlet modules (snap-in, screw-in, sandwich mounting or PCB)
  • Re-wireable cord connectors
  • Waterproof / weatherproof connectors
  • Terminals and accessories

As this is only a short list, please contact us or visit our website for full product catalogues and further details.


Control Gear / Motors / Power Supplies / Solenoids - Visit our website

We stock a wide range of motor control products from manufacturers such as ABB, Chint, Crouzet, Finder, Gigavac, Honeywell, IDEC, IDEM, Johnson Motors, Kraus & Naimer, Ledex, Mean Well, Moeller, Salzer, Schmersal, Siemens, TE Connectivity and Telemecanique. Some of the products we have to offer include:

  • Manual motor starters
  • Direct online starters
  • Isolators
  • Load break switches
  • Rotary switches
  • Safety switches
  • Control components
  • Overload relays
  • Solenoids
  • Power supplies.

 For more information on any of our products and services don't hesitate to visit the website. It is also worth noting that customers with specific queries can contact one of our reps for further help.


Fuseholders - Visit our website

We can provide a comprehensive selection of fuseholders from brands including, ABB, Arcolectric, Bulgin, Bussmann, Camdenboss, Essen, Littelfuse and Moeller. Some of the products we have to offer include:

  • Base-mount fuseholders
  • Inline fuseholders
  • Panel-mount fuseholders and accessories

If you would like more information on any of our fuseholders feel free to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly, by phone or email. 



IEC Connectors - Visit our website

We stock a comprehensive selection of IEC approved connectors which can be viewed and purchased from our online shop and include products from Arcolectric, Bulgin, IEC Lock, Schaffner and Schurter.  We have a product for most applications including:

  • IEC inlets
  • IEC outlets
  • IEC mains connectors
  • IEC plug connectors
  • IEC rewireable connectors
  • IEC fused inlets & outlets
  • IEC power inlet modules
  • IEC power distribution units

If you are unable to find what you are looking for online, please contact us and we will try our hardest to find an appropriate solution.  We are also available to discuss any technical questions you may have.


Indicators - Visit our website

We are distributors of a wide range of indicator products, including:

  • LED’s
  • Neons
  • Indicator lights
  • Signal lampholders
  • Vandal resistant indicator lights
  • Signal towers

We can offer these products thanks to our strong relationships with manufacturers such as APEM, Arcolectric, Bulgin, Camdenboss, Cherry, CML, Eaton, Essen, Molex, Schurter, Tranilamp, Turck Banner, and Werma. If you have a specific component in mind and would like our assistance in helping you source it don't hesitate to contact us directly. You can also visit the website for further information on all of our products. 


Keyboards & Mice - Visit our website

We can provide a wide range of keyboards and mice, manufactured by Cherry. Some of the products we can offer include:

  • Office keyboards
  • Small footprint keyboards
  • Wireless multimedia keyboards
  • Wired mice
  • Wireless mice

All of the components within this range feature a high quality build, attractive design and excellent reliablity. To find out more, please visit the website or you can contact us directly by phone or email. 


Power Inlet Modules - Visit our website

We can provide a range of power inlet modules from manufactures such as Arcolectric, Bulgiin, IEC Lock, Schafner and Schurter. Our selection of modules include products to suit a variety of different applications including:

  • Power inlets
  • IEC power inlets
  • Power inlet modules

We understand that some of our customers will be looking for a specific type of module and we recommend that they contact one of our reps for further help. You can also visit our website for more general information on all of the products and services we have to offer.


Relays - Visit our website

Whatever the application, we have an extensive range of relays to choose from including:

  • Modular step relays
  • Monostable relays
  • Utra-slim PCB relays
  • Low profile PCB relays
  • Power relays
  • Miniature power relays
  • Safety relays
  • Relay bases
  • Relay interface models
  • Solid state relays
  • EMC protection.

Over the years we have worked hard to build strong working relationships with some of the leading relay manufacturers such as Crouzet, Crydom, Finder, IDEC, Omron, Salzer and Siemens.   As a valued distributor, we are able to provide our customers with access to a comprehensive catalogue of products, all priced competitively, whilst our well-stocked warehouse enables us to get items to you as quickly as possible.


Sensors - Visit our website

We supply a range of Sensors from manufacturers such as BDC Electronics, BEI Sensors, Cynergy3, Honeywell, IDEC, Johnson Electric, Omron, Pepperl+Fuchs, Saia-Burgess, TE Connectivity, Turck Banner and ZF. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors


Switches - Visit our website

We have an extensive range of switches and indicator lights from APEM, Arcolectric, C&K, Camdenboss, Cherry, CML, Cynergy3, Eaton Commercial Controls, Essen, IDEC, ITW, Johnson Electric, Omron, Saia-Burgess, Schurter, Tranilamp and ZF, including:

  • Door switches
  • Lever switches
  • Limit switches
  • Microswitches
  • Miniature switches
  • Push-button switches
  • Reed switches
  • Rocker switches, both single and twin
  • Rotary switches
  • Slide switches
  • Safety switches
  • Sub-miniature switches
  • Toggle switches
  • Vandal-resistant switches

We also supply power tool switches, waterproof & sealed switches suitable for wet or hazardous environments. Refer to our fuse-holders and indicator lights range to complement your switch requirements.


Timers - Visit our website

We offer a wide variety of timers and relays from Crouzet, Crouzet, Essen, Finder and Salzer.

Available components include:

  • Timers
  • Counters
  • Monitoring relays
  • High voltage & RF reed relays
  • Impulse relays
  • Miniature relays
  • Multi-functional timer relays
  • Temperature controllers

This is not an exhaustive list of the timer and relay components we can supply. Please visit our website for full product catalogues and further information.


Company News - Visit our website

The company news section of our website is full of interesting company developments as well as detailed information on product additions and improvements so it’s a great way to stay abreast of the new entrants to our product range.  We routinely make updates to this page so please pop back regularly to see what’s going on in the market.



Product Catalogues - Visit our website

You can view a wide range of Manufacturers Product catalogues on our website, please click the link above. 




Registration Number: 01469296
VAT Number: GB306 0057 08
Registered at Companies House:27 December, 1979 (44 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor

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  • ABB Contactors, overload relays, starters, circuit breakers, programmable controllers, switch fuses, fuse switches, load break switches, enclosed switches, fuse bases, fuse links, drives. Railmounted terminal blocks and interface modules, flexible I/Os, rotary cam switches, safety relays, measuring and monitoring relays, timers and contactors.
  • Adaptaflex Flexible metallic conduit systems, flexible non-metalic conduit systems
  • Amphenol ICC Connectors, cable assemblies, board to board connectors, wire to board connectors, power connectors, card edge connectors, power cables, optic cables
  • APEM Switches, LED indicators, joysticks, switch panels, panel switches, toggles, pushbuttons, rocker switches, microswitches, keylock switches, pcb switches,
  • Arcolectric Indicator lights, switches, fuseholders, neons, signal lampholders, IEC inlets. Rocker Switches, Lever Switches, Push Button Switches, Vandal Resistant Switches, Micro Switches, Slide Switches, Refrigerator Switches, Rotary Switches, Indicator Lights, IEC connectors, Fuseholders
  • BDC Electronics Atex sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, magnetic sensors, speed sensors, acceleration sensors, amplifiers for sensors
  • BEI Sensors Sensors, encoders, linear encoders, hall effect sensors, tilt sensors, draw wire sensors
  • Bulgin Filters (mains, power, RFI, pcb) Battery Holders, IP68 Buccaneer Connectors, Hazardous Area Connectors, IEC Connectors, Polysnap Connectors, General Connectors, Mains Filters, Fuseholders, Indicators, Switches, IEC power inlet connectors."Buccaneer" sealed connectors, fuseholders, knobs, switches, terminals and cordsets.
  • Bussman Circuit protection components: LV fuselinks, LV fusegear, Electronic Components, HV Components, High Speed fuses.
  • C&K Switches, tactile swithces, pushbutton switches, keyswitches, slide switches, DIP switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, keyswitches, rotary switches, microswitches,
  • Camdenboss Enclosures, switches, connectors, limit switches, control switches, tactile switches, microswitches, fuseholders, fuses, indicators, terminal blocks, connectors
  • Cherry Desktop sets, mice, keyboards, mechanical MX switches and card-reading terminals
  • Chint Contactors, starters, MCB's, RCB's, pushbuttons, consumer units, indicator lights. NB1 Miniature Circuit Breakers, UB Miniature Circuit Breakers, DZ267 Miniature Circuit Breakers, DZ158 Miniature Circuit Breakers, NBH8 Miniature Circuit Breaker, NB3LEU RCBO(Electronic), NB3LE Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers, NL1 Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers
  • CML Innovative Technologies Miniature lighting components and LED solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. LED's (modules, star, multi & power LED's). Neon and LED indicators, sockets, industrial lamps, light pipes, CCFL's, Inverters, lighting solutions (inculding architectural, traffic, marine and railroad lighting)
  • Crouzet Automation control and safety components & timers, counters, relays, solid state relays, temperature controllers, Syrelec components, pneumatic controls.
  • Crydom Solid state relays (din rails, pcb and panel mount), auxilliary modules, I/O modules.
  • Cynergy 3 Liquid Level Sensors, Flow Sensors, Reed relays. Power semiconductors, power modules, high-voltage reed relays and liquid level flow switches.
  • E Preston E Preston (Electrical) Ltd are Electrical Distributors and Suppliers of Switch Components, Rocker, Toggle, Proximity & Limit Switches, Microswitches, Safety Switches, Indicators, Control Gear, Circuit Breakers, Timers, Fuseholders, Filters, Relays, Sensors, Inlets & Connectors.
  • Eaton Rocker Switches, Toggle Switches, Pushbutton Switches. Precise temperature independent circuit protection. Panel and DIN rail mountings. Arrow Hart toggle, rocket and pushbutton switches, switches for power tools for hazardous and wet environments.
  • Entrelec Railmounted terminal blocks and interface modules, flexible I/O's, rotary cam switches, safety relays, measuring and monitoring relays, timers and contactors.
  • Essen Switches, limit switches, micro switches, miniature switches, terminal blocks, fuse holders, LED pilot lights, pushbuttons, panel meters, timers, connectors
  • E-T-A Circuit breakers for equipment (CBE's). Product types include thermal, thermal-magnetic, hydraulic-magnetic, magnetic and high performance. Flow meters, level sensors, velocity sensors.
  • Finder P.C.B. Relays, Industrial Relays, Relays Interface Modules, Timers and monitoring relays. Impulse relays, multifunctional timer relays, light dependent relays, miniature PCB relays, power relays, sockets, varistor and diode protection modules.
  • Furse Earth protection, lighting protection, surge protection
  • Gigavac Contactors, high voltage relays, manual disconnect switches, sealed fuses
  • Heinemann Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • Helukabel Control and connection cable, flexible cables, data cables, installation cable, motor cable, power cable, fibre optic cable, cable glands, wires and cable accessories.
  • Honeywell Switches, Sensors, Machine Safety Controls, Monitors, Lighting Test & Measurement Sensors, Aerospace & Military Products. Pushbuttons, indicators, precsion switches, safety switches, limit switches, manual switches, touch panels, ultrasonic devices, industrial safety barriers
  • Hylec APL Terminal Blocks & Connectors PCB Terminal Blocks & connectors Cable Glands and Grommets. Weatherproof / Waterproof Range Switches & Relays Lamp Holders & Lighting. PCB Housings, Fuses & Buzzers, LEDs & Displays, ceramic terminal blocks, cable glands, waterproof cable glands, plugs, lamp holders.
  • IDEC Switches, pilot lights, emergency stop switches, LED's safety switches, terminal blocks, relays, circuit protectors, power supplies, plc's, sensors, control stations
  • IDEM Safety switches, mechanical interlock switches, tongue locking switches, hinge locking switches, guard locking switches, magnetic and coded non-contact switches, grab wire safety rope switches, SCR safety relays and modus safety modules. Also fully stainless steel safety switches & explosion-proof versions.
  • IEC Lock Lockable C13 & C19 IEC connectors and outlets, rewireable connectors
  • ITW Switches Push buttons, microswitches, slide switches, rotary switches
  • Johnson Electric / Saia-Burgess Microswitches limit switches, proximity and safety switches, ultraminiature switches, pushbuttons, snap action, door and "Tok" key switches. Otehall microswitches and TH switches (Tshudin & Heid)
  • Johnson Motor EC brushless motors, DC, motors, AC motors, starters, blowers
  • Kraus & Naimer UK solenoid, Blue Line switchgear, rotary cam switches, contactors, motorstarters, (enclosed). KG switch disconnectors, control stations.
  • Ledex Rotary DC Solenoids, Linear DC Solenoids, Linear AC Solenoids
  • Littelfuse Circuit protection components, fuses (electronic, glass, ceramic, semiconductor, industrial, blade, auto). Fuseholders, RFI filters, combi filters. Custom Panels and Switches Fuses Gas Discharge Tubes LED Protectors Protection Relays PulseGuard® ESD Suppressors Resettable PTCs SIDACtor® Protection Thyristors Silicon Protection Arrays Switching Thyristors TVS Diodes Varistors Fuseholders and Accessories
  • Mean Well Enclosed switching power supplies, external switching power supplies, din rail power supplies, open frame switching power supplies, specific purpose power supplies, programmable power supplies, modular power supplies
  • Mennekes Industrial connectors, plugs, sockets and combination units
  • MK Wiring devices, cable management, power distribution, circuit protection
  • Moeller Relays, contactors, starters, timers, foot and palm switches, limit switches, float switches, pressure switches, fuses, fuse enclosures, miniature circuit breakers, busbars, drives, enclosures, programmable controllers.
  • Molex Connectors, cordsets, cables, busbars, cable assemblies, power connectors, micro connectors, sealed connectors, heavy duty connectors, micro connectors, sockets, terminal blocks, lighting products, optical connectivity, printed circuit solutions
  • Omron Switches, relays, sensors, connectors, DIP switches, microswitches, pushbuttons, rocker switches, latching relays, power relays, pcb relays, plug-in relays, FPC connectors, PCB connectors
  • Parlex Flex circuits, flat flexible cable (FFC), security circuits, EMI shielded flexible circuits, microelectronics
  • Pepperl & Fuchs Sensors: inductive, capacitive, magnetic field, photoelectric and ultrasonic. Visolux positioners, lightguards, rotary encoders, coutners, speed monitors, AS-interface, identification systems.
  • PMA Cable Protection Flex conduits, multilayer conduits, smart line conduits, EX system conduits, over-extruded conduits
  • Saia-Burgess / Johnson Electric Microswitches, limit switches, proximity and safety switches, ultraminiature switches, pushbuttons, snap action, door and "Tok" key switches. Otehall microswitches and TH switches(Tshcudin & Held)
  • Salzer Disconnect switches, rotary cam switches, SMD modules
  • Schaffner Powerline filters with IEC inlets, single-phase filters for chassis and pcb mounting, three-phase filter for chassis mounting, RFI supression chokes, pulse transformers, customer filters ranging form 0.1A to 1200A.
  • Schmersal Safe switching & monitoring, safety switches, position switches, pull wire emergency stop switches, emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, safety monitoring modules
  • Schurter Power entry modules, appliance couplers, cordsets, EMC filters, fuseholders, fuses, switches, connectors, test jacks, test probes, voltage selection switches, indicators.
  • Scolmore Electrical lighting, power cord solutions, wiring accessories
  • Siemens Automation systems, industrial controls, power supplies, process control, circuit breakers, overload relays, contactors, contactor relays, star-delta contactors
  • Sunon DC brushless fans & blowers, AC axial fans & blowers, super silence fans, maglev motor fans, fan accessories.
  • TE Connectivity Cable assemblies, connectors, EMI Filters, fiber optics. harnessing, heat shrink tubing, passive components, switches, relays, contactors, sensors, Screw clamp terminal blocks, push-in & spring terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks, power distribution blocks, terminals, wire, cable
  • Telemecanique Industrial controls, automation, switches, circuit breakers, pushbuttons, pilot lights, fuse, safety switches, cable management, electrical protection, motor starters, enclosures, transfer switches, joy sticks
  • Thomas & Betts Cable management, cable ties, cable protection, wire terminals, cable protection systems, flexible and metallic conduit, connectivity & grounding, cable accessories and apparatus
  • Tranilamp Encapsulated transformer lamps, DC mains lamps, flashing lamps, solid state flashers, LED clusters, variable colour lamps, "push to test" buttons.
  • Turck Banner Sensors, connectors, lighting & indicators, machine safety, fieldbus technology, interface technology, safety switches, emergency stop controls, safety controllers, safety relays, industrial controls, power supplies, wireless controllers
  • Walther CEE plugs & sockets, procon connectors, CEE cables
  • Werma Signaltechnik Signal Towers, Optical Signal Devices, Optical-Audible Signal Devices, Audible Signal Devices, blinking/rotating/mirror beacons, LED/buzzer combinations.
  • Wieland Modular terminals, terminal strips for lighting, domestic equipment and printed circuits, electronic housings, component plug connectors, multipole and high density. ST17/18 lighting connectors. Schleicer safety relays.
  • Wurth Fixings, fittings, fasteners, hoses, couplings,
  • ZF Switches & Sensors Snap Action Microswitches, Pushbuttons, Rocker Switches, Automotive Switches, Position Sensors, Magnetic Proximity Sensors, Gear Tooth Speed & Direction Sensors, and Energy Harvest Technology

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