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Based in Sheffield for almost a century, we are a world leading designer and manufacturer of high performance machine knives and industrial razor blades.


Our machine knives are manufactured from the highest quality carbon, stainless and tool steel, with exotic materials and latest coatings added as required for the blade's application.    


We manufacture millions of industrial razor blades every month, and we offer hand knives that range from professional quality tools to daily value-for-money models.


We have a huge range of EX stock products that are available for immediate dispatch. If you need product or application advice, our technical support team are available to assist you.


Originally founded as a manufacturer of razor blades in 1910, we have continually developed our products, infrastructure and services over the years to give us the ability to exceed our customers' expectations in today's competitive market. Our high performance machine knives, industrial razor blades and hand knives will provide you with reduced downtime, scrap and costs while increasing your company's productivity, profit and safety.


Machine Knife

We offer an extensive range of the highest quality machine knives at very competitive prices. We manufacture our knives to exacting standards from the finest quality stainless, carbon and high-wear steels and tungsten carbides. We also utilise the latest in long life and anti-friction coatings or exotic materials as appropriate for the knife's application.

We make machine knives for cutting, perforation, slitting, punching, sealing, pelletising, granulating, slicing, trimming and wrapping.

Our machine knives are used in a wide variety of machines:

  • Vertical, horizontal, food and vacuum packaging

  • Food Processing

  • Case Taping

  • Polythene and Paper Bag & Sack Production

  • Printing and Graphics

  • Fibre Processing

  • Plastic Film

  • Paper Converting

Our high performance machine knives are compatible with all major machine manufacturers. Should you require specialised machine knives, we also design and manufacture bespoke knife solutions.

Straight Knife

A few examples of the extensive range of precision ground straight machine knives we manufacture include straight horizontal flow wrapper knives, straight knives for use in the vacuum packaging of food, and straight perforation knives for use in the production of polythene and paper bags and sacks.      

Toothed Knife

The wide variety of toothed machine knives we manufacture includes precision ground perforation and cut-off knives for use in polythene and paper bag and sack production. We also produce specialised tooth machine knives such as standard tooth or alternating large and small tooth web cut-off knives, as well as elastic film knives with alternating large and small teeth for breaking film tension.

We can produce knives of varying tooth styles in pitches from 0.5mm to 25mm in coils, or larger pitches in pieces.

Circular Knife

We manufacture a variety of circular machine knives, including:

  • Poultry cutters used in food processing  
  • Vacuum pack circular slitters for food packaging        
  • Circular vacuum pack crush and edge trim knives for use with vacuum packaging and case taping      
  • Perforated circular knives and slitters for use in the production of polythene and paper bags and sacks  
  • Circular dish and bottom knives, circular core cutter knives        
  • Circular perforation knives and anvils
  • Circular plain & perforation crush cutters for use in printing and graphics machines             
  • Crush / slit / converting and core cutting circular knives for fibre processing, plastic film and paper        
  • Specialist identically matched split circulars


Zig Zag Knife

Our precision ground zig zag machine knives include progressive horizontal zig zag flow wrapper knives used in horizontal packaging machines, and horizontal progressive zig zag knives used in food packaging.

As well as our stock knives, our decades of experience in the industry have given us the knowledge and expertise to manufacture bespoke specialised machine knives for any purpose.

Industrial Razor Blades

We manufacture industrial razor blades in a wide range of standard specifications, and we can design and manufacture custom industrial blades to meet any requirements.

Our traditionally shaped and specialist blades are available in many different lengths and thicknesses, in a wide range of materials and finishes including

  • Stainless and carbon steel
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)
  • Titanium nitride (TiN) and titanium carbo nitride (TiCN)
  • Ceramic
  • Fibreglass

We can supply industrial razor blades in safety dispensers or individually wrapped in boxes.

We are the sole European distributors for SBI's Endurium high performance, long-lasting industrial razor blades.

Carbide Slitters

Our ceramic slitter industrial razor blades and solid tungsten carbide blades offer several advantages over conventional steel razor blades. They give the ultimate edge cut and feature greatly improved wear performance, providing up to sixty times greater edge life. This means fewer blade changes with reduced downtime and a corresponding increase in safety because there is less blade handling. As there is less tearing or fraying of the blades, production scrap quantity is reduced while its quality is improved. All of these factors combined means greater profits for your company.

Hand Held Knife

Our range of hand held knives and scrapers is the largest in Europe, combining user comfort with efficiency at competitive prices.

We stock safety knives, carton opening knives and single-edge razor blade scrapers, as well as promotional knives that can be printed with your company logo. We also manufacture precision-ground replacement blades.

Packaging options include safety dispensers, bulk pack, retail pack or printed box. Blades can be supplied with your own branding if desired.

We also supply snap-off, rotary and carton knives as well as replacement blades from OLFA, Europe’s leading manufacturer of blades and knives.

We offer blade disposal bins in two sizes for hygienic and safe sharps disposal.



Registration Number: 00109587
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:11 May, 1910 (112 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a
Parent Company: Edward Turner & Sons
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
UK Branches: Sheffield

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • ENDURIUM™ High performance razor slitter range from SBI, all the flexibility of a conventional razor blade with dramatic improvements in performance and cut quality.
  • OLFA Knives® Snap-Off, Rotary and Carton Knives - Highest quality snap-off, rotary and carton knives now available with replacement blades from Durham Duplex. Europe's leading manufacturer and distributor of blades and knives.
  • PERSONNA™ Single edge razor blades and slotted slitting blades.

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