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Founded by John Aldridge in 1981, after 15 successful years in the product design sector, Drumlord is a 2nd generation family run business. Drumlord offer full, high quality, prototyping solutions to a wide range of industries. 

We use traditional modelmaking techniques combined with a high level of skill and craftsmanship and the latest in Rapid Prototyping procedures to craft products that exceed and excel our client’s expectations, which is why we have such a loyal, returning customer base.

Excellent customer service is one of our main priorities and we strive to guarantee that we meet your deadlines and work within your time scales; however should there ever be an occasion where this isn’t possible we will let you know well in advance and we always keep you updated on our progress at every step of the way and instantly inform you of any changes as we become aware of them.

At Drumlord, we are always aware of the latest technologies and advancements in our field, we love what we do and our passion is evident in the quality of work we produce and we strive to be the best in our field by producing exceptional products. 

Should you wish to contact us to discuss any of the services we provide or obtain a quote we can be contacted by either phone or email and a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team will be able to assist you.


Stereolithography (SLA) builds models layer by layer, using a fine, precise UV light produced by a computer controlled laser, to scan and cure the surface of a liquid photo-polymer. Each layer is built in this way, with the light curing and solidifying the pattern traced and joining it to the layer below forming a complete 3D model in the process.

This form of 3D model building is quick and simple and often models can be made and despatched the next day, it is incredibly accurate and models are finished to a high standard. Once completed, models can be used in a wide range of areas, such as fro presentations, at exhibitions, as master patterns or as design aids including CAD verification.


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) builds a prototype from 3D CAD data a layer at a time. Using a computer controlled CO2 heat laser the plastic powder is scanned and sintered, with every fresh film of powder that is put onto the top layer being sintered into the layer below.

This process can offer very short turnaround times and excellent long term stability as well as good physical properties (PA & PA/GF). Finished to a high standard, the models can be used as patterns for investment casting (Castform), presentation models or in design evaluation and feasibility studies.

Vacuum Casting

Using a single master model, vacuum casting can produce multiple components in materials that imitate most production plastics. Encasing the master, which is normally a SLA model, in liquid RTV silicone, it is then cured once and cut open to create a mould tool. Once the mould has been placed in the vacuum, a 2-component Polyurethane resin fills the cavity and produces a cast.

Vacuum casting is a cost effective solution for creating prototypes, it can be finished with a variety of surfaces and can be self coloured or tinted to match requirements. It is useful for a range of applications including marketing, design evaluation, fit and function testing and assembly line trialling.

Product Finishing & Painting

We can use many techniques to finish our models and enhance the way they look to more closely resemble the final appearance of the product in terms of colours and effects.

We are able to remove the build line form our SLA/SLS models and polish the SLA to obtain transparent components as well as spray painting the top coat in a variety of finishes or metalizing the plastic components including those on SLA and vacuum castings. We can also undertake silk screen printing, rubdown graphic transfers and bead blasting. The finished model looks superb as an exhibition, photographic or presentation models and can also be used in colour exercises.

Traditional Modelmaking

Using techniques including handcrafting, machining, turning and fabrication, traditional model making can be used alone or in conjunction with other forms of rapid prototyping. With a selection of materials available, sometimes traditional modelmaking can prove to be a more reasonable choice for clients. All models are finished to a high standard and we can work with engineering plastic, many ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass sheet as well as modelling foam and resin block materials.

Traditional modelmaking can be used for solid appearance models, large format/low feature complexity models and basic study/space models amongst other applications.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

We also offer Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) which is another direct production technique, which, although it doesn’t offer the same surface finish and material properties as SLS is ideal for small parts and certain geometries. It uses a computer controlled nozzle to build up layers of molten ABS or Polycarbonate. The finished model is durable, robust, impact resistant and waterproof. It can be finished in a multitude of colours and is an often a cost effective solution. FDM is ideal for prototypes for functional testing.

Envisiontec Perfactory

Although very similar to SLA, Envisiontec Perfactory produces models of incredibly high accuracy, detail and surface finish and is ideal for industrial and medical application where a greater level of precision is needed. Envisiontec Perfactory cures the surface of the liquid photopolymer using a projected image and has a build layer of just 25um in thickness. Although it does not contain the same excellent material properties as SLA, Envisiontec Perfactory has many benefits make it a fantastic solution for more complex jobs.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is an incredibly useful and cost effective way to accurately repeat low volume material specific production runs, component modification or rework, and solid concept modelling. Once set up the CNC doesn’t require much machinist intervention so it can quickly and efficiently produce accurate models in any engineering plastic, resin block modelling board and many ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ideal for instances where a large, repetitive amount of models are needed as CNC machining can produce them in a fast turnaround time and at a low cost.

3D Laser Cutting and Etching

Another service that we offer is 3D laser cutting and etching, which can eliminate the need for machining and produce models in an incredibly quickly , which is especially useful if you are working to a tight deadline. The cutting is very accurate and offers smooth edges as well as being able to cut complicated shapes. The component is produced directly from CAD/CAM designs and can be made in a variety of ferrous and non ferrous metals. We are able to manufacture both prototypes and full production requirements.

Wales Quality Centre Awards

We were approached by the Wales Quality Centre in 2012 to design two prestigious awards for them in the areas of Innovation and Quality, with a gold award for Innovation and a silver award for Quality. 

We were extremely honoured to be asked to produce the awards and we were aware that the finished award needed to be representative of the level of excellence that the winner had achieved. After careful consideration we decided that SLA was the best process to use in creating the awards and then hand finished and plated them with the desired metals. The completed awards were then mounted on mahogany plinths and engraved cut glass crystal balls were fitted between the open palms.


We were commissioned by Breville to make 13 high quality models of kitchen appliances including kettles, toasters, hand blenders and slow cookers within a tight deadline to be showcased at vital product presentations for key customers.  

We worked with completed CAD models and specification sheets to ensure the exact requirements were met in terms of finish, colours and textures. We also replicated tailored made electronics that were needed, including digital clocks and critical illumination. Using techniques such as SLA, vacuum casting, metal coating, finishing and chrome plating we were able to create the full range of models to an extremely high standard ensure that the very specific finishes that had been requested were matched precisely.

Jamie Oliver

Another prestigious win for us was working with the world renowned chef and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver to help create a range of kitchen ware and utensils for his collection. Jamie wanted aesthetically pleasing, beautifully crafted, modern utensils and we used techniques including SLA, finishing and spraying, metallisation and nickel plating as well as graphics and labelling to achieve the exact results of the brief that we had been set.


We often make prototype products for the well known, Swiss based brand Saitek, a leader in the design and manufacturer of consumer electrical products. Most recently we have used specialist techniques such as SLA and finishing and spraying to create a cyborg command keyboard, an ifreedom Bluetooth speaker system and an adrenalin joystick and gamepad. All the products have been finished to a high standard in order to replicate the completed items they represent

GX Design

For one of the UK’s leading design technology and innovation companies GX, we have made to order several models for various different diverse applications including a car radio fascia, a foil cutting machine for use in the hairdressing industry and a plasma skin rejuvenation system for the health and beauty sector. All of these items were manufactured using SLA, vacuum casting and then finished and spray painted to give them a superb completed overall look. We are use to producing an assortment of products for our clients and enjoy the challenges this kind of variety brings.


One of the most recognised and respected companies in the world, Hoover, commissioned us to create a model of their sensory vacuum cleaner with options for different coloured casings. The processes used to create this model were vacuum casting and a precise and exact level of finishing and painting to achieve the desired result. The finished look was a virtually indistinguishable replica of the actual product.

Studio SDA

Another of our regular clients is the innovative Studio SDA who has a prestigious selection of well known clients. We are often asked to produce prototype models for these clients and in the past have worked with them on some varied projects including making unusual wine bottle top and bar accessories for predicaments, for which we used traditional model making and finishing and spraying techniques. In addition, we have crafted a state of the art rowing machine, again using traditional model making and finishing and spraying as well as a central heating controller using SLA, vacuum casting and finishing and spraying to create the end result.



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